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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 24 Recap

After the aging case was over, Wang Xiangyang, the writer holding a merit pen, pointed the finger at the hospital. His dear wife Bai Suxia died in Longcheng Hospital. His wife’s death was the last straw to crush the poor and cowardly Wang Xiangyang. Wang Xiangyang decided to retaliate. , The beginning of this case began with a boy who is keen on games.

The boy’s name is Zuma. He is a young man in his twenties, but his development has stopped due to special reasons, and he looks like a seven or eight year old child. The boy is inferior and irritable. There is only game in his life. No one can listen to it, even if he is a doctor who treats him as his own. The clinical old man couldn’t stand the torture of illness and committed suicide in a night without people. This brought a heavy blow to Zuma. The old man was the only person Zuma encountered in his life who understood him, respect him, and understood him to play games.

The old man’s death made Zuma, who was already irritable, resentful. He blamed the nurses for their negligence, the doctors for their incompetence, and the public for refusing to give care. Ya Qing and Wang Xiangyang focused on such an angry concentration point, so they offered the merit pen to instigate Zuma to start a real and exciting game.

Fortunately, Yunlan was selected as the number one player in this game. The entire hospital is controlled by Zuma. His abilities are attached to mobile games, seeming to be manipulating those virtual characters, but he was actually conquered by the virtual space. Zuma seeks the pleasure of revenge in a world of selflessness. Yunlan was driving crazy in this torture game. Each game link is about life and death, the living are promoted, and the dead are destroyed. But every innocent person involved is a positive person. Those innocent medical staff treated work and patients with Akagi’s heart, but were ruthlessly manipulated by Zuma to commit suicide and apologize.

Life fell in front of Yunlan, his nerves were tightened, he screamed out of control, cursing frantically. In the end, Yunlan ended the game safely, but the deceased in the session was still very angry. When death really came, Zuma also felt panic. It turns out that reality is crueler than games, and it turns out that death is not fun. Zuma fell into a strong crime, the game failed, the energy attached to Zuma’s body of the merit pen was forcibly stripped, and Zuma whose energy was destroyed has only a dead end.

People are about to die. Zuma told Yunlan about the final part of the game. It turned out that there was a special time bomb in his hospital bed cabinet. At this time, Shen Wei just arrived, and the two struggled to find and work together to eliminate the bomb crisis. At this point, the game finally came to a perfect end. Ya Qing, who was standing in the distance, also noticed that something was wrong, and hurriedly flew south, and a new crisis would begin again.

As the top supervisor of the Special Research Institute, Haixingjian has a secret research institute. The researcher headed by Professor Ouyang has been wooing Shen Wei to join the research institute to explore the secrets of the genetic mutations of the Earth planets. Their research involves a wide range of people, and too many people look at it. Coveted.

As the first person to contact and use the sacred artifacts, Li Qian had too much room for Professor Ouyang’s research, so Professor Ouyang secretly arranged for Li Qian to cooperate in the experiment regardless of whether it was reasonable or not. Later, as an outstanding student in the field of biology, Li Qian easily corrected a piece of formula data written by Ouyang and others. Ouyang’s eyes lit up, determined to seize this talented girl, so he didn’t ask about her birth origin, and directly arranged Li Qian to work in the institute. But Li Qian looked weak and cautious, but her mind was deeper and broader than the sea.

The special adjustment institute did not usher in a few days of leisure, so Haixingjian transferred a file to them. It was said that a taxi driver turned innocently in the middle of the night, maliciously wounded others, and there were many people with grumpy tempers. However, the driver’s name was Zhu Hao, and everyone around him responded that he was a good old man who was honest and friendly, simple and ordinary.

Don’t talk about hurting people deliberately, even if the wife ran away with someone, he wouldn’t say anything serious. Sudden changes in character must have things. Yunlan ordered the Great Wall to step forward to inspect Zhu Hao’s wound. The Great Wall touched Zhu Hao’s arm with one hand, and a burst of powerful black energy absorbed the Great Wall’s hand, as if it could swallow people.

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