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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Wenming tried his best to meet Li Xiuzhi who was locked up. He also passed Li Xiuzhi and learned that the book was “Das Kapital” given by Uncle Mei to Xu Lingjun. In this way, Xu Lingjun’s matter finally came up. solution.

On the other side, Xu Lingjun, who was still on the mountain, learned of what happened from Xie Ningsheng who hurried over. When he thought that his wife would be brought to the public to accept the unwarranted crimes, Xu Lingjun’s heart felt like fire. Normally, he rode a horse to save Li Xiuzhi regardless of him. Just when he was about to put himself in a dangerous situation, Jiang Wenming caught him in time and told Xu Lingjun the way to rescue Li Xiuzhi.

Xu Lingjun rushed to the scene and hugged his tied up wife tightly, shouting that Bai Gan was a counter-revolutionary, and he had evidence that Bai Gan was a counter-revolutionary. Suddenly, the crowd was enthusiastic, and everyone wanted Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi to be rescued, so Yang Shouyi was asked to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter.

Therefore, Yang Shouyi brought Li Xiuzhi and Xu Lingjun back to the team, and asked Bai Gan to invite Uncle Mei to see what the content of this book full of foreign characters was. As a result, Uncle Mei told everyone about it. The book is the English version of “Das Kapital”. Now, the act of daring to tear the book has really become a counter-revolution, and Li Xiuzhi has become a warrior guarding the weapons of the proletariat’s ideological transformation. Such a thing, although it was a delightful thing in the era at that time, how could such an absurd thing not be the sorrow of the times, the sorrow of the soul?

In the end, Bai Gan was removed from the position of deputy captain of the 7th team and was rehabilitated for 15 days. However, these 15 days did not allow Bai Gan to see what his previous actions meant to others. He still Thinking about how to get things done properly next time.

Because of the “Cultural Revolution”, all the students in the team suspended classes and made a revolution, which caused the teachers in the team to leave the seventh team. Everyone felt very anxious looking at the situation, so the team committee members gathered together. Researching together to find out who should be the teachers for the children, after deliberation, everyone felt that Xu Lingjun was the best candidate. At this time, Bai Gan, who had been working against Xu Lingjun all the time, appeared again. He said that he could be the teacher.

This teacher once again said that he was unwilling to let Xu Lingjun “bring bad” the children in the village. No matter what, he did not agree with Xu Lingjun’s “black five types” to teach the flowers of the motherland. In the end, everyone gave a step and made Xu Lingjun behave. The teacher returned to his old profession and asked Bai Gan to supervise Xu Lingjun’s class on behalf of the people.

After Xu Lingjun got the news, he was so happy, and after he recovered, he didn’t worry too much about Bai dare’s coming to supervise his class. He only felt that such a thing was really happy.

When the big guy knows that Xu Lingjun is going to be a contemporary teacher, everyone feels different. Jiang also wants to be a teacher, but he knows that he is not as agile as Xu Lingjun, and he might treat himself again if he doesn’t pay attention. In a dilemma, for the first time in his life, Xie Ningsheng, an old man, felt that he was incompatible with others. For fear that Xu Lingjun would be farther and farther away from himself when he became a teacher, Sun Jianli was very calm and even created a A brand new pointer was given to Xu Lingjun for use.

And what about Xu Lingjun? Years later, he finally stepped onto the podium again, picked up the pointer again, and realized his pursuit once again. When he heard the classmates under the podium shouting “Hello, teacher”, he couldn’t help but shed two more times. Tears.

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