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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 22 Recap

Shen Wei sincerely apologized to Doctor Feng, but the surname Feng did not know what was good or bad, and ordered Shen Wei to kneel down and admit his mistake. Just like this, Shen Wei stood outside the old clinic built of old bricks and stones, amidst the hustle and bustle. Shen Wei sullenly, with distress and determination, knelt outside the clinic.

From the scorching sun to the heavy rain at night, from standing still to kneeling, Shen Wei did not change his inner firmness. The rain drenched Shen Wei, and every cell in his heart still persisted. With sincerity, the clinic finally slowly opened the door to heavy corruption. The doctor stared at Shen Wei’s firm eyes and admitted defeat. When Shen Wei heard the result of the sentencing, his eyes were red, two thin lips were grinned, and he smiled slightly.

In the clinic where no one was allowed to snoop, Doctor Feng used an unknown power to easily heal Yunlan’s eyes, but Shen Wei could not feel the movement of black energy outside the door. But the three of them didn’t know it at the moment. At the moment when Yunlan’s eyes were getting brighter, a sturdy young man in the gorgeous restaurant across the street almost turned into a dying old man at the same time.

The youth aging case aroused the attention of Longcheng Haixingjian and transferred the case to the special investigation office. Yunlan received such a difficult question just after returning to life. After several investigations, it was found that any of the victims had no enemies or faults, and did not encounter strange things or people. There was even a man who grew old in front of Brother Chu and the Great Wall. It must not be a coincidence that the lives of many people are invisible.

The life energy will not dissipate, it must disappear in this life. The decline of the lives of this group of people must have the lives of the people at the other end continue. So everyone found Doctor Feng’s clinic across the street. Shen Wei and Yunlan approached Doctor Feng with the iron evidence of the dying victim, and questioned him about the cure to save lives.

Facing such a mountain of iron proof, Doctor Feng finally tremblingly told the truth. Doctor Feng was originally a quack doctor, although the three generations of doctors’ signs have fallen into his hands. That day, a person came to the clinic. He was mysterious in a black hoodie behind him. The man came up and handed Doctor Feng a weird pen, saying that he could awaken Dr. Feng’s medical skills and rejuvenate his life. Everything that follows is exactly the same as the mysterious man said, but Doctor Feng didn’t know that he was saving the lives of innocent people at the same time.

After learning from the pain, Yunlan and Doctor Feng decided to return everything they borrowed. Returning to the small clinic, Doctor Feng drew out the energy from Yunlan’s eyes again, connected his own spirit to work together, and then scattered the energy back to the innocent people. Yunlan became blind again, Doctor Feng overdrawn several times, and died soon, so he fulfilled his wish and repaid his debt.

After this incident, everyone knew that this pen used by Doctor Feng to save people was the first merit pen of the sacred instrument. A behind-the-scenes man is using it to control the overall situation, and for the first time the special adjustment office was led by the nose. Lin Jing received an anonymous email at this time, saying that Yunlan’s eyes could be healed by the longevity sundial.

After reading the email, Shen Wei knew that this would greatly damage his energy, but he didn’t mention a word, smiled relievedly, and was willing to take risks for Yunlan. Yunlan, who saw the light again, laughed excitedly, pretending to show others what he didn’t care about before. Shen Wei shivered in pain, but still had a warm smile that he always kept. The spring on Shen Wei’s face deceived Yunlan.

Daqing found Doctor Cheng for hypnosis as scheduled. In a long and painful dream, Daqing saw his ancient self, looking for Kunlun in a barren, but turned around and saw a figure surrounded by black energy, as if this person was originally one. Tuan thick ink, black into the soul. Daqing saw this person’s face clearly, it was Shen Wei. Daqing was awakened by Doctor Cheng with a decisive battle with Shen Wei, and Daqing left with a fierce look.

The regent said that there may still be records about the merit pen below, and Shen Wei decided to find it himself. Yunlan was like a dog skin plaster stuck to Shen Wei and he did not let go. Sapo rolled and asked to go with him. Shen Wei couldn’t, so he had to take Yunlan to visit the old place again. At the entrance of the barrier, the two ran into Daqing, but this time Daqing looked at Shen Wei’s eyes no longer flat and respectful, but with a certain hatred.

Regardless of obstructing the gate of the Earth Star, Daqing followed the two to the Emperor’s Palace. The three of them wanted to go back quickly, but they sewed to replace the emperor’s ceremony. Shen Wei and Yunlan, who were black robe envoys and soul-suppressing masters, naturally had no reason not to stay and participate.

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