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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 38 Recap

Su Jin and Su Hao surprisingly agree that they do not agree to sell Jin Sheng. Su Hao wants to discuss with Su Jin what Ding is thinking. Su Jin has no good words for Su Hao. Fighting Su Jin, Fang Yubin stopped Su Hao, then Tong Xiaozhi shouted to send Fang Yubin a cup of coffee, Su Jin saw such a young and beautiful girl around Fang Yubin, she was jealous and angry in her heart, let Tong Xiaozhi know the image, here Is the company not a vegetable market.

At present, the first shareholder of Jinsheng is Hua Shouzheng, the second shareholder is Rongding, and the next is W. Su Jin and most of the small shareholders do not agree to sell Jinsheng. Fang Yubin is worried that with W’s strength, he may really come up with seven A hundred million came to invest in Jinsheng, and President Ding asked Fang Yubin to talk to Su Jin and try to change Su Jin’s attitude.

Fang Yubin wanted to find Su Jin to talk about work. Su Jin didn’t open the door for him in the room. Chu Man came to the hotel to find Fang Yubin and said that he would talk about cooperation. Fang Yubin was pulled away. Su Jin quickly opened the door and called Fang Yubin, Chu Man pulled Fang Yubin entered Su Jin’s room and everyone had a meeting together.

Chu Man is a savvy woman, worried that Su Jin and Fang Yubin are a gang, and the joint investment will rectify her, so deliberately explore the relationship between Fang Yubin and Su Jin, Su Jin sees through, Chu Man also sees that Su Jin likes Fang Yubin, two Smart women always talk effortlessly. Fang Yubin can hardly understand what they mean. Chu Man and Su Jin drove Fang Yubin outside the room, and the two talked separately.

Chu Man said that Su Jin now no longer needs the opportunity to prove himself, and gave the opportunity to Fang Yubin, let Fang Yubin invest her alone, Su Jin was persuaded by Chu Man, the two discussed for a long time, and found that the two sides were abnormally connected.

Tong Xiaozhi came to Fang Yubin, and when he saw Su Jin and Chu Man, Zhang Kou called her sister. Both Su Jin and Chu Man didn’t like girls who were younger than themselves and still pretend to be tender in front of them. Su Jin couldn’t help but say anything, Chu Man On the contrary, he is very used to rectifying the little girl, let Tong Xiaozhi call her elder sister, sister Su Jin, second brother Fang Yubin, Tong Xiaozhi was confused by Chu Man, and could only call them three as Chu Man meant.

Yan Fei brought a person named Jian Cangmin to President Ding. Jian Cangmin expressed his desire to buy Jinsheng. Fang Yubin told Jincangmin the business scope and branch data of Jinsheng. Jinsheng is a very comprehensive large company and its business involves all walks of life. In various industries, Mr. Ding has opened a price tag of 3 billion yuan to sort and package and sell Jinsheng. Jian Cangmin has a very good understanding of Jinsheng’s internal financial situation and directly reduces the price tag to 1 billion. Mr. Ding is very polite to say that such a price tag is impossible. talk.

Afterwards, Fang Yubin thought that Jian Cangmin should really want to buy Jinsheng, which coincided with Jinsheng’s difficulty, so he wanted to take advantage of the fire and win Jinsheng at the lowest price, and Yan Fei also took a fancy to Jian Cangmin, so he disclosed some internal information to Jian Cangmin, let Jian Cangmin test his attitude.

Fang Yubin and President Ding suggested that investing a small amount of money, making a good movie, earning enough market attention, improving Jinsheng’s stock market, and letting everyone see that Jinsheng still has spare money to make movies, and the internal situation will not be bad. Where to go, it would be much easier to sell Jinsheng. President Ding let Fang Yubin take full responsibility and sign a contract with Chu Man as soon as possible.

Yuan Ruilang came to Fang Yubin and didn’t make a call. Su Jin let Yuan Ruilang go to her room and waited. Su Jin asked Yuan Ruilang to find a way to explain the relationship between the two of them to Fang Yubin, otherwise they couldn’t be friends, and Su Jin sent Yuan Ruilang out. At that time, Fang Yubin just came over and misunderstood the relationship between Su Jin and Yuan Ruilang again, and immediately turned around and left.

Yuan Ruilang caught up and wanted to explain. Fang Yubin did not listen arbitrarily. He did not know what Yuan Ruilang said. Yuan Ruilang returned to Su Jin’s room and scolded Fang Yubin as a temperamental child. Su Jin knew Fang Yubin’s temper and no longer embarrassed Yuan Ruilang. Su Jin and Yuan Ruilang talked about each other’s knees, and both of them opened their eyes. Yuan Ruilang agreed not to pursue Su Jin anymore, and the two officially returned to become true friends.

At the shareholders meeting of Jinsheng, neither Hua Shouzheng nor President Ding appeared, and Fang Yubin came up with a contract, saying that Hua Shouzheng authorized Rongding to handle it at his sole discretion.

Dong Jinsong suddenly appeared at the general meeting of shareholders, took out a mortgage contract, saying that Hua Shou was owing him money, mortgaged part of the shares to Dong Jinsong, and authorized Dong Jinsong to participate in the shareholders’ meeting.

Whether or not to sell Jinsheng Group, the shareholders voted again. According to the voting results, the majority agreed to sell Jinsheng. The business negotiation for the sale of Jinsheng was accompanied by General Manager Ding and Fang Yubin. Su Hao believed that not only Rongding’s people should participate in the negotiation, but also another company. Su Jin represented the third largest shareholder, and Su Hao represented a group of small Shareholders can’t dispute, and most of the small shareholders agree that Su Hao will accompany them.

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