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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 10 Recap

The matter of Bai dare to make trouble finally passed temporarily. Both Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi felt some lingering fears, but Lao Guo didn’t have so many worries and offered to make up a wedding for the two of them. Xu Lingjun naturally felt that it was a little inappropriate. Old Guo was proud and arrogant, and he didn’t care what Bai dare to wait for someone to think.

After Xu Lingjun fainted in the fire, everyone thought he was not saved. Uncle Mei, who never showed a leak, gave Xu Lingjun artificial respiration, even if it saved his young life. For this reason, Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi went to Uncle Mei’s house to express their gratitude. It was at this time that Xu Lingjun knew what Uncle Mei had experienced: Uncle Mei used to be a doctor of medicine from Yale University in the United States for four or three years.

When he returned to China and participated in the War of Resistance Against Japan, he later participated in the internal uprising of the army. Later, he was beaten as a criminal. Uncle Mei’s wife and daughters were in the United States on the other side of the ocean, and they had already been with Mei. Uncle lost contact.

After learning about Uncle Mei’s experience, Xu Lingjun’s heart was very shocked. He was surprised that such an outstanding figure was hidden in such a closed and backward mountain village. He was also sad that such a figure had to bear it all the time. With the pain of losing contact with his family and the pain of being deceived by fate, his destiny life experience is really insignificant compared to Uncle Mei.

The seventh team finally attracted a good thing after Baigan’s uproar, but this good thing was caused by the previous events in the final analysis. The doctor Xiao Zhao in the field failed to take care of the yellow chrysanthemum, so it caused the later So, Xiao Zhao was sent to the seventh team as a resident doctor. Xiao Zhao’s arrival made Xie Ningsheng happy.

Xie Ningsheng had long been thinking about Dr. Zhao, so he went to Xiao Zhao. After receiving it, I laughed happily all day long, but because I felt that the difference between himself and Xiao Zhao was too great, Xie Ningsheng did not dare to expose his thoughts, but Sun Jianli and Xie Ningsheng were really the same. I’m too familiar, and I can see what a good buddy is thinking.

In order to motivate Xie Ningsheng to pursue Dr. Zhao, Sun Jianli exhausted all the methods. It was the method of agitation, and he talked about it with Xie Ningsheng’s mother, which made Xie Ningsheng really feel like a big head.

Xie Ningsheng hasn’t made much progress here, but Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi are busy preparing for the wedding. The small and broken Ma Peng is decorated by everyone, and it really changes, as if it has become the warmest place in the world. People in the village all spontaneously came to help, but Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi were touched, and they silently noted everyone’s goodwill. However, the interesting thing that contrasts with the excitement of Ma Peng is that Bai Gan is reluctant to appear at Xu Lingjun’s wedding.

He really can’t understand why a prisoner who has been beaten down for labor reform would suffer this way in the village. Welcome, but the busy deputy captain has become Zhu Bajie looking in the mirror. But later, Bai Gan still asked his stepson to attend the wedding on behalf of the Bai family, and took out two bottles of fine wine he had hidden for Bai Yu to send.

More than a year later, Jiang Wenming and his wife saw Zhang Mazi, who had married Gao Xianghong at the entrance of the village. He hurriedly took his wife to Yinchuan, because Gao Xianghong had difficulty giving birth due to an incorrect fetal position, but at this time, the tractor broke down. No way, everyone had to take Gao Xianghong back to the health clinic in the team, and wanted Xiao Zhao to help see how to deliver the baby, but Xiao Zhao is just a medical student, how can he deliver? So, Xu Lingjun, who had received the news, hurriedly found Uncle Mei.

Uncle Mei really had a way. After everyone eliminated the only obstacle to Bai Gan, Uncle Mei began to organize the operation. In the end, Gao Xianghong gave birth to a son, and the mother and child were safe.

One day, Xu Lingjun took his wife Li Xiuzhi to Yinchuan, and wanted to take a good wedding photo. When they arrived at the photo studio, they saw a line of red guards in military uniforms lined up from the photo studio. It seems to be coming.

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