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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 29 Recap

Yuan Ruilang asked Fang Yubin why he came to Su Jin’s family. Fang Yubin was determined to talk about business, but Yuan Ruilang’s eyes were like a torch, and he had long seen the matter between them. Yuan Ruilang and Su Jin knew each other very early, and the two also liked each other. However, no one is willing to actively pursue each other. The two are so ambiguous. Yuan Ruilang believes that Su Jin is his woman sooner or later. Fang Yubin suddenly inserted a bar horizontally. Fang Yubin explained that he was chasing Su Jin. Su Jin put it He refused.

Yuan Ruilang told Fang Yubin that Su Jin has as many boyfriends as his girlfriends. People like them never take emotional matters too seriously, and they never expect to be in love, because true love will change one. People, they are not willing to change their present.

Qingshan Water is the first project that Yuan Ruilang came to the company. Parallel to Qingshan Water, there is a political and international business. This is a shell business. Obviously, it is the receipt of stolen money. Meng Wei handed over the accounts of these two projects to Meng Wei. Qi Yucha, as long as Yan Fei and Meng Wei can find Ding Yifu’s question before the election of Rongding’s board of directors, then Fei always will be promoted to chairman, and their status will also increase.

Qi Yu discovered the problem of Qingshan Water Affairs during the reconciliation, and privately found Fang Yubin to inform the matter. Qi Yu suspected that Zhenghe International was the account of Yuan Ruilang’s bribery. Let Fang Yubin talk to Yuan Ruilang as soon as possible. Qi Yu always had a hunch that this It will pull them all into the water.

After Fang Yubin left Qi Yu, he went to Su Jin’s house for dinner. Su Jin personally cooked Western food. Fang Yubin asked Su Jin and Yuan Ruilang what was the relationship. Su Jin explained that when she and Yuan Ruilang should be together, there was no Together, so it is impossible in the future. Both are too selfish and too strong, and no one is willing to pay for each other, but Fang Yubin is different. Fang Yubin is willing to pay in the relationship, so she and Fang Yubin will have result.

After Fang Yubin returned home at night, he asked Yuan Ruilang to come home and ask what the situation of Zhenghe International’s project was. Yuan Ruilang said with great confidence that they could not find anything. Yuan Ruilang asked Fang Yubin and Qi Yu to assume that they didn’t know who Don’t mix it in. Yuan Ruilang reminded Fang Yubin that he must urgently urge Chu Man to hit 50 million on the account. In addition, he must train a few pairs of eyes and ears in the company, otherwise it is difficult to stand alone in the company.

Hua Shou is hiding in the Macau casino, Chu Man chasing to the casino to find Hua Shou is asking for money, Hua Shou is like a rogue, dragging no money, and saying that if Chu Man relies on his own ability, Hao Chen Television The property inside is the common property of the husband and wife. Chu Man was very angry with Hua Shouzheng and vowed to make Hua Shouzheng regret what he did today.

Haochen Film and Television originally called back 50 million within a week, and now there are only two days left, but the money has not yet arrived. Su Jin went to Fang Yubin’s house early in the morning to find him. Su Jin said that he has not been able to contact him recently. When I went to Chuman, I couldn’t find the Chuman people there. Fang Yubin kept in touch with Chuman. I believe the money will be returned.

Qi Yu came to Fang Yubin’s house and knocked on the door. Fang Yubin hid Su Jin in the bathroom. Qi Yu came to ask Haochen about the 50 million things. Qi Yu was recently entangled with too many things and was under great pressure. She planned to wait for these five thousand. In case of arrival, resign yourself.

Su Jin accidentally sneezed in the bathroom. After Su Jin came out, Fang Yubin and Qi Yu admitted that they were together with Su Jin. Qi Yu was a little surprised, but thinking about it again seemed reasonable, Qi Yu pretended to be casual. As he looked, he left Fang Yubin’s house in a hurry.

After Qi Yu returned to her room, she tore all the photos she took with Fang Yubin. When Qi Yu was most sad and sad, Yan Fei suddenly found Qi Yu’s house. Qi Yu didn’t answer, and Yan Fei said outside to think Let Qi Yu accompany him to an appointment tomorrow and wait for Qi Yu to reply. After a long time, after Qi Yu opened the door, Yan Fei had not left. He said he had been waiting for Qi Yu’s reply. Qi Yu suddenly cried on Yan Fei’s shoulder.

Chu Man raised money through various channels, and she was short of 20 million in the end. She decided to sell her first house when she was the heroine for the first time. The buyer was a friend of Chu Man, Mr. Zhang, who sold Chu Man. The house was eager, and President Zhang was very righteous. He was worried that Chu Man was in desperate need of money, so he promised to get money before 5:30 tomorrow afternoon, and then he would slowly go through the house transfer procedures.

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