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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 31 Recap

Qi Yu didn’t want to talk to Yan Fei about whether they were in a relationship again. Qi Yu begged Yan Fei to help, not to inform the company. Yan Fei said he could do nothing, but if Qi Yu could find evidence of attacking Yuan Ruilang, I believe Mr. Fei Will definitely sell this face to Qi Yu, let her leave the company in good faith.

Chu Man went to Shanghai to go through the formalities of selling a house. Fang Yubin knew that Chu Man sold the house, and he only collected 50 million yuan. She admired Chu Man very much. Chu Man said that she could not sign a cooperation agreement with Fang Yubin now. After completely severing with Hua Shouzheng, and then starting his new life, Fang Yubin is willing to wait for the cooperation of Chu Man.

Apart from Fang Yubin, Qi Yu had no other friends. After being threatened by Meng Wei and Yan Fei today, I don’t know who to talk to in my heart, and subconsciously came to Su Jin. The day Qi Qi lost Haochen’s money, he told Su Jin about his relationship with Yan Fei. In Qi Yu’s mind, nothing is more important than Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin cannot betray Yuan Ruilang, and Qi Yu will never betray Yuan Ruilang. Therefore, Qi Yu has decided to leave Rongding when Meng Weiquan reports to the company tomorrow.

Qi Yu was afraid that after leaving, Meng Wei and Yan Fei continued to start each other’s Yu Bin. What Qi Yu could do for Fang Yubin ended here. She hopes that Su Jin can help Fang Yubin in the future. Emotional, even if Qi Yu does not say, she will help Fang Yubin.

Qi Yu talked to Su Jin a lot, and she felt a lot more comfortable. She called Fang Yubin on the way home, and went to Hawaii to play, but she didn’t see the vehicles going back and forth on the road, and was suddenly hit by a car. Fly, Fang Yubin kept calling Qi Yu, but no one answered the phone.

Qi Yu was sent to the hospital for rescue, but eventually did not save her life. Fang Yubin watched Qi Yu’s death on her own. The pain in her heart was indescribable. Qi Yu was involved in a car accident near Su Jin’s house. Fang Yubin asked Su Jin why Su Jin told Fang Yubin that Qi Yu was threatened by Yan Fei and Meng Wei. Fang Yubin finally understood why he asked him before. Ken said who he saw that night.

Fang Yubin rushed to the company and beat Yan Fei violently. Yan Fei had already had feelings for Qi Yu and had some guilt for Qi Yu’s death, but the guilt was only a few minutes, and he immediately blamed Fang Yubin. , Accusing Fang Yubin of improper handling of Qi Yu’s feelings, which led to Qi Yu’s car accident. The two wrestled in the office. Finally, Yuan Ruilang took the security guard to the office to separate the two.

Fang Yubin collected Qi Yu’s relics at Qi Yu’s house. Qi Yu’s parents came from their hometown. Qi Yu’s parents always thought that Fang Yubin and Qi Yu had a full relationship with their male and female friends. They originally planned to hold a wedding for Fang Yubin and Qi Yu this year. Now Qi Yu died in a car accident. Qi Yu’s parents saw Qi Yu’s relics and wept bitterly.

Before Su Hao found someone to follow Su Jin for 24 hours, after Qi Yu’s death, Su Hao asked the network writer to write a story, saying that Su Jin was involved in Fang Yubin’s feelings, causing Fang Yubin’s girlfriend Qi Yu to die. Soon Su Jin went on a hot search. Su Jin became the third person who was involved in the relationship between Fang Yubin and Qi Yu. Fang Yubin became a Phoenix male who relied on the position of female president. Rumors on the Internet were all over the sky, saying that Qi Yu was killed by Su Jin. This matter has a great influence in the financial circle. Su Jin’s phone calls were all exploded by the company’s shareholders and customers. Su Jin blocked all the information and gave it to Chen Ran.

According to Su Jin’s previous business ideas, she would send a lawyer’s letter neatly when encountering such things, and then take a few big orders to let clients and shareholders know that the private life of employees is not important, and it is the most profitable for them. important. But now Su Jin does not want to do this kind of public relations, because Fang Yubin has said that she will protect her, Su Jin is looking forward to what she will encounter next, looking forward to Fang Yubin protecting her.

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