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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 18 Recap

Brother Chu and Great Wall did not find a foothold in the fighting arena under the thin air, and a fight started. The battle ended before the Great Wall could use the instrument to detect who was the land star in the fighting arena. At this time, the two saw the winner on the fighting field shouting at the noisy crowd around, asking the defending champion to fight.

This aroused Brother Chu’s interest. It seems that this mysterious defending champion Wildfire is the soul of the fighting here, and everyone wants to fight him to the death to prove their strength. But obviously the current person on the stage is not enough to raise interest in wildfire. So Brother Chu turned to the ring. Brother Chu possessed extraordinary abilities, there was no suspense about the outcome, and the wildfire finally aroused the desire to fight.

Yunlan learned that Brother Chu herself stood under the spotlight and was restless in the office, and simply took Shen Wei to the fighting arena. A hearty battle just ended, and Brother Chu won the victory and also won the money of everyone present. The masses who lost the bet were dissatisfied and rallied to attack. The entire fighting arena was in chaos and finally stopped the clamor under Yunlan’s gunfire. But the wildfire took the opportunity to escape.

Yunlan left Brother Chu and the Great Wall to deal with the aftermath, and led Shen Wei all the way to chase. Lin Jing and Daqing also trailed behind Yunlan, and the car went deep into the green shade, and found that there were two black energies holding each other. So the two chariots and horses separated to track, and Yunlan and Shen Wei continued to track the wildfire that fled. When Shen Wei’s Soul Slashing Blade rested on the bound Wildfire, Wildfire surrendered contentedly. At this moment, the three of them could finally sit down and chat calmly.

Zhu Jiu found Zhou Zong who was in the fighting arena below, and the one who hid the knife in his smile killed Zhou Zong who had lost the use value. Brother Chu had no idea that an ordinary human being could be so despicable as to associate with the evil earth star. When he noticed it, Mr. Zhou’s body was cold. Daqing and Lin Jing came all the way to a small villa, followed the open door all the way in, but step by step fell into each other’s trap. It was just a few wicked children who arrested Lin Jing and others. They were rescued by the wildfire and rested here.

After discussing in detail, Yunlan learned that Wildfire was not Zhujiu’s pawn, but had been secretly protecting innocent children. The dark forces behind Zhu Jiu need fresh human energy, and this matter has been delivered to Zhu Jiu. And Zhu Jiu focused on the underground fighting arena. The men in this place have good physique and energy, and can compete with each other through fighting. And Mr. Zhou is a sinister and despicable person, disregarding morals and ethics for money, regardless of the life and death of others. So the two colluded with each other to trap and kill a lot of handsome men. The nasty trade between the two of them inadvertently fell into the eyes of Wildfire, so Wildfire began to secretly send out the young people who had fallen into the fighting arena.

Some went away, some returned to the classroom, some changed their faces to find a serious job, and some temporarily lived there. The villa is under the care of wildfires. As the number increased, Zhou Zong was suspicious. So Wildfire changed his tactics and used his own abilities to stand in the ring and fight back until the opponent was unable to fight back. Since then, no “qualified” candidate has become a gluttonous feast for the dark forces, and Zhou Zong is also reluctant to drive wildfires due to the high cost of gambling.

Shen Wei thought that the wildfire was not using the ability to provoke the right or wrong, so he moved his compassion and did not bring it back to Earth Star. The two young men under Ye Huo were also handed by Yun Lan to Brother Chu to take them away from Dragon City, allowing them to start a new life. Parting from Brother Chu, he returned the gold belt of the boxing champion he had just won back to the wildfire. The defending king was not only in the ring, but also in the hearts of people.

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