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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 44 End Recap

For the sale of Jinsheng, Fang Yubin does have decision-making power, but if today’s contract with Jiancangmin is not signed, then the signing price will automatically increase by 10%. Yan Fei secretly sent a message to Jian Cangmin. Jin Sheng’s price could not be changed anymore. Therefore, Jian Cangmin felt that Fang Yubin should have no future moves. Fang Yubin left him without blocking.

Jinsheng Electronics, a subsidiary of Jinsheng Group, has always been a benign and profitable asset. Fang Yubin intends to leave Jinsheng Electronics to Sufu. Jiangzhou Communications and Jinsheng Electronics originally had business dealings. If the two companies merge, it is a strong alliance. It is beneficial for the father to reform the Jiangzhou Group.

If Jiangzhou Group acquires Jinsheng Electronics, then Jinsheng’s share price will definitely rise again, which will affect the W company’s acquisition. If Su Jin fails to acquire Jinsheng, he may be faced with W’s expulsion, and Su father does not want Su Jin to fail. Therefore, Fang Yubin was rejected.

The purpose of Su’s father to bring Su Jin back was to reform and revitalize the Jiangzhou Group. The acquisition of Jinsheng Electronics can speed up the reform process, so the acquisition of Jiangzhou Communication is a matter of time. Now taking advantage of Jinsheng’s divestiture of assets for sale, the person in charge is Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin can give Su Fu the lowest quotation. If Jinsheng Electronics is purchased after Jinsheng’s sale is completed, the price at that time will be quite different from the present.

Fang Yubin used the momentum of Jiangzhou Group’s acquisition of Jinsheng Electronics to increase the offer to Jiancangmin, so that Jinsheng Electronics could earn less money from Jiancangmin. Fang Yubin borrowed flowers and offered Buddha to let Sufu get Jinsheng Electronics at the lowest price. Father Su told Fang Yubin’s thoughts to Su Jin. Su Jin was really entangled, but hoped that his father would follow his heart’s thoughts without worrying about her.

Tomorrow is the last battle between the two parties. Su Jin left Fang Yubin in his home. The next morning, Fang Yubin did not see Su Jin after getting up. He thought Su Jin had left. Fang Yubin rushed to the garden and saw that Su Jin was cunning. Watering the flowers, Fang Yubin hugged Su Jin tightly, fearing that she would disappear in a blink of an eye, the two agreed, after the acquisition was over, they went to the lake in the park they often visited. Su Jin guessed that Fang Yubin wanted to propose and broke. He, Fang Yubin and Su Jin clashed and had a good time in the morning.

Father formally announced to the media that Jiangzhou Communication acquired Jinsheng Electronics and continued to study the electronic car project. After Jinsheng’s overall price evaluation was pushed up, Jian Cangmin regretted not signing with Fang Yubin yesterday after seeing the news, and was blinded by some of Yan Fei’s gossip. Jian Cangmin was angry and drove Yan Fei out of the office. People, do not want to continue to miss the opportunity, immediately reached a cooperation with Fang Yubin.

In the event of disrupting Jian Cangmin, Yan Fei was in a mess. Fang Yubin had vowed in front of Qi Yu’s tomb that he must drive Yan Fei out of Rong Ding personally. Fang Yu Bin hated Yan Fei very much and had done Yan Fei in Rong Ding. All illegal incidents were posted in the form of an email to the company. After these incidents were exposed, Yan Fei would go to jail. Yan Fei did not expect that Fang Yubin would even have his criminal evidence. In a flash, all the pride flames went out and the whole person collapsed. .

Fang Yubin divested Jinsheng’s subsidiaries and sold them separately, and finally reached a price of 2.6 billion, which became another successful investment case for Rongding. President Ding’s position was also preserved.

President Ding rejected W’s intention to cooperate. Su Jin’s failure to negotiate was dismissed by W. This was Su Jin’s first investment failure. Su Jin felt that if victory was regarded as a habit, the whole person would be numb, and now it has failed once. Just as a new beginning, maybe there will be more possibilities in the future. Fang Yubin came to the lake agreed with Su Jin. Su Jin didn’t show up. Fang Yubin couldn’t make a call to Su Jin. He waited for Su Jin by the lake until it was dark, and Su Jin still didn’t show up.

Su Jin didn’t know what to do in the future, he couldn’t adapt to the days when he didn’t have a job, and he couldn’t adapt to the feeling that his work and feelings were unclear, so he followed Yuan Ruilang and went to the United States to calm down for some time. , And threw away his mobile phone, just to temporarily cut off all contact with Fang Yubin.

Yan Fei went to jail. Fang Yubin was rated as a gold investor this year by Rongding headquarters and promoted him to the general manager of Rongding Shanghai branch. Fang Yubin took Su Jin’s proposal ring. During this time, he called Su Jin every day, and all of them were turned off. Fang Yubin could not contact Su Jin completely.

Three months later, Fang Yubin accidentally saw Su Jin’s live broadcast on the bus. In the live broadcast, Su Jin said that after the Jinsheng case ended, she knew that Fang Yubin asked to marry, so she ran away. During this time, she thought a lot and decided that Choosing love, Su Jin said to wait for Fang Yubin at the lakeside of the park where the two often go, and Fang Yubin went to the park immediately.

Su Jin blows bubbles by the lake, and Fang Yubin is very happy that she can come back, but she pretends to be angry, and asks why Su Jin disappeared without a sound. Su Jin took out the ring and brought it to Fang Yubin, proposing to Fang Yubin, Fang Yubin also deliberately made trouble Saying that marriage proposal should be on knees, Su Jin was helpless to prepare to kneel, Fang Yubin was holding Su Jin distressed again, and took Su Jin to the other side of the lake to see.


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