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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 40 Recap

Su Jin guessed that the police officer Fang Yubin was looking for immediately went out to find Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin did not come out hiding in the warehouse. Su Jin was not sure if Fang Yubin saved himself, and some left. Ye Yunlai sold all his own Flint shares to Fu Shan. Fu Shan is now the largest shareholder of Flint. The shares in his hand can fully enter the board of directors of Jiangzhou Group and have the authority to dismiss Su Hao at any time.

Jiangzhou Communication is the most profitable subsidiary of Jiangzhou Group. Since it was handed over to Su Hao, it has been losing money almost all the time. The electronic car project that Su Hao and Jinsheng teamed up is the most money-burning. The project failed, but Su Hao blamed all the responsibility on China Shouzheng and Jinsheng were completely unaware of their mistakes. Su’s father was very disappointed with Su Hao and removed his position of general manager, making Su Jin the general manager of Jiangzhou Communications.

The senior executives in Jiangzhou Communication are all Su Hao’s aunts. They only recognize Su Hao, and they sneer at Su Jin. Su Jin does not care about them. He very calmly tells Su Hao’s uncles and aunts about the current situation of Jiangzhou Communication , Jiangzhou Telecom has a financial problem and is facing a huge deficit. If it is not Su Jin, but other investment companies take over, then these family shareholders will have no dividends and will be rushed out of the board of directors, Su Hao All of his uncles are actually interested first, and they no longer oppose Su Jin.

Mr. Fei was on the board of directors, and made a deal with Mr. Ding at the purchase price of Jinsheng. The purchase price of 1.5 billion was equal to the loss of 300 million for all shareholders. The shareholders all echoed Mr. Fei and worried about their own money. Mr. Ding and the shareholders I guarantee that the money you lose this time will definitely be earned on other projects. President Ding guarantees that shareholders are still at ease and will no longer worry about Jinsheng’s lost investment.

Dong Jinsong has been illegally laundering money for many years and is suspected of a variety of underground transactions. After being caught by the police, he is facing jail time and has no intention to make any fuss about Jinsheng’s shares. Fang Yubin did not spend a dime and let Dong Jinsong sign the exit agreement of Jinsheng. .

Ding asked Hua Shouzheng to find a lawyer and let the lawyer find a way to prove that all the contracts signed between Hua Shouzheng and Dong Jinsong were coerced and belonged to invalid contracts. Fang Yubin and Dong Jinsong were injured in a fight, and did not talk to anyone. He asked Mr. Ding for leave, saying that Jin Sheng’s atmosphere prevented him from working quietly. He had to work at home these days, and Mr. Ding agreed.

Tong Xiaozhi came to Fang Yubin’s house and said that he wanted to do the duties of an assistant to help Fang Yubin share some things. Tong Xiaozhi knew nothing about housework and messed up Fang Yubin’s home. Fang Yubin wanted to let Tong Xiaozhi leave his home. Love, even pushing and pulling Tong Xiaozhi out of his home. Su Jin wanted to go to Fang Yubin’s house to see him. It happened that Tong Xiaozhi came out of Fang Yubin’s house, and Su Jin turned around and left.

Tong Xiaozhi got the key of Fang Yubin’s family, and came to Fang Yubin’s house early the next morning, and refused to leave. Fang Yubin grabbed his key and said that if Tong Xiaozhi came to his home again, he would not let Tong Xiaozhi be his assistant. Yuan Ruilang came to Fang Yubin’s house to find him. It was the door opened by Tong Xiaozhi. Tong Xiaozhi attacked Yuan Ruilang in a burst of sugar-coated shells, making Yuan Ruilang complacent.

The investigation of Yuan Ruilang revealed that Dong Jinsong was instructed by Yan Fei. Dong Jinsong was arrested now. It is impossible for Yan Fei to give up and let Fang Yubin think of countermeasures as soon as possible. When Yuan Ruilang left, he reminded Fang Yubin to be careful of this assistant, Fang Yubin was at a loss.

Yuan Ruilang was sent by Su Jin to Fang Yubin’s house to investigate the situation. Yuan Ruilang saw at a glance that Tong Xiaozhi was sent by General Manager Ding to monitor Fang Yubin, but Tong Xiaozhi probably already liked Yubin Shang above. Tong Xiaozhi’s ignorant naive little girl is the majority The type that the boss likes, Su Jin has a sense of crisis.

President Ding asked Fang Yubin to arrange a beautiful place, negotiate with Jian Cangmin, sign an acquisition agreement, and sell Jinsheng at a price of 1.5 billion.

Fang Yubin and General Manager Ding applied for another assistant on the grounds of frequent business trips and the inconvenience of bringing female assistants. General Manager Ding agreed to change his assistant, but it took time to let him slow down. Fang Yubin arranged a negotiating place in a beautiful mountain village. Fang Yubin did not say a few words at the dinner, but wanted to talk about the signing of the contract. Jian Cangmin complained that Fang Yubin was not sentimental.

Jian Cangmin said that there is a good wine cellar nearby, and he can take a person to the wine cellar to taste wine. Su Jin and Fang Yubin competed to go to the underground wine cellar. Jian Cangmin took Su Jin and left the dining room together. Tong Xiaozhi said that Jian Cangmin just divorced last month, and Su Jin once again said that he likes a more mature man, maybe what will happen to them, Fang Yubin is worried. Su Jin and Jian Cangmin didn’t return until dark, Fang Yubin kept worrying, Fang Yubin didn’t answer the phone until Su Jin.

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