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Excellent Investor 金牌投资人 Episode 25 Recap

Su Jin and Fang Yubin always miss the jet lag. Every time they want to get close, something will happen to separate them, and every time they think they will never meet again in this life, it will happen again. Some things forced them to work together. Fang Yubin said that this is destiny, and the two are destined not to be together.

Su Jin and Fang Yubin talked about Chuman in Rongding’s conference room. The two broke up without saying a few words. Su Jin accidentally dropped the water bottle. Fang Yubin and Su Jin crouched down to pick up at the same time. Su Jin asked Can Fang Yubin correct the errors of the two, so that they will not be missed. At this time, Yuan Ruilang came to the meeting room and just saw the two of them squatting under the table. Fang Yubin quickly explained that he was just talking about cooperation with Su Jin. To allow Su Jin to participate in the angel round investment of entrepreneurs, Su Jin has agreed. Su Jin has some guilty conscience and dared not to refute. Later, Fang Yubin said that maybe this angel investment is a project that narrows the relationship between the two. You can try it.

Last time Rongding failed to protect Jin Sheng, President Ding asked Yuan Ruilang to submit an inspection. Yuan Ruilang proposed the exchange condition for the inspection, and he wanted to be a partner of Rongding. President Ding refused.

Mr. Song met Qi Yu downstairs, and he entangled Qi Yu again. He said that he had to apologize for the last thing. He had to invite Qi Yu to have a meal. He did not care about Qi Yu’s refusal and dragged Qi Yu into the car. It happened that Fang Yubin saw this scene and came forward to drive away Mr. Song. Qi Yu was afraid that Fang Yubin would offend Mr. Song. He quickly promised that he would eat again.

Qi Yu asked himself what was really in Fang Yubin’s heart. Fang Yubin was in charge of Qi Yu’s work, life and everything, but he didn’t like Qi Yu and would not let Qi Yu be his girlfriend. Fang Yubin didn’t want to quarrel with Qi Yu again because of emotional issues, voice Very general Qi Yu had a fierce meal. After Qi Yu calmed down, she suddenly started crying again. She often lost her emotions recently and was completely affected by the fact that Haochen Television lost 50 million. Although the matter has been affected Pressed down, but Qi Yu could not provide proof of her absence that day. Qi Yu always felt that this matter would be exposed sooner or later. Recently, she has been under great pressure, and she can’t continue to face Fang Yubin, so she thought To resign and leave Rongding. Fang Yubin sent Qi Yu home, and Yan Fei waited for her at the door of Qi Yu’s house. Fang Yubin confronted Yan Fei a few words, and Fang Yubin returned to his home.

Qi Yu wants to know if anything happened to him and Yan Fei that night, because she has always liked Fang Yubin and has never been guilty. Now she doesn’t want to continue to like him unclearly. Qi Yu wants to know Yan Fei accurately. Knowing whether there was any relationship between the two, Yan Fei’s answer has been ambiguous. He said that he really liked Qi Yu and hoped to take care of Qi Yu for the rest of his life, but Qi Yu only had Fang Yubin in mind and could not accept Yan Fei.

Fang Yubin worked overtime in the company. Qi Yu came to the company to find him. Qi Yu said that he really liked Fang Yubin. He worried that his relationship with Fang Yubin would be estranged after leaving Rongding. And admit that he really likes Su Jin.

Hua Shouzheng gave the photos of Chu Man and Fang Yubin to Su Jin. Su Jin believed that Fang Yubin was a person, so that Hua Shouzheng would destroy the photos as soon as possible, otherwise it would cause a lot of trouble in the future. To these, it can be so calm.

Su Jin said that he wanted to talk about Chu Man and brought Fang Yubin to a villa in the suburbs. Su Jin bought the copyright of a popular online novel. If he wanted Chu Man to act, Su Jin asked Fang Yubin to read the novel as soon as possible. After giving comments, Fang Yubin was locked in the villa and let him calm down to read.

Fang Yubin looked inside and out of the villa and found that a window on the second floor was unlocked. He thought Su Jin had forgotten it, so he jumped from the window and didn’t expect Su Jin to wait for him in the corner downstairs. Fang Yubin will find this window, so he deliberately teased him, Fang Yubin was once again played by Su Jin.

Su Jin took Fang Yubin to walk around the villa. Su Jin often walked with his father when he was a child. Su Jin remembered some things about his childhood. Although his family never lacked money, he lacked the warmth that his family should have. It was windy outside, Su Jin was a little cold, Fang Yubin held Su Jin in his arms to warm up, Su Jin took the opportunity to kiss Fang Yubin, Fang Yubin was a little nervous, hurriedly pushed away Su Jin, ready to leave, walked a few steps, Fang Yubin suddenly turned and kissed Su Jin.

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