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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 5 Recap

After Xie Ningsheng and Xu Lingjun entered the mountain, they always wanted to find an opportunity to rectify Xu Lingjun. He was showing his riding skills and showing his marksmanship, but he accidentally let the gun go off fire and injured his leg. Xu Lingjun With a little knowledge of first aid, he quickly took first aid measures to Xie Ningsheng’s wound. He cleaned the wound first, and then used Xie Ningsheng’s liquor to detoxify him. This was the reason why Xie Ningsheng was barely saved. In this matter, Xie Ningsheng regarded Xu Lingjun as his elder brother and stopped working against him.

It didn’t take long before Jiang Wenming was finally released. After taking him back, the captain rushed to the high ground to put the wolf smoke on the mountain to inform everyone on the mountain to go down, but there was another problem between Jiang Wenming and Liang Da’s voice, Jiang Wenming After coming back, Liang Dasang originally planned to have a baby with him, but he did not expect that his wish would be difficult to realize.

Finally, everyone who had been staying on the mountain got the news that Jiang Wenming was released back, and they all went down the mountain one after another. At the same time, everyone heard the news that there was a major incident in the South recently. Because of the famine, there was no harvest in many parts of the South. Many people chose to leave their hometowns and flee the famine in other places. Some of them They obeyed the country’s arrangements and took the train to Yinchuan.

These people have one thing in common: they are all young girls. It turned out that in order to escape the famine and eat to fill their stomachs, these girls recklessly found a husband’s family for themselves, married someone casually on very low terms, and ended their marriage hastily.

The field naturally received a lot of girls, and each team was assigned one or two girls. The seventh team was assigned to a Sichuan girl named Gao Xianghong. She was white and clean, and the water was beautiful. As soon as she came, For the seventh team, all the single guys in the team felt excited, but this girl was not able to marry if she wanted to. Gao Xianghong put forward the condition: whoever can give herself a hundred yuan, marry him. Such conditions seem to be nothing right now, but it was a big deal under the circumstances at the time. One hundred yuan was an astronomical figure for people at that time.

However, the first thing that people in the team worry about is who they want to betrothed to. Xie Ningsheng and Sun Jianli naturally want it, but after all, they think it’s better to match this girl to Xu Lingjun. The two look talented. , Maybe it will be very congenial. However, Xu Lingjun’s attitude towards this matter is still the same as before. He does not want his marriage to be mastered.

When talking about Sun Jianli, he has always had a carpentry craft, but now there are not many opportunities to use him in the team, so he can only mix with him every day. One day, when Sun Jianli ran to Yinchuan to wander around, he met When I arrived at the photo studio’s curator, the curator was a good man. He wanted to help Sun Jianli live a good life, so he quietly gave him a private job, wanting this lonely man to live a good life, and in order to let himself take the private job. No one knew about the matter, Sun Jianli bought two bottles of koji to please Bai Gan. When Bai Dan saw the gift, he knew it in his heart. Without saying more, he agreed to help Sun Jianli coordinate and let him be responsible for the delivery to Yinchuan. Errands.

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