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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 13 Recap

Zheng Yi has two sacred artifacts in hand, in exchange for Tan Xiao and Zhu Jiu. But Zhu Jiu didn’t know where Tan Xiao was, so he had to go around in circles to trick Zheng Yi into doing things for himself. A wedding between the Huang family and the Li family will be held grandly, and there will be many celebrities and business tycoons. Director Haixing Jian Gao, who is in charge of the Special Investigation Institute, is also in the queue. Zhu Jiu decided to make good use of the resources in his hand to give Special Tun a heavy blow. Yunlan received information, and Lin Jing’s instrument detected that Zheng Yi had taken the sacred artifacts and went to the wedding scene of Huang’s house. A group of people noticed that the incident was serious and hurried to go.

Unfortunately, it was too late. When Yunlan and others arrived, they found that the wedding scene had been messed up by Zheng Yi. The bewitched hearts fought each other, and the bride’s father was very old and was taken his life by this catastrophe. Minister Gao is not immune, and a handful of old bones are about to disappear. The special report neglected his duty and was ravaged by the stars. The reporters who were involved in the wedding scene followed up the whole process.

Of course, there is also Shen Wei’s whereabouts in such a chaotic scene. Yunlan pointed to Shen Wei, who was standing in the chaos, and could not hold back a word for a long time. When there are frequent crime scenes, you still say that you are an ordinary person, sweeping the audience with your hand and you still say that you are not a black robe, and you still pretend to be a white rabbit with Minister Gao’s admiration. Yunlan angrily wanted to force Shen Wei to tell the truth, but there was no evidence to shake Shen Wei’s defense.

Everyone found the trail reporter at the wedding scene on the roadside. From the reporter, they knew that Zhu Jiu did not fight alone. The reporter saw that Zhu Jiu had a conversation with a crow. Shen Wei also had suspicions about this. Zhujiu, the earth star man, had colluded with the rebellious sub-orc people, who was the elder Yaqing of the Crow clan.

The snake, bird, and flower tribes, who did not participate in the war, lived alone in the middle zone, and survived to this day. But there are always rats who are uncomfortable with the status quo and want to dominate the rivers. Shen Wei had no room to retreat, as the Soul Slasher shouldered the responsibility of slaying the three worlds and the chaotic monsters and guarding the peace of one side. Shen Wei didn’t want to let him down.

Yunlan came to Shen Wei’s personal research room and unexpectedly found Tan Xiao. Shen Wei, Shen Wei, how do you deny, the prisoner who was taken away by the black robe himself is now in your research institute. Yunlan sent Tan Xiao back to the special investigation room, and left it by herself in order to truly expose Shen Wei’s identity. Before Shen Wei could explain, Zhu Jiu found them with Zheng Yi. Shen Wei, who couldn’t fully use the mana in the human world, had to let Yunlan be manipulated by Zheng Yi and be taken away.

With Yunlan as a capable “combat”, Zhu Jiu swaggered to the special tuning room. Zhu Hong was the only one guarding the special station, and Yunlan, whose spirit was manipulated, was instructed to draw his gun and shoot Zhu Hong. Zhu Jiu, who thought he was winning, would never have thought that Yunlan’s subordinates did not eat soft rice. Lin Jing developed earplugs that are immune to sound waves as early as six months ago. Yunlan was never bewitched or manipulated. Everything is acting. In order to let Zhu Jiu relax his vigilance, Shen Wei has been forced to reveal his identity.

When Shen Wei saw that Zhu Hong, who fell to the ground, was only slightly injured and not a major problem, he had an insight into the truth. So he cooperated with Yunlan’s acting and fell heavily to the ground at the moment Yunlan shot. Zhu Jiu completely relaxed his vigilance and asked to find Tan Xiao’s Zheng Yi to hand over the holy artifacts.

At the moment when he handed over the transaction, Shen Wei stood up like running water, and Yun Lan turned and pointed his gun at Zhujiu. Zhu Jiu was shot in the arm, and Zhu Jiu couldn’t use his skills at all because of the special tune covered by the protective net, so he had to hold Zheng Yi. But Zheng Yi just talked about Xiao’s weakness, and didn’t threaten Yunlan and Shen Wei, and the two of them were still talking and laughing. Yunlan was happy because he finally confirmed Shen Wei’s identity.

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