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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 8 Recap

When Bai Gan came to find fault early the next morning, he ran into Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi sleeping on a kang as soon as he pushed the door. Although there was a long distance between the two, it did not prevent Lao Baigan from relying on himself. So, Lao Baigan took advantage of this opportunity to avenge public and private vengeance. He immediately said that Xu Lingjun was “playing a hooligan”, “broken his shoes”, and “messing up the relationship between men and women.”

He emphasized to Li Xiuzhi that Xu Lingjun was a man again and again. The reform staff who had just released from prison asked Li Xiuzhi to report him boldly, but what Lao Baigan did not expect was that Li Xiuzhi was always fighting for Xu Lingjun’s injustice. This made Baigan, who was deliberately looking for faults, unable to hold on to his face, so he intensified and said that Li Xiuzhi and Xu Lingjun were bothered.

The relationship was improper, and Liu Xiuzhi was anxious now. He picked up her baggage and hit Bai Gan on the head. She turned around and splashed a pour of water on Bai Gan and kicked him out. Bai Gan became even more angry now. He turned around and went to the office. He brought two soldiers carrying guns. They yelled in the village, saying that they wanted everyone to “capture the adulterer and the adulterer.”

There are not a few people who do good things. They immediately followed Bai Gan to surrounded Ma Peng where Xu Lingjun lived, and among the onlookers there were also people who supported Xu Lingjun. They were unwilling to watch Bai Gan slander her sister and Xu Lingjun for an improper relationship. , And didn’t want to watch Bai Gan just take Xu Lingjun away, so Xie Ningsheng confronted one of the soldiers, just to prevent them from taking away the brother he kept shouting.

Just as the matter was about to get worse, Captain Zhang Chengen came. It took him a lot of effort to get rid of the chaotic crowd. However, he also knew that this matter was actually just for nothing, so he planned to take the main The personnel are brought back to the team for further discussion. After Zhang Chengen learned of what happened, he complained fiercely that Lao Guo was not reliable in doing things, but the matter was so far, it was no use to say anything, but Lao Guo was all the way, and he let Jiang Wenming go secretly. Nongken handled Xu Lingjun’s certificate, and then asked Sun Jianli to cut the phone line, and wanted Zhang Chengen to cooperate with him to hold Baigan.

Therefore, Zhang Chengen had to work hard with Lao Guo to delay time, intending to delay time for Jiang and Sun who were secretly working on errands. After Lao Guo and Zhang Chengen went around, Bai Gan found out what was wrong, but because Zhang Chengen stopped him. So he didn’t find out what Lao Guo was planning for a while. After Jiang Wenming issued the certificate, Lao Guo found an excuse to ride to the Nongken to get the marriage certificates of Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi, and also asked the comrades who issued the marriage certificates to change the date to the previous day. As a result, the relationship between Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi is a legitimate husband and wife relationship, and he can no longer let Bai dare to slap hats.

In order to justify his claim, Lao Guo pretended that he didn’t meet any leader when he went to the field, so he had to come back by himself. However, instead of running to the field, it would be better to examine the relationship between the two by himself. So, Old Guo borrowed it. With the so-called censorship, he quietly took out the fresh and hot marriage certificate. Bai Gan would know what was going on no matter what happened at this time. He was so furious that he immediately ran to the court to find Cao Shouyi.

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