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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 14 Recap

Zhu Jiu was shot in the arm by Yunlan, and he had to jump out of the window to escape. Looking at the sacred artifacts left on the ground, Yunlan stepped forward and picked up the mountain and river cones, fragments of complex gray and yellow memories poured in, as if torn away Yunlan’s head, and he fainted for a while.

Yunlan woke up to find that he was surrounded by everyone, and Shen Wei put on a black robe again. Yunlan wanted to call out the black robe messenger’s name in public but was interrupted by Shen Wei. Yunlan immediately realized that the black robe messenger’s identity must continue to be concealed. Zheng Yi did a lot of evil and should be brought back to the underworld for trial by the black robe envoy.

But Zheng Yi was out of helplessness, and he and Tan Xiao were leaning on each other, and it was hard to separate. The Great Wall cried so much that Pear Blossoms pleaded with rain, and Yunlan sighed helplessly. Shen Wei had nothing to do with Yunlan, and Yu Gongying was selfless and took Zheng Yi away in public. Yu Si couldn’t bear it too, and secretly let Zheng Yi go. When Yunlan returned home, he saw Zheng Yi and Tan Xiao on the side of the road, with a bright smile, and waved goodbye to him.

Yunlan would do whatever he wanted, so he asked Shen Wei to join the special investigation office. This matter Yunlan had not dismissed the idea of ​​knowing Shen Wei in this life, and finally made Shen Wei compromise. So Yunlan took Shen Wei to Haixingjian to meet Minister Gao, first to apologize for the wedding, second to explain Zheng Yi, and third to introduce Shen Wei’s joining. At the door of Hai Xing Jian, the two met Guo Ying, the uncle of the Great Wall, Hai Xing Jian, Deputy Minister. With a few boring official words, the two went outside Minister Gao’s office after strict inspections.

Shen Wei pulled out a review entrusted by Yunlan. When Yunlan saw that Le was blooming, she hurriedly took over and read it with joy, but she was dumbfounded before taking a closer look. Shen Wei, who has lived for thousands of years, couldn’t adapt to everything brought about by modern technology, and the review of thousands of words was written with a brush. Yunlan looked at the neat black letters on the white paper with joy and envy. It’s because Minister Gao doesn’t know Shen Wei well, otherwise he will have to wear help.

The two entered the office one after the other, still boring greetings. But when Minister Gao mentioned Yunlan’s father, Zhao Xinci, Shen Wei found that Yunlan’s face was cold, his fingers were clasped, and his fingers were so tight that he turned white. The obvious discomfort was pressed hard in his heart, so he hurriedly jumped to the topic. Then Minister Gao mentioned that there was a freelance writer named Cong Bo who specializes in reporting gossip news at the wedding of Huang and Li’s two couples a few days ago. Since the last wedding, he has turned his goal to the special office.

He hoped that Yunlan would pay attention to it. Don’t let the villain take advantage of the handle. The two agreed affectionately. Sure enough, in the following days, everyone in the special station clearly felt that there was a camera around them that was tracking themselves 24 hours a day. Upon receiving Yunlan’s reminder, everyone remained highly vigilant and did not leave Cong Bo with any major content that had to be revealed.

When he left, Yunlan was called to a halt by Guo Ying, and he made appointments with Yunlan and Shen Wei in the name of eating, and secretly made an appointment with the Great Wall. Yunlan thought it was a simple meal for cultivating feelings among colleagues, but never thought it was a banquet set up by Guo Ying to move the Great Wall away from the dangerous special tune. This surprised Yunlan. He always thought that the Great Wall was forced into the special station by Guo Ying. Now it seems that Guo Ying is eager to save his nephew from this forbidden place.

A moment of embarrassment condensed the atmosphere, and Yun Lan hurriedly left with Shen Wei. Great Wall immediately vented his dissatisfaction to his uncle. Great Wall loves this job and all members of the special tuning institute. During the months of time, everyone has given Great Wall care and care, so that he can grow and he can regain his many years of experience. Faith without a trace. The Great Wall did not want to leave, and desperately pleaded.

Uncle’s heart is softened. It is impossible to grow up in such a dangerous work environment without worry, but the children have their own choices after all, how can the elders interfere in everything. Seeing that his uncle was silent, Great Wall knew that his uncle had acquiesced to his choice and was as happy as a child.

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