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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 19 Recap

Brother Chu drove the car, pulling a group of people out of the city. Suddenly, when the car broke down, Brother Chu got out to check, but was attacked by Zhu Jiu. The mortals in the group were not Zhu Jiu’s opponents. At this time, they were worried that the wildfire of a few children arrived. It is a pity that wildfire has not become a rescuer, but has become a pawn that pushes everyone to death.

Mr. Zhou installed bombs on each of the boxers’ prizes, and Zhu Jiu raised his sword and fell, and the backpack with a golden belt behind Wildfire was too late to discard, so splendid flowers exploded in the air. All the group fell down, and Zhu Jiu looked at the unconscious three people with a weird smile.

Yunlan was too eager to eliminate evil and promote good, so he decided to use the holy artifact to find the trace of Zhu Jiu. It is a pity that he was eroded by the black energy and has not yet healed. This time he forcibly touched the sacred artifact, his body was unable to support and fainted again. This time, Brother Chu, the Great Wall and wildfire appeared in Yunlan’s dream. It’s a pity that the three of them lay upright, no longer breathing.

The snow-covered face was pale and terrifying. Yunlan woke up under Shen Wei’s angry gaze, Shen Wei was angry that Yunlan repeatedly refused to listen to dissuasion, and repeatedly ignored his own safety. When he was angry, he heard Yunlan’s dream, and he was shocked.

Shen Wei once consulted ancient books. The symptom of ordinary people being corroded by black energy is to cause time and space confusion, and they may see past or future events. This dream is no coincidence. At this time, Wang Zheng expressed that he was invited by Zhu Jiu: Zhu Jiu really tied up three people, and in a dilapidated laboratory, he asked Yunlan to exchange two sacrificial artifacts for the lives of the three.

Brothers, must save. Yunlan decided to play a dangerous move. First, she asked Shen Wei to take Zhu Hong back to the jungle to find Fourth Uncle Zhu Hong, and asked him to contain Ya Qing as the elder of the Asian Orcs, even if it was only a quarter and a half. Then let those who are good at hacking technology come to invade the security department’s system and control the city’s power grid. Without Ya Qing’s assistance, and without the medium of light source, Zhu Jiu was doomed to escape. Both sides progress at the same time, in full swing. Soon everything is settled.

Zhu Jiu received a call from Yunlan to meet him, Yang Tian laughed and went out, but turned on the control switch before leaving. It turned out that this laboratory was called the Zero Degree Laboratory. Once the switch was turned on, the temperature would gradually become absolute zero, and the three of them would undoubtedly die. Zhu Jiu was cruel, trading was just a cover, and killing talent was his goal.

The Great Wall was the first to feel unwell under extreme temperature, but it was uncomfortable and extremely irritating. Brother Chu painfully took off his clothes and wrapped the hallucinations of the Great Wall. Brother Chu didn’t want to walk out of this door with a corpse in his arms. But the Great Wall still fell asleep deeply, peacefully and tenderly, sleeping in Brother Chu’s arms.

Zhu Jiu walked all the way to the bustling downtown area, and guided by the luminous sacrificial artifact, he found the location Yunlan chose. When Shen Wei saw Zhu Jiu appear, he immediately wrapped the holy artifacts and carefully handed them to Zhu Hong. Seeing that Yunlan and the others were not sincerely returning, Zhu Jiu decided to flee.

At the moment when Zhu Jiu turned around, he used computer technology to control the circuit of the whole city and pressed the instruction button. After losing the light source, Zhu Jiu was plunged into the surrounding darkness. Surrounded by panic, Zhu Jiu looks like a child with lost eyes, standing still at a loss. With the help of black magic, Shen Wei was ready to capture Zhu Jiu’s whereabouts, and a Soul Slashing knife easily cut through Zhu Jiu’s body.

Zhu Jiu has nothing to say if the king defeats the bandit. He only hated that he could not solve Shen Wei, the traitor in his eyes. Shen Wei wondered why Zhu Jiu held such a deep resentment towards him. At this moment, Zhu Jiu, who was seriously injured, supported his body with difficulty and stood up, looked directly at Shen Wei’s eyes, and slowly lifted the hair covering his face.

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