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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 10 Recap

In the early morning of the next day, Yunlan woke up amidst Zhu Hong’s violent shaking. A severe headache made Yunlan somewhat inexplicable. However, Zhu Hong said that it was caused by drug addiction. Not only Yunlan and herself, but everyone in the team suffered misfortune, and several students of Shen Wei were awake. Yunlan shook his head, unbelievable. Playing tricks under the eyelids of the special station is almost… Wang Zheng?

The unharmed Shen Wei came to solve the mystery. Wang Zheng was the member of the Hangar clan she said, and everyone must have planned to sacrifice themselves to protect everyone. Yunlan’s eyes suddenly became anxious, and he took the sober Brother Chu and Great Wall to find Wang Zheng. Zhu Hong was left by Yunlan to see Shen Wei. Shen Wei is too weird. He has been inseparable from himself from the beginning of the friendship. There are so many strange things that make ordinary people look unconscious, but now he is drugged but has no response. Yunlan and others went out under Shen Wei’s concerned and anxious gaze.

In the empty and cold cave, Wang Zheng recalled everything from the past, and even saw his lover who had missed for a long time. Sangzan was frozen in the boulder ice cone, and it was difficult to get out, and his face was remembered. The two cried through a thick ice and stone hug. This barrier that spanned a century of time has continued to cut their love for each other. This good play made Zhu Jiu happier, and the deeper the two people’s affection, the more helpful they were. Wang Zheng is the bait to attract Yunlan with the eternal sundial to come to rescue, while the frozen Sangzan is the icicle, the cone of mountains and rivers that everyone is looking for.

Yunlan waited to find the location of the cave accurately according to the tradition of the Hanga tribe’s sacrificial offerings. After Brother Chu violently cracked it, he found that it was full of dangerous animals. You Hu did nothing. The ugly and cruel appearance alone was enough to scare the Great Wall, and the deafening roar was enough to cause the mountain to collapse. The activities of You Hu caused frequent earthquakes in villages and towns a hundred miles away.

Shen Wei knew that Yunlan was about to usher in big trouble, and was anxious. Zhu Hong had always held a high degree of hostility and suspicion towards Shen Wei, who was of unknown origin, so he pulled Shen Wei to perform the snake pupil hypnotism he had just learned. It’s a pity that Zhu Hong’s mental power is not strong, and Shen Wei easily counterattacks, and Zhu Hong’s hypnotism backfires. After Shen Wei left, he changed into black robe and put on silver gear to help Yun Lan.

The black robe made the rescue in time and cleared the obstacles for Yunlan. It is a pity that there are so many entrances to the cave. But the dark ability of the black robe envoy was greatly affected when it came to the ground, and he could not fully use it. What’s more, there are sacrificial artifacts around him, and the black robe makes it difficult to track Wang Zheng’s whereabouts.

Helpless Yunlan took out the longevity dial again, and found the location accurately by the resonance between the sacred artifacts and the sacred artifacts. Shen Wei looked at the sacred artifacts with anxiety, worried that Yunlan used too much of the sacred artifacts and was backlashed by energy. But everything in Yunlan’s eyes is more valuable than his own life.

The two succeeded in finding Wang Zheng, but found that Wang Zheng had been locked on the mountain and river cone by the dark power. There was no one else. Wang Zheng’s weird look prevented the two of them from judging the authenticity of Wang Zheng. The black robe envoy stepped forward and asked Wang Zheng’s origin. The stories that were hard to blurt out that were hidden deep in Wang Zheng’s heart last night were told.

Wang Zheng’s name before his amnesia was Gran. He was the daughter of the head of the Hanga clan a hundred years ago. In the ruling class, all but the leaders were slaves. Gran, who was the venerable heaven, met the brave and combative slave Sang in that splendid Hundred Flowers Holy Land. Thumbs up. Sangzan is a brand new world of Gran’s ignorant teenage years, witty, elegant and highly independent. It’s completely different from those ugly slaves wearing masks. Ke Gran’s father was the murderer who forced Sangzan’s father to death, and Gran’s brother was the bastard who robbed Sangzan’s sister. These two men were once the heroes in Gran’s mind, the unique dependence and relatives in life.

Gran and Sangzan make good friends, and love cannot obliterate the hatred deep in Sangzan’s heart. Sangzan killed Gran’s brother and father and became the king of the Hangar tribe as he wished. Sangzan was fed up with the persecution of slavery and declared that everyone in the world has the right to be the master of himself. It was this kind of rule that made the tribes hate and resist Gran.

She is a sinner left over from the previous rule. Jiangshan or Beauty, Sangzan chose Beauty, but the plan of the two to escape was known to others. Gran woke up in the scorching sun the next day, ropes wrapped around his neck, and Sangzan was imprisoned by chains not far away. Sangzan just watched as his beloved girl was hanged in front of him but there was nothing to do.

After Gran’s death, Sangzan was in distress, and in a panic, he found the treasure mountain and river cone he had obtained by chance. It’s a pity that the mountain and river cone is not an eternal sundial, and cannot replace lives.

It can only separate the energy body of the dead from the flesh and live forever. Sangzan, who could not recall his beloved Gran, felt utter despair. He once hated the ruler, he became a ruler one day, thinking that revising the slavery system would make the people more prosperous, but in return the beloved girl died for this. Hate breeds back to Gran, and Gran begins a tyrannical massacre. Since then, the Hangar clan has never ceased.

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