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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 6 Recap

Xu Ling has always held a firm stand on his marriage issues. He has always felt that marriage should be the only thing in life that cannot be controlled by others. However, in the face of persuasion from everyone, Xu Lingjun also began to think about the so-called “fate” issue. , The so-called fate is actually the intersection of everything in the world for different reasons. Then, during this period, two strangers suddenly meet like a cross line. At this time, the issue of assigning girls may be the so-called What about the fate?

So, Xu Lingjun agreed to everyone’s request, and went to the team office to meet the tall girl after tidying up. As soon as Gao Xianghong saw the handsome and gentle Xu Lingjun, she secretly promised it, but because she was not only carrying her love and hatred when she escaped from the famine this time, she had to say her request again. If anyone gives himself a hundred dollars, he will follow whoever he does. Liang Dasang was overjoyed when he saw Gao Xianghong’s eyes looking at Xu Lingjun, but after hearing Gao Xianghong’s request, his heart became tight again, and he couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask Gao girl to lower her request.

After all, a hundred yuan is not a small amount. number. But as soon as Gao Xianghong heard their request, tears fell. It turned out that this hundred yuan was not for her own sake. Among them, fifty yuan was for treating her mother, and twenty yuan was for paying back the family owed. Debt, and the last 30 yuan was for her brother to go to school. Of the 100 yuan, not a cent was for her own purposes.

Hearing this, Xu Lingjun and Liang Dasang didn’t want to embarrass the girl anymore, they could only go back to the team to find a way with everyone. After learning about this, the people in the team decided to make a concerted effort to collect money for Xu Lingjun to marry a wife, but even so, 100 yuan is not so easy to get enough. The seventh team is a herding team, no matter what. Wealth can’t go anywhere, so everyone has to find another way.

Xie Ningsheng didn’t think of any reliable way to collect the money, so Ji had to go to Sun Jianli to discuss, but unexpectedly ran into him while quietly doing private work in his house, and the so-called private work was hitting the coffin. Xie Ningsheng thought Sun Jianli would pick it up at first. The privatization was just to enrich his pockets, but he didn’t expect that Sun Jianli was to exchange some money for Xu Lingjun to marry his wife. Xie Ningsheng looked at it and decided to mix things up, so the two decided to secretly play a coffin together at night to exchange money.

On the other hand, Jiang Wenming also thought of a way to exchange money, but this approach was a bit risky. He planned to sell his family’s hens and eggs to Yinchuan for money, but this approach is undoubtedly the same as Sun Jianli’s “speculation.” “It’s illegal. Not only that, Liang Dasang actually didn’t agree with it, but Jiang Wenming was quick to act and was not stopped by his wife.

In order to allow Xu Lingjun to marry his wife, Lao Guo also went home to find a way. He took out a silver dollar that he had prepared when he married his daughter-in-law to buy jewelry for his daughter-in-law, and planned to let Xu Lingjun use it in exchange for money. Old Guo’s daughter-in-law had known for a long time. Everyone was collecting money for Xu Lingjun to marry a wife, so they expressed their understanding and support.

And the protagonist of this series of events—Xu Lingjun himself was also trying to collect money, but he was also worried about the independence of his marriage. One night, he met Uncle Mei who was going home alone, so Ben asked. What did Uncle Mei think about the incident he had encountered, Uncle Mei told him: Everyone’s marriage is different, but as long as you feel at ease.

The next day, Xu Lingjun took Lao Guo’s silver dollars and went to the antique pawnshop in Yinchuan, but he still hesitated, so he put away the silver dollars and ran to the hospital to sell blood, in exchange for thirty yuan, but No matter how much everyone got together, it was still not enough for one hundred yuan. Jiang Wenming was arrested again while secretly selling chicken, but fortunately he was shocked.

Finally, when everyone went to the office to propose marriage to Gao Xianghong with not enough money, the captain of the team next door came, and they had enough for a hundred yuan, and they also came to propose marriage to Gao Xianghong.

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