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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 17 Recap

Bao San had hatred in his heart, and he used abilities to endanger stability by stealing and looting to survive with his wife. That year, Bao San’s opponent was Zhao Xinci, the director of the special tuning office at the time, and Xinci had another unknown identity, he was a compatriot of the Earth Star. In order to protect him, Bao San’s wife died of a gun in her kind hands. This time Bao San was able to sneak away from the earth star and be bewitched by Zhu Jiu, to destroy the special tuning station, and let the earth star people live without restraint. However, Zhu Jiu threw out Bao San as cannon fodder at a critical moment, causing Bao San to be attacked in turn by members of the special station who were rushed back.

Bao San, who was attacked by the enemy, saw the biggest enemy of the year-Zhao Xinci in a trance. The hatred drove Bao San desperately to pounce towards Xinci, and there was chaos, and Bao San eventually died of snatching. The members of the special investigation institute were completely shocked. Even the most sinister earth and stars have the right to be tried instead of being shot for no reason.

In fact, the death of any person is not something that Kindness is willing to face. He just wants to keep the prosperity and peace. Death is helpless and reluctant. It is a heart disease that has been entangled by Kindness for many years. Xinci was holding flowers and knelt in front of the tombstone on one knee. At that time, his benevolent wife, Shen Xi, was held hostage by the earth stars. In order to protect the overall situation, Xinci allowed his wife’s life to fall in front of her.

Young Yunlan cried for help, but his heart-wrenching voice was covered by the ruins in front of him. Family affection could not make the upright heart soft. With a roar, Shen Xi left a coat and did the last of the father and son. commemorate. Since then, Zhao Yunlan is no longer someone’s son. The loved one who loved him and cared for him died in front of him. Justice and family affection sometimes run counter to each other. Therefore, Yunlan, who sits in the same special position, always cares for the lives of others softly, but leaves his life and death behind. .

Yunlan and Lao Wu searched around the earth and stars, but they always felt in the clouds and mist. They were familiar with every scene and had been to every corner. But I couldn’t find the star album and Shen Wei. Yunlan was also a little hard to resist due to the erosion of the black energy of the earth and stars. The two chatted and walked on the way to find the so-called intelligence detector.

On the way, Old Wu mentioned that his own ability needs a medium to trigger, and his medium is oxygen. Yunlan suddenly realized that Zhu Jiu disappeared in the direction of light every time, perhaps Zhu Jiu’s medium was light. Before Yunlan could come up with a systematic solution to Zhu Jiu, the two walked to the door of a broken house, where an earth star wearing a mask set up a fortune-telling stall.

Yunlan stepped through the iron shoes to find this mysterious figure, sat down, paid the money, and asked about the whereabouts of the stars. As a result, no one had expected that the other party was not a good person, and the crisis was perilous after seeing the poor. Yunlan was not good at close hand-to-hand combat and was knocked to the ground by the opponent. The mysterious man took off his mask and found that it was Dinton who was “resurrected”. Just as Dington decided to take the final fatal blow, Shen Wei arrived. While rescuing Yunlan, Shen Wei discovered that the Star Album had been burned to horror by Tinton.

Yunlan in his sleep was sent back to the special room by Shen Wei, and with that familiar face in his sleep, Yunlan dreamed of his mother. His mother’s kind face was telling Yunlan’s unintelligible words, and the things about his life, past and future hypnotized Yunlan down. After waking up, Yunlan was drawn into his mind by the thorny problem before him, and had no time to consider what his mother said in her sleep.

The investigator sent a series of photos from Bo to Yunlan, saying that an underground fighting arena hides the universe. Yunlan took the photo and took a look and found traces of black energy. Therefore, the Great Wall was dispatched to conduct a secret investigation, and Brother Chu raised his hands and expressed his willingness to help.

Dangers are everywhere in the underground fighting arena, and everyone is full of tendons and fierce faces. The Great Wall tremblingly tugged at Brother Chu’s clothes and didn’t know what to do. He only apologized for a physical collision with others. In the end, Brother Chu, who was equally fierce and fierce, helped him. Brother Chu was determined to ensure the safety of the Great Wall even if he blazed a trail.

Yunlan was a little confused about the current state of Great Wall and Brother Chu, pulling Shen Wei to analyze it. But Shen Wei was not in his mind. The school issued an ultimatum to choose one of the two titles of “Advisor of Special Adjustment Institute” and “University Professor”. Yunlan did not diminish his interest in this matter.

I thought that when the Great Wall had just come to report on that meeting, Brother Chu could not wait to pack this messy baggage back to his hometown. This time he sent the Great Wall to the lower fighting arena to investigate the situation, but Brother Chu volunteered to help. . Yunlan was puzzled, and asked Shen Wei: Is this Brother Chu too doting on the Great Wall now? Shen Wei looked at Yunlan calmly, and smiled: This is probably brotherhood.

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