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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 42 Recap

Fang Yubin adjusted the plan to sell Jinsheng. As the general manager of Rongding Shanghai Branch, Yan Fei knew nothing about it. Finally, when Jian Cangmin asked Yan Fei Xing for questioning, he disclosed it to Yan Fei. Yan Fei hated each other Yu Bin. The tooth is tickling, Yan Fei and Fei have guaranteed that they will definitely destroy Fang Yubin’s sales plan before the completion of the divestiture. After all, the success or failure of the Jinsheng sale case is related to whether President Ding can be re-elected as the chairman of Rongding, so Jinsheng’s affairs must not be Resolve before board elections.

Chuman has been photographed since the age of one, and the rough cut samples in the later period also came out. Rongding invested heavily in publicity. An Zijian of the Blue Sky Cinema Line is the leader of domestic movie producers. If you can find An Zijian to negotiate and win the summer gold screen, then you don’t have to worry about the box office after the ages.

The Blue Sky Cinema is going to enter the second-tier cities. KC has invested 300 million in An Zijian. Yuan Ruilang is already a partner of KC, so he left this opportunity to Fang Yubin. Yuan Ruilang showed the samples after the ages to An Zijian. An Zi Jian promised to give them the summer file.

One of Jinsheng’s worst subsidiaries is Youpin Textile. This factory’s production line is the most advanced in the country. However, Huashou thinks that the general textile industry is too low-end and is dedicated to pursuing international high-end products, so it is difficult to get orders. The production line It has been a waste. This time Fang Yubin auctioned Youpin Textile. The price was 70% higher than the expected price. Several other subsidiaries were also auctioning and negotiating, and the Tianji horse racing project went very smoothly.

Tong Xiaozhi’s birthday today, she wanted Fang Yubin to accompany her birthday, the two were ventilating on the riverside, Tong Xiaozhi confessed to Fang Yubin that he liked him, Fang Yubin only when she was joking.

Fu Shan came to Jiangzhou to assist Su Jin. The purpose of W company was to acquire Jinsheng in its entirety at the lowest price. Because Su Jin had feelings for Yu Bin, he delayed the acquisition. Fu Shan reminded Su Jin that Su Jin was a Wall Street gold pitcher trained by Nash. The advantage is decisiveness, but now Su Jin seems to have abandoned everything for love. If her investment is no longer valuable, then Nash discards Su Jin It will be like throwing away garbage. Su Jin knows her situation very well. Without Nash and W, she is nothing, so she can only promise to buy Jinsheng as soon as possible.

The samples have been edited after the age of one. An apprentice editor Xiao Huang secretly copied the samples to his own hard disk, and then the people of Haochen Film and Television have been unable to contact Xiao Huang. If Xiao Huang sells the film samples to pirates, there will be millions of bonuses, and the investment after a long time will be yellow.

After Haochen called the police, the police went to Xiao Huang’s house to investigate, but found nothing. Fang Yubin and Su Jin went to Xiao Huang’s house to investigate. Xiao Huang’s father was unreasonable, beat Fang Yubin, and drove them out with a broomstick.

An Zijian didn’t know where to get the news. Since ancient times face the risk of being stolen, An Zijian wanted to withdraw from ancient times. Yuan Ruilang told An Zijian the best, and An Zijian agreed to give them 24 hours to solve the problem.

Xiao Huang’s father called Fang Yubin. If Fang Yubin would give him four million dollars, he persuaded Xiao Huang to go to the police station to surrender. Fang Yubin had never seen such a brazen parent. The child had broken the law, what they thought was not Helping the children, but wanting to use this incident to blackmail a sum of money, Fang Yubin righteously rejected Xiao Huang’s father. Su Jin also expressed his attitude that Jin Sheng will not pay a penny. If Xiao Huang uploads the movie to the Internet, then his life is destined to spend in prison. Fang Yubin and Su Jin frightened Xiao Huang’s parents by singing together, and they finally became soft-hearted. , Called Xiao Huang back.

A few days ago, a person who claimed to be a pirate called Xiaohuang and asked him to steal the samples from the past, and promised to give him 4 million remuneration. After stealing the samples, Xiaohuang realized the seriousness of the matter , So did not pass the sample out. Fang Yubin put a piece of Yan Fei’s voice to Xiao Huang to listen to. Xiao Huang heard that Yan Fei was the one who called to pretend to be a pirate. Fang Yu Bin immediately understood that it was Yan Fei who was behind the ghost and wanted to destroy Hao Chen’s reputation.

After the sample trouble was resolved smoothly, Su Jin decided to start the Jinsheng acquisition plan 24 hours later. Su Jin felt very sorry for Fang Yubin. She clearly knew that Fang Yubin paid too much for this project. Fang Yubin comforted Su Jin not to let her think more, just It was time to confront Su Jin head-to-head and prove his strength. The two agreed to not talk about work in private, and today they will be crazy.

Early the next morning, Jinsheng suddenly appeared various negative rumors and unexpected situations: the owner of the Jinsheng subsidiary was about to be acquired, and there was a sudden shortage of funds, which required a delay in signing the contract; there are rumors that the equipment of Youpin Textile is seriously malfunctioning; someone on the Internet Evidence that Hua Shouzheng was transferring assets, etc. came out. Fang Yubin knew that this was someone fooling around.

Su Jin and President Ding proposed to acquire Jinsheng as a whole, and Su Jin proposed an acquisition price of 1.8 billion yuan. Since Fang Yubin implemented the Tianji horse racing plan and divested Jinsheng, according to market reaction, Jinsheng has more than 1.8 billion, so Ding always wants to sell Jinsheng at a higher price, and is no longer satisfied with 1.8 billion.

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