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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 20 Recap

Before Zhu Jiu asked any clues or traces of the Great Wall and others, he was unconscious due to old wounds and new marks. It is no longer possible to save Zhu Jiu’s life. Zhu Hong found the secret recipe of snake venom handed down from the ancestors as a heart booster and gave Zhu Jiu a half-day life. Afterwards, according to various clues, the Great Wall and others were finally found. The power outage in the city caused by the capture of Zhujiu saved the lives of three people.

The three people who were unsure of danger were rescued. However, the power outage in the city is a major violation of the rules, after all, and Yunlan and Shen Wei were summoned by Haixingjian. Yunlan was tired and took a nap in the car for several days, but frequently heard a strange and familiar call, and dreamed that Zhu Jiu resurrected to snatch the sacred artifact. Because of the lessons learned from the previous nightmare, Yunlan left Shen Wei and hurried back to the special investigation office, and contacted Zhu Hong to urgently transfer the sacred artifact.

Yunlan’s dream was not wrong. Candle Nine, who temporarily recovered his energy and strength, injured the kind and harmless Great Wall, but found that it was already a step too late and the sacred artifacts had been transferred. Helpless Zhu Jiu decided to use his remaining life to summon the prisoner far away in the earth, star and sky pillar. The person who had given him hope to give him a new life and set him up with lofty ambitions was also the biggest dark force behind him, he In the end all the people who worked hard. Zhu Jiu finally fell into a black hollow glass bottle, and the energy gave the prisoners in the Tianzhu a temporary shape to leave the earth star, and Zhu Jiu also disappeared forever.

Ya Qing received the call, picked up the bottle and mourned silently, and then went to lead Yunlan to find the mysterious figure behind him. The Earth Star was extremely uneven at the moment, and the black stone pillars in the center of the main hall bloomed with blue light, and the two regents were the biggest wall grass on the Earth Star. Following a violent shaking, a cloud of black smoke flashed in the blue light, and suddenly rushed out of the cage and went straight to the sky.

Zhu Hong didn’t know where to hide with the sacred artifact, so she had to take it around the world to find Yunlan. In the end, the two met on the street, and Ya Qing also found them. After his introduction, Yunlan finally met the legendary mysterious man who was worthy of being sacrificed by Zhu Jiu. The white body that had just escaped from the earth and the stars was adapting excitedly to the fresh air, the quiet night sky, and the empty grass. This person was named Ye Zun, dressed in a snow-colored white robe, and wearing a pure white hollow mask to cover his eyes. And the black robe makes one black and one white, one righteous and one evil.

The black robe has been in charge of the Earth and the stars for tens of thousands of years and has been with peace, dedicated to driving the Earth people back to the Earth and returning to the world of peace and tranquility. He has never neglected his duty for tens of thousands of years, wandering between the earth and the stars to eliminate evil and promote good, and keep one side stable. And Ye Zun longed to take the Earth Stars back to the ground, destroy the inferior human race, and restore himself to the towering rivers and mountains. Ye Zun kept bewitching earth and stars like Zhu Jiu to work for them, launching wars and causing disasters. Ten thousand years later, Ye Zun has never stopped expanding his ambition.

Yunlan felt unreasonable for Ye Zun’s thoughts. Ye Zun saw that Yunlan didn’t submit to his own thoughts at all, and decided to forcibly destroy it. As an ordinary person, Yunlan can only use the power of the sacred weapon to fight against Ye Zun. And Ye Zun’s body is not stable, and he can’t control his abilities fully.

Yunlan used the power of the sacred tool to fight against it, but the longer the time was one second, the greater the backlash of the sacred tool against Yunlan. Shen Wei, who was thousands of miles away, felt Yunlan’s plight, and quickly attacked. Yunlan forced himself to approach the limit of his body to fight and wait. He knew that Shen Wei would appear, and Yunlan waited for Shen Wei in extreme pain. With Shen Wei’s assist, Ye Zun gave up without a fight and obediently returned to the cage of Earth Star.

Yunlan held the sacred artifact tightly until the last moment, tightly controlling the destiny of mankind. Under Shen Wei’s treatment, Yunlan woke up slowly, but Zhao Yunlan, who was frequently close to the sacred artifacts and wandering around the Earth star with ease, finally couldn’t hold it. Yunlan, who suffered a major backlash, lost his sight this time and fell into a trap. Endless darkness.

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