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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 21 Recap

One day and one night passed, and Zhu Hong was still immersed in the shock that Shen Wei was the black robe emissary. A pair of hooked almond eyes stared at Shen Wei blankly, as if he had never known this person. Under the pressure of Brother Chu, Zhu Hong shared the shocking secret that she had not digested completely with everyone present.

Yunlan is blind, and Shen Wei cares about it. The cause of Yunlan’s blindness, which he didn’t understand, was handed over to his university classmates, a human to check. The results were consistent. All the nerves in the peripheral system of the eyes were normal, but Zhao Yunlan was blind. However, Yunlan grinned unscrupulously. Blindness did not seem to bring him any discomfort or embarrassment. He still ate and drank and talked and joked, and urged Shen Wei to go to class and not delay his studies. During the class, Shen Wei wandered frequently, and thoughts were hanging on Yunlan, unable to concentrate at all, the bell rang, Shen Wei strode out of the class and went to the hospital to find Yunlan.

Daqing accompanied Yunlan when Shen Wei left the hospital. In order to express the concern of the collective members of the special tuning institute for Yunlan, Daqing opened a voice recorder and played the sincere sympathy expressed by each colleague to Yunlan in a loop. When Yunlan heard Zhu Hong’s remarks, he was stunned. What Zhu Hong read was the “Ancient Secrets” that Yunlan had no intention of turning over in the library. The part that Zhu Hong read was about “Kunlun”. According to rumors, the Kunlun and the black robe ambassadors sit on an equal footing and guard the four sacred artifacts. Yunlan is curious, why Kunlun is such a prominent figure in black robe that he never mentions it, and Daqing has a headache because of hearing the word “Kunlun”.

There seems to be a memory in his mind that has been sealed, and he is trying his best to break through the shackles. Daqing rolled in pain and was handed over to Doctor Cheng by patient Yunlan for treatment. Daqing desperately wanted to know what he had forgotten, and rationally told him that it was an extremely important life-related event. Doctor Cheng expressed his willingness to arrange hypnosis for Daqing later to wake up the sleeping memory.

Yunlan left the hospital arrogantly, not treating herself as blind. So a corner nearly fell, and it was Zhao Xinci who reached out to support him. Xinci sent Yunlan home all the way, and told Yunlan to stay away from the black robe so that she wouldn’t cause trouble to her upper body. For more than ten years, Yunlan had never put his father in the eyes, and now the blind Yunlan could do this thing more as it should be, and could not listen to the advice given by kindness. The visionless Yunlan couldn’t see Xinci’s eyes glowing with amber-orange lustre, with a trace of cunning and stubbornness, completely not the pupils that staid Zhao Xinci should have.

Not long after Yunlan went home, Shen Wei hurriedly found the door. Shen Wei was really furious about Yunlan’s naughty baby. When Yunlan asked Shen Wei about ancient secrets, he didn’t know that Shen Wei’s face was full of surprise and anxiety. He quickly smoothed it out and urged Yun. Lan answers the phone.

The voice of wishing red joy came from the other end of the phone, and the triennial Asian Orcs bazaar was full of excitement. It is hard to say that there is a rare prodigy who can heal Yunlan’s eyes. Upon hearing the news, the two went out without stopping. However, a hundred years later, the Asian Orcs have fallen apart, everyone is in danger and lives alone. The deserted market got nothing, and there was a troublemaker.

Immediately afterwards, Great Wall and Cong Bo both took a list and happily found Yunlan, saying that there is a magical doctor in Longcheng to rejuvenate, and it is not a problem. Everyone believed that this was a scam, but Shen Wei refused to let go of any chance to save Yunlan’s eyes, so he took Daqing and Zhu Hong to the dilapidated clinic with yellow bricks and rubble. The rancid smell of the first entry made Zhu Hong roll her eyes, and then the so-called doctor’s arrogant attitude made everyone disgusted, but Shen Wei’s way of asking the doctor out of concern was regarded as an insult by the doctor.

The eviction order. As soon as everyone left, Shen Wei saw the school principal turning into the clinic. So Shen Wei kept an eye on him, waited for the principal outside the door, and asked the principal whether the doctor was as effective as the legend says. The principal nodded in excitement, and repeatedly praised the doctor for his wonderful and extraordinary techniques. Shen Wei moved his heart.

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