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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 9 Recap

When Cao Shouyi knew about this, it was impossible to say that he was not in a hurry. Not only was he anxious because of the incompetence of his subordinates, but also because of Huang Juhua’s recruitment of his son-in-law. He did not dare to let Huang Juhua know about this, but Huang Juhua did not. Hearing what he was swearing at Baidan in the office, when she learned that she was thinking about Xu Lingjun’s already married, she fell ill again, chanting the word “marriage” all the time, and lay down again. Hospital bed.

In order to deal with this matter, Cao Shouyi personally ran to the seventh team. He wanted to use his power to force everyone to obey his instructions. He wanted Xu Lingjun to obey his own will and use it as a tool to repay his favor by marrying Huang Juhua, but where would Xu Lingjun do Agree? He has repeatedly insisted on the legality of his marriage with Li Xiuzhi, and insisted on his desire for freedom of marriage, and his attitude also angered Cao Shouyi, making Cao Shouyi more like knowing the sacred Madam Xu who suddenly appeared.

So Cao Shouyi, Bai Gan, and Zhang Chengen went to Ma Peng to “interrogate” Li Xiuzhi. Cao Shouyi used the charge of deceiving the organization to scare Li Xiuzhi, but Liu Xiuzhi, a Sichuan girl, was not afraid of them at all. She only felt that the truth should be what it is. , And in her opinion, Xu Lingjun is not only not a bad person, but also a knowledgeable and moral intellectual. On the contrary, those who are really bad are these people who talk about courtesy, justice and shame.

In order to convince everyone of her husband and wife relationship with Xu Lingjun, Liu Xiuzhi actually took out a white cloth stained with blood. The three persons in charge of the “interrogation” immediately knew what had happened, but they did not expect this. Things are actually fake. Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi are not real couples yet, but at this time, no one will verify anything anymore.

On the other hand, Huang Juhua took advantage of the fact that Dr. Zhao, who was taking care of her, was called out to talk alone by the unruly Director Zhu. She ran out alone and swayed to the place where the seventh team was. While wandering around in the team’s supply and marketing agency, she heard women talking about gossip discussing Xu Lingjun’s “breaking shoes”. She fell ill again in a fit of anger. She ran to Xu Lingjun’s stable by herself in the dark.

Xu Lingjun “married” and became a real couple. Huang Juhua’s behavior scared Xu Lingjun who was sleeping, and it attracted Bai Gan who had been staring at him. Bai Gan thought Xu Lingjun was playing a rogue again, but after seeing Huang Juhua’s behavior, he finally found something wrong. Hastily pulled the yellow chrysanthemum outside the house.

Huang Juhua was finally placed in Liang Dasang’s house. Liang Dasang was frightened by this sometimes mad and sober girl. Early the next morning, she thought Huang Juhua was ready, but when she listened carefully, she said she wanted After becoming a bride, I realized that this girl was hopeless.

Huang Juhua told Cao Shouyi alone that he did not want to marry Xu Lingjun again. Cao Shouyi, who had just been rejected by Xu Lingjun again, was relieved and said that after finishing the follow-up work, he would go home with Huang Juhua. However, no one thought that Huang Juhua would go to the supply and marketing agency to buy four bottles of wine and a box of matches, ran to burn Xu Lingjun’s Ma Peng, and locked herself and Xu Lingjun together, wanting to be with Xu Lingjun forever , And Xu Lingjun accidentally bumped his head while trying to break free from the shackles of the yellow chrysanthemum, and fainted in the smoky stable.

In the end, Huang Juhua went to another world because of the fire. Cao Shouyi finally let Xu Lingjun go. He was reluctant to mention this matter. The previous Doctor Zhao, who was always harassed by Director Zhu, was also assigned to the seventh team by Cao Shouyi.

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