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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 13 Recap

On the first day Xu Lingjun was a substitute teacher, he encountered a little trouble in class: when he wrote the name of the first lesson “My Dream” on the blackboard, Bai Gan always looked for faults below and gave a blow. Xu Lingjun dreams all day, and once again used so-called political reasons to interfere in the classroom and disrupt the classroom order at will. However, under Baiyu’s restraint, Bai Gan finally did not cause much disturbance.

In addition to being a substitute teacher, Xu Lingjun’s fate once again favored Xu Lingjun: Li Xiuzhi is pregnant, and he will be a father soon. The wife’s pregnancy was a great event for Xu Lingjun. Everyone was too happy for Li Xiuzhi. However, Xu Lingjun was still a little worried when he was happy, because the so-called “rebels” have appeared in the field. “, the flames of the “Cultural Revolution” are burning more intensely.

The situation of Cao Shouyi, who was always arrogant in the past, is actually not good. The director Zhu Yinhuai, who always braved the water, became the leader of the rebels, and he always opposed the already emptied Cao Shouyi, always saying that the times create heroes. , But the current situation has caused those villains to have aspirations and begin to show the most vicious side of their human nature in broad daylight.

The team committees of the seventh team are also worrying about the so-called team standing problem recently. They are always hesitating to protect the people in the team, but the old Bai Gan doesn’t hesitate so much. They just say that they should stand on Zhu Yinhuai’s side, Old Bai Gan. For the so-called squad, I went to the field to meet Zhu Yinhuai. When Zhu Yinhuai saw Bai Gan come to hug his thigh, he immediately assumed a bureaucratic style and arranged Bai Gan with a task: to help him defeat Cao Shouyi.

To say that this Zhu Yinhuai is really a bad person, the poisonous tricks are one after another. In order to achieve his own goals, he does not say that Bai Dan is a gunman, but also guides Bai Dan step by step how to do it. He was asked to go to the team to seize power first, and he was also asked to use the yellow chrysanthemum to set fire to Xu Lingjun and the marriage certificate of Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi to threaten Xu Lingjun, and wanted him to write a letter to report Cao Shouyi.

As smart as Xu Lingjun, he naturally guides Bai Gan on what he wants to do. He is resolutely unwilling to cooperate with Bai Gan’s wicked behavior, which makes Bai Gan feel very annoyed. If Xu Lingjun does not cooperate, then he will not be able to produce results for Zhu Yinhuai to promote himself. Therefore, Bai Gan arrested Xu Lingjun again, and wanted to use the so-called spiritual force to make Xu Lingjun submit.

Xu Lingjun, as a scholar with a conscience, was determined not to do bad things with Bai Dan, so Bai Dan had no choice but to do anything wrong. He let his subordinates stun Xu Lingjun with a steel whip, and took the opportunity to pick up his fingers and press his fingerprints on a forged report letter.

With this letter, Bai Gan succeeded in becoming the deputy commander of the rebel faction in the field and successfully captured Cao Shouyi, but Bai Gan did not react at all. He had been regarded as his lackey by Zhu Yinhuai.

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