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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 15 Recap

Congbo found the camera that Yunlan had hidden in Shen Wei’s school office last time and stole the surveillance video. At the time when Shen Wei received a reply from the regent, a human suddenly took out a long knife in his hand and spoke in the face of a cloud of nothingness, which was really shocking. Congbo recorded everything truthfully, handed the collected “criminal evidence” generously to Yunlan for review, and told Yunlan to publish all the evidence to the public within three days.

Shen Wei was very worried and regretted his negligence. However, Yunlan looked at the matter from another angle, instead of embracing the enemy, it is better to incorporate the enemy into the team. So first let Lin Jing invade Congbo’s computer, delete all the candid data, and then visit Congbo with Shen Wei. Cong Bo Yixin is convinced that what he is doing is for the benefit of the public. He believes that putting the truth in the sun can make the darkness nowhere to hide, but he never thought that the so-called truth he witnessed would be deceived by the angle of sight and be deceived by the subsequent results. Changed.

When Cong Bo learned that the two events that he announced that caused social uproar were not as ugly as he saw, and caused a series of social conflicts and losses because of his voyeurism, Cong Bo’s worldview collapsed. . When Congbo fell into painful self-blame, Yunlan stretched out his hands to him. Yunlan is willing to accept Congbo to join the special investigation office as a field office to assist in investigations, to dig out the dark side of society to help justice. This can also be regarded as the realization of Congbo’s big dream, leading the astray Congbo back on track.

Yunlan is inseparable from Shen Wei day and night. During the day, the two of them are locked in the office to discuss things quietly. At night, they also invite friends to play strings together, and walk home together afterwards. Door-to-door days are so uncomfortable. But Zhu Hong devoted so much to Yunlan silently, but never got a response. Zhu Hong swallowed his bitter beer and told Daqing his grievances. Rao, the well-informed Daqing, did not know who Yunlan’s position was vacant, nor how to comfort Zhu Hong.

The next day the Great Wall went to work on the road, an old man with sparse hair and a big belly was hit by a car and fell to the ground. As a result, the old man murmured some strange things, sent everyone away, and sat on the side of the street feeling it. Hard-won light. The Great Wall scratched his head and looked at his watch and decided to take a step first. As a result, he met the old man again in the alley in the opposite direction. The old man leaned on the old man to rely on the Great Wall and asked him to take him to a place-Guangming Road No. 4, the location of the special adjustment office.

The Great Wall hadn’t figured out the origins of the old man. Just when he arrived at the door of the special investigation office, the old man was pushed down on the wall by the old man who was waiting for the Great Wall. Chu, who was full of anger, only wanted to comfort the old man with his fist. The Great Wall cautiously persuaded him, only to learn that this old man was actually a regent from Earth Star, who came to discuss matters with Yunlan.

At the moment the regent saw Shen Wei in the special report, his calf was weak in fright. Yunlan witty turned the topic off to keep the secret of Shen Wei’s identity, and the three of them entered the room to discuss. The reason why the Regent was so afraid of Shen Wei was because the purpose of his trip was to invite Yunlan to the Earth Star to find the Earth Star Album that Shen Wei asked for.

This booklet was made by the Earth and Star Recorders, approved by the emperor and kept by the regent. This time, Zhu Jiu’s whereabouts were weird, with abnormal skills, and Shen Wei was a little unpredictable. So I want to use the star book to browse and find the information of Zhujiu, so that you can win by knowing yourself and the enemy.

Now that he learned that the Earth Album was missing, Shen Wei was very annoyed. Yunlan hahad from the side to plead with the regent. The regent said that the booklet must still be on Earth Star and asked Shen Wei to return to Earth Star to find it. However, Yunlan insisted on following her body regardless of the erosion of her dark power. Shen Wei was full of thoughts, but could not persuade Yunlan.

Bad things always happen in groups. Wang Zheng received a call. The Star Supervisory Bureau had high-level officials ready to make surprise inspections. Time was running out, but Yun Lan panicked when a group of people went out. In the end, everyone unanimously decided to let the Great Wall, who had never appeared to the public, sit in Yunlan’s office to fill up, while the rest were sloppy downstairs, hoping to get through.

Daqing, who has lived for a thousand years, naturally took the lead to greet him outside the door, hoping to coax the distinguished guests with his three-inch tongue, and immediately turned around when he was happy. But when Daqing opened the door of the guest and saw the middle-aged man sitting inside, he was stunned.

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