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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 3 Recap

Because of Huang Juhua’s affairs, Yang Shouyi had to transfer Xu Lingjun to another place, and now the place where he can go is only the seventh team, so Yang Shouyi called and asked Lao Guo of the seventh team to take Xu Lingjun to the seventh team. Everyone in Team Seven who heard the news was actually unhappy, because it was Xu Lingjun who replaced Jiang Wenming’s release quota, which is really tickling with hatred.

In the end, Lao Guo took Xu Lingjun back to Team Seven, but his ration problem was arranged by the team at Jiang Wenming’s house. Jiang Wenming’s wife Liang Dasang immediately exploded after hearing the team’s decision, his husband. It’s because of this person that he didn’t get out of jail, and now he still has to cook for him. Isn’t that killing him? But since this is a political task, Liang Dasang couldn’t say anything, and could only think of a solution after Xu Lingjun came.

Xu Lingjun’s life after joining the team was actually not at all, and it was impossible to get through. Everywhere there were eyes fixed on him, desperately trying to grab the pigtails of this capitalist descendant, for fear of his thoughts. “The transformation is not good.” As a reform-through-labor prisoner who had a bad background and was just released from prison, Xu Lingjun could only live in a stable full of dust, cobwebs and even horse dung. Seeing his environment, Xu Ling couldn’t help feeling sad, but He couldn’t do anything except quietly shed one or two bitter tears.

After coming to Team Seven, Xu Ling was restrained everywhere. The villagers in the team pointed at him. Xie Ningsheng and Sun Jianli, who were released from prison with him at the time, also looked at the opportunity and asked him for trouble, and were not willing to let him go. . And the big voice of Liang, who was embarrassing for her husband, was unwilling to let the hard-working young man eat his mouth hot. Not only did he make the pancakes dry and hard to swallow, he also lied that there was no water in the house, and Xu Lingjun was going to be embarrassed in life, but Xu Lingjun couldn’t say a word of complaint about this.

However, Xu Lingjun’s turnaround came quickly. One day, when Xu Lingjun went to Liang Dasang’s house for dinner again, he happened to catch up with the Liang Dasang’s chimney. Apart from the problem, the room was full of smoke. Xu Lingjun said nothing. Even if he rushed in, it saved Liang Dasang’s family from more disasters. Seeing Xu Lingjun’s actions, Liang Dasang’s anger disappeared no matter how loud he was, and for the first time he gave Xu Lingjun a hot mouthful. have eaten.

And the first scene that Jiang Wenming, who was just released, came home and saw Liang Dasang enthusiastically greeting this person who had taken his place to eat. Jiang Wenming didn’t get angry and crackled and said it was difficult. Obedient, it prevented Liang from coming to Taiwan, and Xu Lingjun was very embarrassed and angry.

Speaking of Jiang Wenming, he is actually a cultural man. The reason for his imprisonment is because he wrote an “anti-poem”, but in fact everyone can’t understand what the poem is about. He said that Jiang Wenming wanted to counter-revolution. Rebelling against the government, he was sent to prison without knowing it. It was useless to let Jiang Wenming complain and object. When he was released from prison, he was replaced by Xu Lingjun. How could he not feel wronged?

Liang Dasang was buckled by her husband and ran away in anger. Jiang Wenming felt that his wife must have gone to Xu Lingjun’s place. He drunk and ran to look for trouble. After two visits, he found that Xu Lingjun was the same as himself. A person with cultural knowledge, and Xu Lingjun was the only person in the seven team who said that he was not writing anti-poems. Then, the two opponents suddenly became good buddies, and they drank a bottle of wine together.

After Xu Lingjun was drunk, he said that Liang Dasang must have gone to a relative’s house, while Jiang Wenming said that his wife did have an aunt at the court, so the two drunk men ran to the court together to find Liang Dasang in the middle of the night, but they What didn’t notice was that the old Baigan of the seventh team had been following the two of them all the time.

The next day, when the two drunks woke up, they were actually in Yang Shouyi’s office, and they were still tied up by five flowers. The old Baigan said that the two wanted to “plan a counter-revolutionary action.” Jiang Wenming shouted wronged and said The real reason why he and Xu Lingjun came to the field.

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