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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 4 Recap

When Jiang Wenming and Xu Lingjun woke up, they saw two guns with bayonet pointing at them, and then they were taken to the field office by Wu Hua Da. Looking at Yang Shouyi with serious faces and Bai Gan with calculations, Xu Lingjun’s heart was There was a horror, for fear of being put on a big hat again and sent in. Bai Gan always said that the two people planned to plan counter-revolutionary actions, but he never thought that the words they said on the road were actually related to Pushkin and Lenin. Bai Gan felt that the reason they wanted to counter-revolutionary was because he could not hear him. Understand what they are talking about.

Yang Shouyi finally released Jiang and the two of them, and accused Bai Gan of making a fuss, but within a few minutes of this matter, Jiang Wenming got into trouble again. After Yang Shouyi released the two of them, he said he wanted to talk to Xu Lingjun alone, so he dismissed Jiang Wenming. As soon as Jiang Wenming got out of the office, he met an old acquaintance from the broadcasting station. The old acquaintance asked him to wait for him in the broadcasting room. After Jiang Wenming actually entered, he said to the microphone that he did not write anti-poems. He didn’t know that the microphone was on. Then, Jiang Wenming was detained again, and the charges were not small. He was suspected of occupying proletarian territory. .

Xu Lingjun asked Liang Dasang to talk to Huang Juhua to say something good, and Huang Juhua took the opportunity to ask to see Xu Lingjun, so Liang Dasang asked Xu Lingjun, desperately, Xu Lingjun had to agree to go to the field office. See yellow chrysanthemum. In order to understand and save Jiang Wenming, the people in the 7th team wanted to break their heads.

In the end, Xu Lingjun suggested that he could prove to the court that Jiang Wenming’s writing was not anti-poetry, and everyone present-except Bai Gan, supported Xu Lingjun to do so. , So, Xu Lingjun wrote a proof material, and others put their own fingerprints on the back of the material one after another.

After learning about what happened and the specific content of the poem written by Jiang Wenming, Mr. Liu praised Xu Lingjun. He told Xu Lingjun to learn Pushkin’s attitude towards life and believe that justice will always appear and the light will always come. . In other words, Mr. Liu believed that Jiang Wenming did not write anti-poems, but he still had to wait a few more days if he wanted to release Jiang Wenming.

Huang Juhua finally met Xu Lingjun. She told Xu Lingjun that she planned to go to Yinchuan for medical treatment. She really didn’t want to go through this sometimes sober and sometimes confused life. After Xu Lingjun expressed her wish, she didn’t say anything. Up.

But this “waiting for a few days” made everyone in the seventh team feel a little hairy, so Lao Guo and the captain decided to take Xu Lingjun up the mountain to feed the horses, and waited to escape this while talking, otherwise they would lose a Jiang Wenming and catch up. For Xu Lingjun, then this matter can be a big deal.

After going up the mountain, Xie Ningsheng felt that the food was lack of oil and water, so he made an excuse and coaxed Lao Guo to eat a green sheep. Lao Guo did not disagree, but asked him to bring Xu Lingjun. Xie Ningsheng was unwilling at first. But due to the hollowness of the abdomen, I had to agree.

Lao Guo knew that there was a mismatch between Xie Ningsheng and Xu Lingjun, and it was precisely because of this that Xie Ningsheng took Xu Lingjun to fight the sheep, and what would happen after they went out together?

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