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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 33 Recap

Qi Yu’s parents left Shanghai, and Fang Yubin came to Qi Yu’s cemetery to worship again. Yan Fei also came to visit Qi Yu. Fang Yubin threw away the flowers sent by Yan Fei. Qi Yu cried in Yan Fei’s arms when she was most sad. Two women, one gave life to Fang Yubin and the other gave honor to Fang Yubin, neither of these two women, Fang Yubin, could keep it all. It’s all because Fang Yubin is too conceited and too selfish.

Fang Yubin scolded Yan Fei and accused Yan Fei of shirk her responsibility. Yan Fei was the culprit leading to the death of Qi Yu. When Yan Fei was leaving, he did not forget to provoke the relationship between Fang Yu Bin and Su Jin. Yan Fei asked Fang Yu Bin to think about that day. What did Qi Yu and Su Jin talk about, that caused Qi Yu to be in a trance and get into a car accident.

Yan Fei’s words made Fang Yubin suspicious of Su Jin. At this time, Su Jin also came to the cemetery to see Qi Yu. Fang Yubin directly asked what Su Jin and Qi Yu had talked about. Su Jin honestly said that Fang Yubin didn’t believe it. He spoke bluntly. I regretted being with Su Jin. If the two can restrain their feelings, then a series of things will not happen, and Qi Yu will not die. The implication is that Su Jin indirectly killed Qi Yu. This time, Fang Yubin really hurt Su Jin.

Lin Hai’s cousin had a friend who started a real estate company called Zheng Yecheng. Zheng Yecheng’s company, Yecheng Real Estate, was originally scheduled to go public last year, but because of a business model problem, the company’s internal finances went out again, causing the company’s shareholders to withdraw their capital. The company is in urgent need of an investment to alleviate the listing crisis, but at present the company’s status cannot pass the review, so Lin Hai can only find Yan Fei and Meng Wei to find a way, Yan Fei asked Lin Hai to bring Zheng Yecheng to Rongding for talks.

Yan Fei looked at Qi Yu’s previous things, remembering every moment when he was with Qi Yu, sighing, maybe I don’t know when, his heart for Qi Yu’s utilization has changed, and was a simple girl like Qi Yu. Attracted, but now everything is late. Yanfei found Duan Zhenghe’s nephew Duan Hong, who was suffering from cancer and needed money for treatment. Yan Fei bought some information about Yuan Ruilang and Zhenghe International from Duan Hong.

At that time, Yuan Ruilang represented Rong Ding to discuss cooperation with Zhenghe International. At that time, the two sides had not discussed the issue of whether the company was laying off staff, but then Duan Zhenghe suddenly agreed to the cooperation and signed it. After that, the whole person became nagging. After signing Less than a week later, Duan Zhenghe jumped off the building and committed suicide. Yan Fei believed that this life had something to do with Yuan Ruilang.

Su Jin found that before Fang Yubin announced his breakup in the live broadcast, Su Hao had talked to Fang Yubin. Su Jinchong went home and asked Su Hao to ask Su Hao to fight Su Jin, saying she was a psychopathic paranoid, intermittent neuropathy, this world No one can bear it, so Fang Yubin broke up with Su Jin not because of what he said, but because of Su Jin’s problem.

Su Jin was scolded by Su Hao, and he even cried. Su Hao had never seen Su Jin cry. He couldn’t help but feel gloating. Su father scolded Su Hao when he saw it, and wanted to comfort Su Jin, Su Jin But he didn’t appreciate it and left home crying.

Rongding’s internal company is not allowed to fall in love. Although Fang Yubin did not fall in love with the company’s employees, he fell in love with the female boss of the competitor. On this reason, Yan Fei suspended all projects in Fang Yubin’s hands, and Dismiss all the invoice documents that he has not yet reimbursed. Fang Yubin is not allowed to ask for leave and let him stay in the company as an intern. Yanfei wanted to force Fang Yubin to resign voluntarily. Fang Yubin knew this very well. He would never resign. In any case, he also found out Yan Fei’s secret and Qi Yu was fair and innocent.

Colleagues in the investment and research department felt that Fang Yubin was out of touch and probably could not come back to the investment and research department. They all put their files on Fang Yubin’s desk. Fang Yubin took the computer to the lobby and found that the lobby desk was gone, Yan Fei was perfunctory about this, and he just didn’t want Fang Yubin to stay in the investment research department.

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