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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 12 Recap

After being in a coma, Zhu Hong was put under house arrest by his fourth uncle. Fourth uncle persuaded him painstakingly, hoping that Zhu Hong could leave the special room and stay away from the truth and wrongs of the world or the stars. The words of the fourth uncle moved the Great Wall to tears, because the “woman” in red trapped on the pillar was not at all wishing red but a disguised Great Wall. At this time, Zhu Hong suddenly a strong liquor was forced into the fourth uncle’s throat.

The child is too old to keep it. Zhu Hongning wants to coexist and die with the special media department. So the drunk fourth uncle asked the Great Wall to stay here and went back to rescue the soldiers. And the little characters who guard Zhu Hong outside the door have been chasing the beautiful and moving Zhu Hong for hundreds of years, so there is no room for Zhu Hong to be unhappy, and all of them pretend to be deaf and indulge Zhu Hong and leave.

Yunlan was already ninety-nine percent sure that Shen Wei was a black robe ambassador, so Shen Wei’s expression was a little aggressive, a little unpleasant and suspicious, and a little irritated. As for Shen Wei, he still talked about the case without changing his face and heartbeat, sitting pretended to be silly, and joking in a very leisurely manner. The eyes under the glasses are as clear as water transformed on a thousand-year-old iceberg, pure and thorough.

Yunlan was completely unrecruited. Yunlan had never faltered in the years since his birth and death, but Yunlan had no choice but to surrender when he encountered Shen Wei, an iceberg beauty. So I got through the phone in the office to divert attention. But he found that Wang Zheng on the other end of the phone didn’t say a few words and then there was no sound, and then the ears were harsh sound waves. Yunlan hurriedly hurried back to the special adjustment office, and Shen Wei followed.

As a human being, Tan Xiao easily entered the special zone with enchantment. The sound wave disturbed the space, shattering the protective cover of the mountain and river cone, and was intercepted by Yunlan when Tan Xiao was about to leave with the mountain and river cone. live. Shen Wei guarded him, supporting Yunlan, who was already weak and was backlashed by the power of the mountain and river, and sat down to rest. Tan Xiao saw no chance to escape.

Zhu Jiu failed to fulfill his wish, and blamed the guilt on Zheng Yi, who was desperately trying to protect her. Tan Xiao couldn’t, so he had to go out again with Zheng Yi, this time preparing to start from Zhu Hong. It happened that Zhu Hong returned, and Zhu Hong was eroded by sound waves and bewitching dark energies unsuspectingly. Lin Jing found Zhu Hong’s exact location based on the dark energy emission source. At that time, Zhu Hong could no longer control herself and was frantically looking for murder. Lin Jing used a scientific method to subdue the confused nerves and brought Zhu Hong, who had fainted, back to the special training center. Yunlan took Daqing and easily captured Tan Xiao and Zheng Yi.

Tan Xiao was relieved for a while, admitting that he had a supernatural power from Earth Star, and killed Zheng Zhongyuan because he abused Zheng Yi. Tan Xiao distressed Zheng Yi’s thin and slender arms covered with numerous scars and Zheng Zhongyuan’s violent and savage appearance. Tan Xiao calmly told these crimes, as if to tell a story.

Zheng Yi, who is weak and wearing a mask, listens quietly, like a sculpture. Things went smoothly, and the black robe made an appearance and took away all the talk that had announced everything. Throughout the journey, there was no half a word with Yunlan. Shen Wei was afraid. He was really afraid that Yunlan would catch some clues to guess his identity. He was afraid that his identity would bring unnecessary trouble and trouble to Yunlan. He wanted to protect Yunlan, so he could only wrong himself.

As soon as Tan Xiao left, Zheng Yi suddenly panicked, his aggrieved and fearful eyes made people feel heartbreaking. Yunlan looked at Daqing in front of him, thinking about it. One turned around and hugged a black cat to relieve Zheng Yi’s boredom. But Yunlan never expected that Tan Xiao’s love was so selfless that he was willing to take the place of Zheng Yi, who was an earth star, to accept the trial of the underworld, and Tan Xiao lied to everyone. Yunlan and Shen Wei realized that Zheng Yi was the man from the earth who had the power to confuse people with sound waves. Tan Xiao is just a scientist devoted to research.

But Yunlan thought it was too late when he recovered, and Zheng Yi disappeared with Daqing. Then Daqing, who was bewitched by his mind, took Zheng Yi back to the special location, and easily opened the protective cover of the sacred artifacts, allowing Zheng Yi to take away two hard-won sacred artifacts.

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