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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 16 Recap

The Great Wall wore a mask and sat in Zhao Yunlan’s place with a guilty conscience, and a person came in outside the door. A heroic, high-spirited middle-aged man with a meticulous combed hair and a neat suit. Of course, the Great Wall was unintentional to appreciate, and he didn’t even have the guts to turn around. As a result, the man was not in a hurry. He got a thorough understanding of Guo Changcheng’s family background, and the Great Wall was even more sweaty. Shaking back, he took off his mask and asked the man his origin. The man calmly began to report to his family: Zhao Xinci, the director of the Star Supervision Bureau, the former head of the special investigation department, and more importantly, Zhao Yunlan’s father. Guo Great Wall couldn’t stand anymore.

The few people who originally wanted to go through the blunders found that Xinzi knew everything. Not only knew that Yunlan had accepted a university professor Shen Wei as a consultant, but also knew that Yunlan was not desecrating public office in the office. All right, I am better than my son after all, but Jiang is still hot. Daqing decided to tell the truth about the matter. As soon as I finished speaking, I received a call and there was an emergency case in the park. Without the master’s heart and soul, everyone followed Xinzi to the scene to investigate.

Zhao Xinci’s method of handling the case is completely different from Zhao Yunlan’s, one is collecting evidence and the other is a bold assumption. Everyone could see that Xinzi didn’t love his child very much, and the omnipotent Zhao Chu in their eyes was worthless in his father’s eyes. The trees in the park are twisted and twisted, and the ground is cracked and broken. The witness at the scene was a security guard named Bao San. Only Wei Nuo was trembling and couldn’t say clearly, the ins and outs were unclear, and there was no substantive evidence.

Kindly arranged their respective tasks, but the tasks that could be arranged for Daqing left him at a loss. The kindhearted person who has worked with Daqing for many years said that Daqing had mastered the cat language skillfully, so many cases were solved that year. Let Daqing ask nearby stray cats to find suspicious clues. But Daqing Mou thought carefully, he really didn’t understand the so-called cat language. Whether something happened in the past, Daqing himself is inexplicable.

Yunlan was taken into the Emperor’s Hall and found people coming and going, and the buildings were scattered in height and height, which looked like a small city. Except for the gloomy surroundings, it doesn’t seem to be too different from the above. A person walked up to meet the three of them, and took away Shen Wei in the name of Di Jun summoned. Shen Wei felt uneasy about Yunlan, but Yunlan’s unruly appearance was reassuring, and he persuaded Shen Wei to leave.

Then, together with the Regent, they searched the Earth Star Album. Shen Wei said earlier that the earth and the stars are immortal, and there has long been a gap between them and they secretly harbor ghosts. Yunlan and the regent unintentionally separated. Naturally, Yunlan, who was not afraid of the sky and fearless, would not pace in place, so he let go of his guts to wander around.

When he came to an empty hall, Yunlan saw a black rock glowing with orchid light. What the rock said was Yunlan’s heartfelt voice. It is like a mirror, easily peeking at Yunlan’s deep anxiety and past. Before Yunlan asked about the origin of the rock, he was surrounded by a few young people who were provoking trouble. Yunlan, who had no weapons and no abilities, naturally had no choice but to escape as the best policy. Yunlan who fleeed all the way was rescued by the old Wu who Shen Wei brought back last time. Old Wu told Yunlan that the regent was an old fox with a personal face and a beastly heart.

He had a very poor reputation on the planet, and he repeatedly asked him to be more careful. On the surface, Yunlan was guarding the regent, but on the other side, he kept a little more in his heart. At that time, the social politician came forward hypocritically, looking aggrieved by Yunlan for a long time. Later, he said that he was ill, and asked Yunlan to search for the missing earth star album on his own, but did not tell the shape of the earth star album. This hypocritical appearance made the old Wu on the side disgusted. Yunlan was still caring and charitable, smiled and waved goodbye to the regent.

The land fault in the park last time hadn’t been figured out yet, and the new pavement fractured aroused the attention of the Special Research Institute. This time everyone discovered that the old chief who seemed to be clumsy was actually meticulous. Early in the morning, I guessed that the earth star person who caused the monster this time had the ability to change the land.

At this time, Zhu Hong received a phone call from the park manager, saying that the security guard bag three who reported the crime had disappeared. Everyone suddenly realized the truth of the matter and hurried back to the special investigation station. And Bao San, after many times of brainwashing by Zhujiu, was successfully persuaded to come to the door of the special adjustment office, intending to use black energy to cause the ground of the special adjustment office to vibrate and turn the entire special adjustment office into ruins. In this way, the candle nine can get back the sacred objects placed inside.

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