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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 37 Recap

Fang Yubin saw President Ding in the study room of the Chinese family. Fang Yubin said that he found that Shanghai Rongding had an abnormal force and tried to engage in a conspiracy through the Jinsheng Group to achieve a certain purpose, and took what Yan Fei did before and after Yuan Ruilang left. General complaint.

Fang Yubin has no evidence to prove everything he doubts. Ding always thinks that Fang Yubin was wronged in the company, so he came to complain and came to Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin hoped that Mr. Ding would give him the opportunity to hand over Jin Sheng to him again. Fang Yubin gave Mr. Ding’s rectification plan to Mr. Ding. Mr. Ding was not satisfied with the plan and rejected Fang Yubin’s plan.

When Fang Yubin left Jiangzhou, he happened to meet Chen Ran and drove back to Shanghai, so he took a free ride. During the chat, he learned that Su Jin made a special trip to Chen Ran to send Fang Yubin home. When Fang Yubin returned to Shanghai, he went to Su Jin .

Downstairs in Su Jin’s residential area, a bicycle nearly hit Su Jin. Yuan Ruilang was busy holding Su Jin in his arms. Yuan Ruilang held Su Jin unwilling to let go and was ready to kiss Su Jin. It happened that Fang Yubin came to Su Jin’s residential area. After seeing this scene, I mistakenly thought that Yuan Ruilang and Su Jin were together, and felt that Su Jin and Yuan Ruilang united to betray him and left angrily.

Yuan Ruilang always thought that Su Jin was his sooner or later. No one could really walk into Su Jin’s heart. It wasn’t until Fang Yubin appeared that Yuan Ruilang felt a sense of crisis. After Fang Yubin and Su Jin announced their breakup, Yuan Ruilang frequently said good things to Su Jin, hoping to recover This feeling, but Su Jin still refused.

Su Hao told Su Father of the current crisis of Jinsheng Electronics, hoping that Su Father could borrow 7 million from other projects to continue investing. Su Father believed that if the electronic car project failed, it only lost one project, but if it was from other More than one project will be lost if the project borrows money.

Zhuoya and his two younger brothers turned around Su Su and allocated funds to Su Hao. Su Su was very angry. Su Su said that they brought the bad atmosphere to Su Hao and drove them out. Su Hao thought My father couldn’t see anyone around him. If Su Jin was replaced, Su’s father might give his full support. Su Hao decided that his father was partial and did not give him a chance to succeed.

Yanfei made an essay on the relationship between Fang Yubin and Su Jin, claiming that when Fang Yubin was in charge of Jinsheng Group, colluding with Su Jin harmed the company’s interests, and there was a possibility of taking bribes. Fang Yubin was suspended and investigated. Fang Yubin, before landing, Yuan Ruilang gave him the password of the website, checked the chat records of the company’s computer, and found that there were a lot of Yanfei’s black materials, and decided to expose all the black materials, destroying Yanfei.

Lin Hai suddenly went to Fang Yubin’s house and found out that he knew that he had copied the chat record from the company. Fang Yubin was very surprised. Lin Hai took Fang Yubin to a villa in the suburbs, and President Ding was waiting there.

President Ding does not want Fang Yubin to expose Yan Fei’s chat records. If such behavior is exposed, even if Yan Fei is overturned, Fang Yubin’s reputation will be broken, and Rongding will also be discredited. President Ding said that he does not want to lose Fang Yubin This talent, so he was not allowed to deal with Yan Fei with this kind of fish-netting method. President Ding reauthorized Jin Sheng to Fang Yubin. Before rejecting Fang Yubin’s plan, he wanted to try his patience.

Lin Hai has always been Yan Fei’s person. This time Lin Hai connected with President Ding and Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin was surprised. Lin Hai explained that he was actually a distant relative of President Ding. When Yan Fei first arrived in Shanghai, President Ding asked him to take care of it. Knowing the details of Yan Fei, I later did some bad things for Yu Bin, but in fact he has always been the person of President Ding.

Mr. Fei thought about digging out the black materials of Fang Yubin and Yuan Ruilang. He didn’t care whether these black materials would smear Rongding, as long as he could attack Ding Ding; President Ding prevented Fang Yubin from exploding Yanfei’s black material. It is the difference between Ding and Fei. Yanfei finally suppressed Fang Yubin, and soon received a notice from the headquarters to appoint Fang Yubin as the person in charge of Jin Sheng. Yan Fei was angry but had to smile.

The head company transferred an intern Tong Xiaozhi from Shenzhen Rongding to participate in the Jinsheng project and became the help of Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin and Tong Xiaozhi arrived at Jinsheng. Tong Xiaozhi had never seen such a large company and could not help taking Fang Yubin to take a selfie, Su Jin saw Later sarcasm sneered.

At the Jinsheng shareholder meeting, President Ding decided to sell all of Jinsheng’s shares, because Fang Yubin’s report, to save Jinsheng, must first invest at least 700 million. This money Jinsheng and Rongding do not plan to sell. If Jinsheng is not sold, It is up to the other shareholders to pay the money in proportion to their shares. The others are all small shareholders, and they cannot afford to pay so much. President Ding’s proposal was to sell Jinsheng. The shareholders voted that the majority’s opinion was not to sell, and the shareholders’ meeting was still going away.

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