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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 9 Recap

Wang Zheng from the northwest region asked for his resignation. The earthquake collapsed in the northwest, and the unusual light of the eternal sundial showed the anomaly in the northwest. All these made Yunlan unable to sit back and watch. So he decided to take the whole group of people to send Wang Zheng home, and unearth the secret hidden in the northwest. And Shen Wei happened to take the students out to do scientific research. They learned of a mysterious totem during the earthquake in the northwest region, which aroused interest in research. The two teams, with different original intentions, will eventually meet again.

For the sake of Yunlan’s Zhou Quan, Shen Wei told him not to leave Dragon City anyway. But if Yunlan was a nameless person who was timid and timid, he would not be the director of the special investigation office. The two met between the mountain roads they were traveling. Yunlan couldn’t figure out Shen Wei’s true purpose of going to the northwest, so he decided to stare at Shen Wei. He desperately asked to walk with Shen Wei all the way, and forced himself to Shen Wei’s car as a driver. Shen Wei had no choice but to do nothing.

As the car moved westward, Wang Zheng’s mood became lower, and mist formed in his eyes. Those memories that were originally buried have become more and more full from the outline of the curve. Wang Zheng’s heart was full of sorrow, and those who wanted to desperately forget the past, with sin and hatred pouring into his heart bit by bit. When the car reached the foot of the mountain, it was blocked by management personnel, the mountain collapsed, and the road was damaged. Vehicles were prohibited from moving forward. Fortunately, Yunlan had already greeted the village chief of Qingxi Village. Lango in the village came forward to greet him and opened the way for Yunlan and others.

As the car gradually approached the scene of the incident, the fog grew thicker and almost blinded all eyes. In the misty mountains and forests, Shen Wei had a vaguely foreboding that something would happen. There was a heavy fall… The car broke down. Reluctantly, everyone was forced to camp here, and the mayor of Qingxi Village came to greet them and set them up in an uninhabited guest house for a long time. The guest house is like a haunted house, surrounded by bamboo forests and crows circling. The night was dark, with five fingers difficult to distinguish.

Wang Zheng whispered about his past in the dim light in the house. Hundreds of years ago, there was a tribe not far from this suburb. Because of the sparse population, the traffic was blocked, the outsiders could not know, and the insiders never went out. Over time, a unique ethnic group called the Hanga tribe was formed. The Hanga tribe is a slavery system. Both male and female slaves wear masks with blue faces and fangs. On weekdays, slaves were sent to the battlefield, and priests used slaves as sacrifices. Wang Zheng concealed a few stories, and Shen Wei saw his embarrassed look. It is still necessary to unearth clues to ask the meaningless.

A few days ago, Zhu Jiu made a cave that had been frozen for many years for the holy finder. Not only releases the secluded animals imprisoned in the enchantment, but also releases Wang Zheng’s tribe back then, and now like Wang Zheng, is an energy body with a vague and hidden spiritual power. Zhu Jiu used the relatives of these energy bodies as a threat and asked everyone to seek revenge on Wang Zheng. With a burst of agitation, all members came out.

Yunlan and Zhu Hong just went out to explore the situation, only Chu and the Great Wall holding an electric stick were left. Brother Chu’s weapon had no effect on the energy body, but the screams of the Great Wall attracted Yunlan who went out. Yunlan hurried back to the place where the incident occurred, and the moment he took out the pistol, a strange welcome appeared in his mind, the strange explosion, the crying cry of the woman, the dumped fortress. A daze forgot to shoot. Yunlan’s abnormal reaction surprised Zhu Hong.

A large number of fierce and terrifying energy bodies wearing masks went back to the house to sleep, but Wang Zheng secretly ran out the door, came near the rock, opened a door in a special way, and leaned in. Zhu Jiu watched everything closely, only looking forward to discovering that Yunlan and Shen Wei had disappeared from Wang Zheng. When the impatient Yunlan brought the longevity dial into the house, he could catch them all. With the longevity sundial, why not find the mountain and river cone hidden nearby.

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