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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 14 Recap

After Cao Shouyi was arrested, Xu Lingjun was also caught. Bai Gan obeyed Zhu Yinhuai’s idea and locked Xu Lingjun and Cao Shouyi together, hoping to create conflicts between Cao Shouyi and Xu Lingjun. In addition, Bai Gan also arranged Cao Binbin, who was picked up by Yang Jing from the seventh team, at Xu Lingjun’s house, just like watching them pinch each other.

At the beginning, there was indeed a conflict between Cao Shouyi and Xu Lingjun. Cao Shouyi felt that he was harmed by Xu Lingjun. If he hadn’t reported himself, he would never have fallen into such a field. But Xu Lingjun told him that Cao Shouyi had already become a thorn in the eyes of others, and those people had ways to rectify Cao Shouyi. Cao Shouyi is not a fool, and he will naturally understand the festival. But what if Cao Shouyi understands it? Zhu Yinhuai is still jumping up and down.

On the other hand, Yang Jing got bad news from Bai Dan: Zhu Yinhuai was going to the seventh team to “inspect” in the near future. He specifically asked Bai Dan to inform him of preparations. After receiving this order, Bai Dan felt a little confused. , Why is there so many people in the team, but this Zhu Yinhuai let himself notify Yang Jing alone?

On the other hand, Cao Binbin was assigned to Xu Lingjun’s house. Li Xiuzhi was actually uncomfortable seeing the daughter of Cao Shouyi. Cao Binbin was even more unwilling to say a word to Li Xiuzhi. She thought Xu Lingjun harmed her father. However, Li Xiuzhi In the end, I chose to enlighten the little girl. She told Cao Binbin that Xu Ling did not threaten to frame Cao Shouyi. There will always be bad people in this world, and they hide in the dark and look at others and count others.

Later, Cao Binbin and Li Xiuzhi reconciled, and they both recognized their enemies outside their homes. While the two were talking, Bai Gan came. He came this time to follow Zhu Yinhuai’s idea and wanted to force Li Xiuying and her husband Xu Lingjun to “draw a clear line.” Such behavior is tantamount to trying to Xu Lingjun was driven into desperation, causing him to betray his relatives and lose all important things. However, Li Xiuzhi, the Sichuan girl, would not betray Xu Lingjun. She had always treated Bai Gan with a very tough attitude. She was unwilling to be separated from Xu Lingjun anyway. In desperation, Bai Gan had to leave Xu Lingjun’s house temporarily.

Everyone finally learned about the bastard thing that Bai Gan did, and they came to Xu Lingjun’s house to comfort Li Xiuzhi. Just when everyone was angry about what Bai Gan did, Bai Gan actually came again, and this time, he actually asked to let him go. Li Xiuzhi knocked out the child in her abdomen and completely “drawed a clear line” with Xu Lingjun. When everyone on the side heard what Bai Dan said, they all accused Bai Dan of being so conscientious.

Liang Dasang even directly said that the reason why Bai Dan was raising children for others was because of his bastard things. In the face of all the accusations, Bai Dan Dare also knew that he was untenable, so he had to threaten Li Xiuzhi severely and then left with his subordinates.

One day, Zhu Yinhuai entered the toilet alone, while Bai Yu and Cao Binbin ran to get two firecrackers, quietly lit them and threw them into the manure tank under the toilet. When the firecrackers exploded, the dirt in the manure tank was blown up. On Zhu Yinhuai’s body, he rushed out of the toilet before he could put his pants on, yelling at the deserted street, saying that this was an “attack on a revolutionary cadre”, and the two little ghosts who did this are hiding nearby Secretly covered his mouth and smiled under the stone wall. The reason for the two of them is very simple.

At the criticism meeting between Cao Shouyi and Xu Lingjun, Zhu Yinhuai and Bai Gan forced Cao Binbin to slap her father in the face, forcing her to “draw a clear line” with his father. Cao Binbin is a half-sized girl. Will bear such a thing, just keep crying. In the end, Xu Ling was the last little bit of dignity in saving human nature, so that Cao Binbin slapped him in the face. After that, Cao Binbin kept crying, let Bai Yu see it, so, two People met to find Zhu Yinhuai’s trouble.

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