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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 11 Recap

Ever since Uncle Mei rescued Gao Xianghong, Bai Gan has been suspicious of Uncle Mei’s identity every day. Doubts come and doubt. He actually put the hat of the enemy agents on Uncle Mei’s body, but Zhang Chengen did not take Bai Gan’s words as one. What happened, he felt that Bai Gan was suspicious and liked to do big things. In the end, Zhang Chengen couldn’t get around Bai Gan, so he called to report to Yang Shouyi. Yang Shouyi on the other side of the phone told Zhang Chengen that Uncle Mei’s identity was very special, and they were not only Not to trouble him, but also to protect the personal safety of Uncle Mei.

The streets and alleys of Yinchuan seem to have changed overnight. There are big-character posters everywhere, and the writing is “Cow, Ghost and Snake God”, Red Guards everywhere, and the dangerous wind before the rain is coming. . Even people like Sun Jianli felt that he might be labeled as a “ghost, ghost, and snake god.”

On the contrary, the five types of elements Xu Lingjun seemed very calm and calm. He had known that such a day would happen a long time ago, so he was already mentally prepared. For Xu Lingjun right now, the most important thing for Xu Lingjun is not to actively reform his thoughts, nor to return to the masses of people, but to cherish the time he spends with his wife. He takes pictures of his wife and hammers the harmonica. The woman who came forward by herself was smiling, and everything else was not important.

Before long, Bai Gan became the deputy captain of Team Seven. The new officer took office with three fires, and Bai Gan’s first fire was burned on Xu Lingjun’s body. On the night of taking office, Bai Gan led people to Xu Lingjun’s house to find fault. , Asked Xu Lingjun to go to the field in the middle of the village at 7 o’clock the next morning to “request for instructions and report later”, but Xu Lingjun was not at home at all that night, but went up the mountain to let go. There was no way, Li Xiuzhi could only go for her husband. After reading the quotations, Xu Lingjun felt guilty after letting Xu Lingjun know about it.

Therefore, in the “early request and late report” the next day, Xu Lingjun proposed to change jobs, and was unwilling to let his wife take his place. I have suffered, everyone knows what Xu Lingjun wants to do, so they all expressed their support, but Bai Dan has always been against everyone, thinking of the law to prevent Xu Lingjun from coming back to accompany his wife, Bai Dan’s behavior naturally aroused everyone’s anger, but the current situation Under the circumstances, no one dared to say anything.

Soon, the policy of “breaking the four olds” burned across the country, and burned into the small seven teams, and burned into Bai Gan’s heart. The first house that Bai Gan “broken the four olds” was Xu Lingjun’s home. He led a group of people into Xu Lingjun’s home and wanted to use his power to search Xu Lingjun’s home and find out the so-called “four olds”. Xu Lingjun was not at home. Li Xiuzhi alone could not stop Bai Gan from doing wrongdoing, so Bai Gan pulled out the wedding gift that Uncle Mei gave to Xu Lingjun: the English version of “Das Kapital”.

Bai Gan is a semi-literate person who can read English there. Let alone understand the content of the book, he tore the book up when he raised his hand. Li Xiuzhi looked anxious. He picked up the rolling pin next to him and hit Bai Gan’s head. This hit Li Xiuzhi. The criticism will be smashed out.

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