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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 7 Recap

The matter of Xu Lingjun marrying his wife was completely cold. Gao Xianghong himself really liked Xu Lingjun, but he was helpless to wait for the money to be used urgently, so after apologizing to Xu Lingjun Pali, Gao Xianghong still followed others. Xu Lingjun felt a little uncomfortable in his heart because he felt that everyone’s efforts were in vain, but in his heart he breathed a faint sigh, because he felt that he could continue to insist on his desire for freedom of marriage once again.

The matter of Xu Lingjun marrying his wife is cold, but the life is still going on. Xu Lingjun still lives a life of “actively reforming his mind and striving to return to the masses as soon as possible.” Sometimes I would lie on the grass in the mountains with Bai Gan’s stepson, Baiyu, bragging and chatting, and my life was not salty. Until one day, when Lao Guo drove through a place far away from the team, he happened to see a girl lying on the mound beside the road.

Because he was afraid that the girl would be in danger, Lao Guo went forward and shouted that. Girl, who knows that when the girl opened her eyes she saw Lao Guo, she wanted to run away, but Lao Guo was always afraid that she would meet a wolf in the wild, so she stopped the strange girl and said that she would help the girl. Go where you want to go.

This girl is called Li Xiuzhi. Like Gao Xinhong, she is also a Sichuan girl. She also escaped because of a famine at home. She originally came to the second team to marry a tractor driver, but when she finally got to the second team, Knowing that the person she was going to marry had already overturned and died, now, Liushen Wuzhu left the second team alone. After being hungry for several days, she fainted in the wilderness and was finally rescued by Lao Guo. Come down.

After Lao Guo learned of the girl’s actual situation, he took Li Xiuzhi to his home and gave him a mouthful of hot food. After Li Xiuzhi had finished eating, he planned to leave. However, Lao Guo kept staying and Liu Xiuzhi said that he would not eat for nothing. Said that he would like to do something in exchange for a bite of food.

Finally, Lao Guo felt that Xu Lingjun had gone up the mountain to let his horse go, and would not come back every few days, so he arranged Liu Xiuzhi to rest in Xu Lingjun’s house, but unexpectedly, Xu Lingjun came back in the middle of the night, and when he came back he saw the house. There was a girl in charge who was taken aback, and hurriedly ran to Lao Guo, wanting him to solve the problem at hand like a solution, but Lao Guo didn’t know what to do after thinking about it, plus he listened to his wife’s words. So he had the idea of ​​wanting to make these two people a pair, so Lao Guo finally let Xu Lingjun and Li Xiuzhi rest in the same room together, planning to wait for the next day to think of a solution.

Also returning with Xu Lingjun was Baigan’s stepson, Baiyu. Baiyu never liked this stepfather who always scolded and beaten himself, because he came back late and was caught and trained by Baigan, so Baiyu blurted out that he Not as good as Xu Lingjun, this made Bai Gan even more angry, and immediately planned to find Xu Lingjun’s troubles, but was stopped by his wife, so Bai Gan had to wait until the next day to find Xu Lingjun’s troubles.

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