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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 23 Recap

The interior of Earth Star has long been infiltrated by people with intentions, and Shen Wei and others have encountered difficulties and obstacles everywhere. The deacon, who is the right-hand man of the regent, is a two-faced man. Daqing sneaked into the data room and found that the file with the merit pen had been torn up, and the person who was about to ascend to the throne of Dijun actually had a relationship with Yunlan.

This person is one of the gangster youths who found Yunlan’s fault last time. In the last disaster, three people were arrested for committing a murder case, and the regent declared three death sentences. One of the young men, named Amber, rushed out to beg for two friends. Such a lonely hero who dares to act has attracted the attention of Lao Dijun, and the old emperor’s deadline is approaching. This determined person may be a good choice for the land. So Amber was given the destiny.

In the dead of night, Yunlan asked why Daqing suddenly showed a fierce face to Shen Wei. Daqing confessed that he had recovered half of his memory. Shen Wei in his memory was not a good crop, and must have hidden secrets that shocked the sky. Yunlan is unconvinced, he admits that Shen Wei has concealed something, but he believes in Shen Wei, he believes that Shen Wei is not a dead enemy but a close friend. He has suffering in his heart, but swallows it alone. Zhao Yunlan had to wait for him to be unable to hold back one day, and he was so bitter to present the truth. But Yunlan did not stop Daqing from following Shen Wei.

So Daqing discovered that Shen Wei had come to the hall and found the talking stone pillar. That day, the pillar imprisoned an evil spirit for thousands of years, and he was Ye Zun. Even if he missed the last time, Ye Zun never stopped the predatory footsteps, vowing to make an end with Shen Wei for the earth star. Shen Wei’s determination to defend the Quartet was never shaken, let alone feared by Ye Zun’s intimidation. Daqing listened thoughtfully, and was almost attacked by the villain in the dark. Shen Wei quickly rescued Daqing with eyesight and hand.

The man came was a masked murderer with a dagger in his hand and a stern look. Shen Wei wanted to use the Soul Slashing Knife to decide whether to win or lose, but found that the opponent’s diamond guard was immortal. One rushed out, giving the other party a chance to escape. After an episode, Daqing chose to believe in Yunlan’s intuition and Shen Wei’s personality. Ragou meets Shen Wei and supports Zhao Yunlan in this life.

Before finding the record of the merit pen, Lao Dijun was murdered. The evil-doing deacon soon leaked his feet and was noticed by Yunlan and others, so a civet cat replaced the prince to force the deacon to tell the truth. The results confirmed that he was responsible for killing Lao Dijun and attacking Daqing. Everything is in the name of Ye Zun, the matter has ended, the mission has failed, the deacon calmly apologized with death. Before everyone had time to dissuade, a golden light flashed. Yunlan retrieved the merit-based files from the deacon after his death. It turned out that the merit pen can erase the traces of black energy and strengthen the power of the black energy. Now it is a fantasy to find the merit pen by tracking the black energy.

Amber regretted it a little, he was unwilling to be on the throne of the earth king who needed to sacrifice the rest of his life. It’s a pity that fate has already been destined, and he cannot tamper with it without authorization. Throughout the ages, once an emperor was crowned with a crown, he had to work day and night until he died. In just a few years after taking office, Mr. Lao Di has gone from a young and strong boy to a haggard old man with white beard and hair. The high-intensity and high-load work makes people unable to breathe, unable to think about emotions, and unable to think. Amber sat up to save the lives of his two friends. As a result, the two turned around and went to Ye Zun, and were ordered to disturb the peace of Earth Star.

Ya Qing continued to plot the next plan. The man in the black hoodie headed by him was once a fruit vendor, hardworking and earnest. The store opened next to No. 4 Guangming Road, and everyone in the special room was his old acquaintance. He also has a wife who loves him and loves him, and is pregnant with an unborn child. But everything was different after that night. There is also a girl who doesn’t want to become Yaqing’s lackey, but just to avenge herself. The three gathered together and understatement decided his life and death.

After Shen Wei brought Yunlan back from Earth Star, he was still worried about Yunlan’s solitary life and stayed in the house to accompany him. Yunlan was happy to be taken care of, but when Yunlan woke up in the middle of the night, she found Shen Wei hiding in the kitchen alone. Yunlan’s words awakened Shen Wei in pain, and the bloody dagger fell to the ground. From Shen Wei’s pale complexion, Yunlan finally saw how much Shen Wei had sacrificed to save his eyes.

Shen Wei used his own power to offset the erosion of Yunlan, sharing his life with Yunlan. Shen Wei, whose energy system has been hit hard, can only change his blood every day, scouring his body’s energy. The heartless Zhao Yunlan blushed, but he Shen Wei smiled. What is this injury, this is my life to pay you, Kunlun.

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