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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 43 Recap

At present, the most fluctuating among all branches of Jinsheng are Jinsheng Oilfield and Haochen Film and Television. If the oilfield and Haochen Film and TV can be sold as expected, Jinsheng can sell more than 2 billion in total, but if these two subsidiaries have problems, then The price is less than 1.8 billion.

As a new shareholder, Fu Shan visited the Jiangzhou Communication Factory. Su Hao saw that Fu Shan and Su Jin did not come together. They wanted to fight Su Jin, but they were beaten by Fu Shan and left. Too.

After Fu Shan visited the factory and was about to leave, Su Hao poured a barrel of gasoline at the door of Jiangzhou Communication Factory and was ready to light the gasoline at any time with a lighter. Jiangzhou Communication was only step by step with the help of Su Hao’s grandfather. Today, he was authorized by Su’s father and became the company of Su Jin and Fu Shan. Su Hao felt that this was too unfair, so he did not hesitate to use his life to threaten justice.

Su Jin explained that everything he did was what his father meant. Su Jin ignored the danger and stepped over the gasoline step by step and approached Su Hao. Su Hao hesitated to ignite. Su Jin grabbed Su Hao’s lighter and prevented this A disaster.

Su father took out the contract he had signed with Su Jin to show Su Hao and Zhuo Ya. Su Jin voluntarily gave up all rights and interests of Jiangzhou Group. Future shareholder dividends had nothing to do with Su Jin. The contract content was proposed by Su Jin. She never thought of competing with Su Hao for family property, but just wanted to develop the Jiangzhou Group. Su Hao and Zhuo Ya understood the hard work of Su Fu and Su Jin. Su Hao and Su Jin shook hands and no longer disputed.

Jian Cangmin sent some people to extract part of the crude oil from Jinsheng’s oil field. The crude oil needs to be injected with water. After the extraction is successful, the water and oil separation is carried out. Important conditions, no one wants to buy an oil field with a short life, so Jian Cangmin decided to reassess the Jinsheng oil field.

Although the movie has been recovered since the age of one, An Zijian is worried that the hard disk will not be able to guarantee whether the movie will be outflowed during the outflow, so a deposit of 30 million is needed. If the film is circulated, the funds should be compensated to the theater. Rongding’s activity funds are currently only 10 million, and Fang Yubin simply can’t come up with this deposit. Su Jin has 30 million in her hand, but it is inconvenient for her to pay this amount of money, because if the movie sells big, then W will have to pay more for Jinsheng.

Chu Man feels that he and Su Jin are already friends. Su Jin and Fang Yubin are still male and female friends. Why can’t they help? The first two days everyone still united the front. Su Jin suddenly took the opposite side today. Chu Man couldn’t understand Su. What Jin was thinking, could not understand the clear distinction between public and private in the mouth of these investors, in the end it was just a slave of money. After Su Jin was accused by Chu Man, he also felt that he had a problem now and ran out sadly. Now Su Jin needs to be calm and calm. Since meeting Fang Yubin, Su Jin has become increasingly indistinguishable from work and feelings. This is A taboo for a successful investor.

The inspection results of the Jinsheng Oilfield came out. The oilfield has limited reserves and has a life span of at most ten years. Jian Cangmin asked to terminate the negotiations. Fang Yubin asked Jian Cangmin to slow down. He immediately hurried to the face to face negotiations.

Fang Yubin went back to the office to get the information. It happened that Tong Xiaozhi pulled a USB flash drive from his computer. Fang Yubin grabbed the USB flash drive to check it and found that there were some materials reported by Tong Xiaozhi and General Ding. It turned out that Tong Xiaozhi had always been arranged by General Ding. Fang Yubin’s eyeliner here, Tong Xiaozhi crying and begging Fang Yubin not to drive her away, everything was arranged by Ding, but she likes Fang Yubin to be true.

W is planning to acquire Jinsheng with a total of 1.8 billion, Fang Yubin’s assets are sold off and encounters ups and downs in the Jinsheng oil field. Ding intends to sign a contract with W for 1.8 billion, but Fang Yubin still insists on his own plan. , Whichever is negotiated first, whichever is signed.

Su Jin took 20 million yuan to Yuan Ruilang, and let Yuan Ruilang transfer it to Fang Yubin to solve the problem of the film release. Yuan Ruilang did not recommend Su Jin to do so, because if this negotiation failed, Su Jin might be expelled from W. In Su Jin’s mind, there are more than one hundred ways to win Fang Yubin, but she can’t do it. She won Fang Yubin and it hurts Fang Yubin and hurts herself. It’s not clear what Su Jin will do in the future, but now she must Help Fang Yubin.

Jinsheng has oil fields and oil refineries. This is a complete industrial chain that can possess the qualification to import and export petroleum. This industrial chain is permanent. Even if the life of the oil field is limited, it will not delay the exploitation of other oil fields. Therefore, the industrial chain is more important. A more effective project in the long run.

Jian Cangmin’s thoughts were admired by Yu Bin, and his heart was shaken. At this time, Yan Fei broke into Jian Cangmin’s company and said that Fang Yubin did not get any authorization from Rongding Company. Now he is negotiating with Jian Cangmin in his own name. The negotiations between President Ding and W have already reached the signing stage. Even if Fang Yubin negotiated the price with Jian Cangmin, Jian Cangmin could not get the oil field.

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