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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 26 Recap

Every time Fang Yubin wants to be close to Su Jin, Su Jin will put on a high position, playing with the feeling of being in the palm of hand, Fang Yubin does not get respect and equality in his feelings, then he would rather give up this feeling, Fang Yubin turned and left, Su Jin Wanting to catch up, but accidentally twisting her feet, Fang Yubin took her back to the villa, Fang Yubin gave Su Jin to the bed in the room, and gave her medicine, Su Jin suddenly found it feels so good to be taken care of.

Yuan Ruilang has not written an inspection. President Ding personally came to Shanghai to find him. This time Jin Sheng, Mr. Ding could not explain to Rongding’s shareholders, so he must cover himself with Yuan Ruilang’s inspection. Yuan Ruilang had mentioned many times before that Jin Sheng’s project was not suitable for continuing to do. President Ding insisted on protecting Jin Sheng. Yuan Ruilang believed that this time was not his fault, so he could not write a check. President Ding once had some Yuan Ruilang. Handle, so threatened Yuan Ruilang to submit an inspection.

At the second general meeting of Jinsheng, Jinsheng Electronics outperformed Haochen Film and Television by 70%. Jinsheng Electronics chose Jinsheng Electronics for its first investment. Su Hao proudly showed off in front of Su Jin. Su Jin believed that Jinsheng Electronics could not do it. In the long run, the first investment will inevitably hit the water.

The Shanghai company was founded by Yuan Ruilang and is the best-performing company among all the branches of Rongding. As long as Yuan Ruilang’s inspection is submitted, the position of the general manager of Shanghai Company cannot be maintained, but if he does not submit, President Ding has always threatened him.

In the inspection submitted by Yuan Ruilang, there was no hint of acknowledgment and did not help Mr. Ding share the pressure of shareholders, so Mr. Fei got the handle. The new general manager of the Shanghai branch was appointed by Mr. Fei, who appointed Yan Fei as the Shanghai branch. Manager, transferred Yuan Ruilang to work in Beijing headquarters.

When reporting to Yanfei, Fang Yubin took the initiative to say that he was willing to do angel round investment projects. Anyway, other colleagues of the company were also reluctant to do it. Yanfei said that these entrepreneurs are all cranky neuropathy. If they come in and out of the office, they will Affecting the mood of colleagues in the investment and research department, so Fang Yubin went to the lobby on the first floor to receive entrepreneurs.

Fang Yubin wanted to take assistant Lin Hai downstairs, but Lin Hai was not willing. Yan Fei called Lin Hai to the office and hoped that Lin Hai could become his person in the future and help him manage the company. Lin Hai was just a graduated intern. When he encountered such an opportunity, he naturally abandoned Fang Yubin and chose to follow Yan Fei. Outside the gate of the investment research department, and hope that he will never come back.

Fang Yubin received entrepreneurs downstairs. Qi Yu felt it was shameful to set up a table in the lobby. Sooner or later, Fang Yubin would be kicked out of Rongding by Yan Fei, so she could not resign with peace of mind.

Fang Yubin knew that he had been rushed downstairs, which was deliberately done by Yan Fei, but the ideas of these entrepreneurs, although some of them are empty, are also a new idea. Fang Yubin wants to find his original career intentions through these methods. Fang Yubin was brought out by Yuan Ruilang. He had long predicted the situation of Yuan Ruilang after he left, but he is not the kind of employee whose boss Ma Shou is looking forward. He has his own career plan. Therefore, even if he currently has no place in Rongding, There is no plan to resign. Yuan Ruilang did not return to Rongding headquarters to work, but chose to resign, and then joined an investment company called KC.

Su Jin’s father suffered a stroke and was sent to the emergency room again. The doctor said that Su’s stroke was already old, but this time it was very serious. If he does not undergo surgery, he may have only one year of life. , Can not guarantee whether to come down to the operating table. Su Jin realized that his father often suffered a stroke at this time, accusing Su mother and Su Hao of not taking good care of his father. Su Hao in turn accused Su Jin of not returning home often, so Su Jin was not filial.

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