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My Love from the Ocean 来自海洋的你 Episode 15 Recap

The boss of the boat ran away, and Chi Lu and his group took the boat back. Cheng Hao and others sat at the bow, Dai Xi sat at the stern and talked to the tied Xue Zhu. Xue Zhu told Dai Xi that as early as twenty years ago, Mizumiya Island had been destroyed by humans. The tears of the mermaid on Chi Lu’s body were probably what he grabbed when the queen was weak in childbirth. Xue Zhu asked Dai Xi, when will the queen’s last wish be fulfilled? Dai Xi said that he could not, and could not kill Chi Lu because of the tears of the mermaid.

Chi Lu also came to the stern and treated Dai Xi’s wounds. The boat finally docked at the pier, and everyone disembarked, leaving the tied Xue Zhu on board. Dai Xi found fish scales growing on her body again. Her mind flashed through the words of the queen, the tears of mermaid can make the fish walk freely on the land and save them from suffering in changing their bodies.

The military tent that Cheng Hao turned over on the island was marked with the word Bo’an. After Cheng Hao returned home, the set of such products produced by Bo’an Group from his father were not for sale. Yi Wen called Cheng Hao to ask about the news on the island. Cheng Hao was not in the mood and asked Yi Wen to ask Xue Zhuo. Yi Wen went to the dock and rescued Xue Zhu, but the only news from Xue Zhu was the words “Dai Xi and Chi Lu are not easy”.

Chi Lu got the information from the informant and stared at Professor Dai’s position. When Chi Lu came to a concealed white building, he attacked two security guards guarding Professor Dai, and finally saw Professor Dai whose forehead was bound with blood. But Dai Tao didn’t have long to live at this time. Professor Dai told Chi Lu that he had something in his wife’s hands before he died, so Dai Xi asked him. After saying this, Professor Xue fell to the ground.

When Dai Xi saw Dai Tao’s body in the hospital, the pictures of the past flashed through her mind frame by frame, and she pushed the door out. Chi Lu remembered Dai Tao’s last words, but did not realize what Mrs. Dai had in her hands. At this time, the medical staff handed over the remains of the deceased, which was a USB flash drive and a watch.

Chi Lu opened the USB flash drive and sat with Dai Xi to watch the video. It was a video recorded by Dai Tao, and he told Dai Xi to listen to it. If possible, he would also like to tell his wife. Twenty years ago, due to Mrs. Dai’s advanced gastric cancer, Dai Tao followed the team to Mizumiya Island. Naively, he thought that as long as he relied on mermaid blood, he could extract immune-enhancing drugs to inhibit the cancer cells in Mrs. Dai’s body. But he did not expect to pay such a high price in this process, so he can only reduce his sin as much as possible.

She wants Dai Xi to remember that she must take the medicine on time. The medicine is safe. It will only inhibit her mermaid characteristics and will not change anything. It will definitely ensure her safety. Dai Tao repeatedly urged Dai Xi not to reveal her identity as a mermaid. Don’t put yourself in danger again. He also asked Dai Xi to let him and his wife enter the soil for peace. If there is another life, he hopes to be with his wife and give birth to a lively and lovely girl like Xiaoxi.

After Dai Xi saw these, after being silent, he blamed Chi Lu for not allowing himself to see Dai Tao for the last time. Dai Xi felt that Chi Lu knew everything about her clearly, but he or she didn’t understand anything. Chi Lu was a little annoyed and got up and left. Dai Xi had a nightmare of her tribe being killed. In the dream, she was blamed for the princess who killed her tribe because of her emotions. After waking up, she received a call from Chi Lu, but she did not answer it. When she went downstairs, she found Chi Lu standing outside the door in the rain.

Chi Lu apologized to Dai Xi, apologized for hiding so much from her, and apologized for Professor Dai’s death. Chi Lu told Dai Xi that regardless of Dai Xi’s identity, whether or not to take out the mermaid tears from his body, he only wanted to protect her. Dai Xi said that he would not meet again in the future. Chi Lu felt sad, saying that he wanted to stay at the time of the campfire. Then leave. Dai Xi fiercely turned around, trying to stop him, but still held back.

Dai Xi stayed at home alone and did not eat for a day. The robot Xiao Ai comforted Dai Xi over and over again. Dai Xi told Xiao Ai that Professor Dai had passed away, and Xiao Ai told Dai Xi that his memories could not be taken away by time. Dai Xi recalled the scenes of the past, and finally came to his father’s laboratory. After lingering, he said goodbye to his father. Cheng Hao began to doubt the person closest to him, but Gu Yan suggested that he check it out. Dai Xi sent a text message to Gu Yan and asked her to meet at Shiguang Bookstore and asked her to bring Cheng Hao.

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