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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 25 Recap

Although Zhu Hao was an important suspect, he had no more clues to bring to Yunlan and others, so Yunlan sent the Great Wall to send Zhu Hao back to Haixingjian for detention. As a result, the cowardly and cowardly Great Wall changed its temperament after its return that night. The Great Wall, which is like a little wife on weekdays, is like an irritable time bomb that detonates at any time. If someone else doesn’t agree, they will do it, and the ferocious and sinister eyes stunned everyone.

Zhu Hong was followed by Zhu Hong, who is also like a lady next door, who is shy and contrived, and loves Zhao Yunlan all day long. Yunlan cried out and couldn’t stand it. What made Yunlan even more unbearable was Brother Chu, a good iron-blooded man, a good tough and domineering man. Now he walks with his legs clamped, and when he talks, he pinches his throat, and does not forget to bring orchid fingers. Yun Lan was shocked with goose bumps. This inverted black and white picture made Yun Lan feel heartbroken, full of helplessness pouring out of nowhere, and a long roar against the sky.

Daqing who provokes aside is also very irritable. A cat’s claw strips off his favorite snacks and walks away. Only three normal people, Yunlan, Shen Wei, and Lin Jing, a Frankenstein, remained in the entire special tuning station, but Lin Jing seemed to be hiding something.

On the way to the hospital, Yunlan ran into a man whose hands and feet were bound. The man looked excited, unconscious, with throbbing temples, and his manic behavior made the people around him avoid him. After asking Dr. Cheng Yunlan, I found out that Kong Jing is a highly schizophrenic patient. It is said that he has ninety-nine personality types. Although scientifically speaking, a person with so much mental pressure on his shoulders may be crushed by madness at any time, but reality happens. In front of me. But saying that there is no infection in schizophrenia, Yunlan felt that he should seize the source—Zhu Hao, and ask specifically about the source of the matter.

Haixingjian accidentally took care of him, and Zhu Hao escaped. This time under the leadership of the Great Wall, Zhu Hao, who had a bruised nose and swollen nose, was brought back to the special station with one move. Brother Chu stared at the Great Wall all the way, as if the Great Wall was far brighter and greater than the sun in the sky. Such a disgusting Brother Chu made Yun Lan wish to throw his broken body back to Earth Star for reconstruction. However, Zhu Hao, who can be easily captured by the two, has returned to that normal, cowardly personality. The behavior is no more strange. Just as Zhu Hao was about to say something vital, he was shot and killed by a secret arrow by someone outside the window.

Yunlan was taken aback and hurriedly took them out to find the murderer. As a result, when the three searched separately, Yunlan was captured by Kong Jing who sneaked out of the hospital. In fact, Kong Jing is the source of the split personality virus. Kong Jing struggled against all kinds of personalities by himself. He was kind and funny, sometimes perverted, sometimes irritable, and sometimes cowardly.

Yunlan looked at Kong Jing who was arguing alone and felt pity. Kong Jing really couldn’t bear the multiple personalities in his body, and the heavy personality pressure almost killed this weak body. So Kong Jing thought of transferring his human personality to Yunlan’s body. The completely bound Yunlan had no possibility of breaking free, so he watched Kong Jing inject black energy into his body.

It’s a pity that Kong Jing didn’t know that Zhao Yunlan’s life had long been shared with Shen Wei, and how could the black robe envoy be easily controlled by others. Shen Wei and the members of the special investigation institute were late and controlled Kong Whale. As a result, before he had time to ask more, the painful Kong Whale was shot and killed by Ya Qing again, which also allowed Kong Whale to preserve the last trace of dignity. Once the source died, all the people who were disturbed by schizophrenia returned to normal.

The people of the Great Wall are kind and kind. Everyone who was bound to all sides of the special tune died in an unfavorable life. The Great Wall will bring flowers and food to pay homage. There are Li Qian’s grandma, Zuma who is playful, and Kong Jing who is suffering. Every good deed of the Great Wall falls in the eyes of the southeast that lingers in the tomb forest all year round. Southeast is a son and daughter of the Crow tribe. She has not been in harmony with the ethnic group since she was very weak since she was a child. Therefore, the Southeast is always mixed in the human tombs.

The Southeast, which is accustomed to life and death, has never seen anyone like the Great Wall who does not want to return or benefit. People who give in kindness. The great actions of the Great Wall dazzled Southeast. She dreamed of becoming such a human being with love and justice, but life and genes did not give her a chance. Southeast finally died in front of the Great Wall, looking forward to the next life with a smile of happiness and expectation. Ya Qing appeared, although he is an enemy, but the Crow clan is good at punishment. Yaqing was grateful for the moment of happiness the Great Wall brought to the southeast, and gave a token of the arow tribe, and asked the Great Wall to exchange it for a wish.

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