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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 2 Recap

Huang Juhua was sent to the farm health center to rest, while Xu Lingjun tried to think about what this was all about. He had no idea that Huang Juhua would be a mentally problematic person, and what she did was also It really frightened Xu Lingjun. It was only at this time that Cao Shouyi told Xu Lingjun of his plan: he not only wanted Xu Lingjun to take care of Huang Juhua for a while, but also wanted him to take care of Huang Juhua I. To put it bluntly, he wanted Xu Lingjun to marry Huang Juhua directly as his wife.

This is not something to be happy about for Xu Lingjun. In his opinion, love is free and can be chosen by oneself. If he obeyed Cao Shouyi’s arrangement in this way, then what light would his life have? Although his background was not good and his father was a bourgeoisie, this did not mean that he could not be the master of his lifelong affairs. He immediately stated his opposition to Cao Shouyi, but Cao Shouyi didn’t care what he said, but just confessed himself.

The scar on his chest leaked out. It turned out that this scar was left on the battlefield of the Anti-Japanese War, and his savior was Huang Juhua’s father. In order to repay his kindness, he wanted to find a young talent to take care of Huang Juhua’s life. . But what does Cao Shouyi’s idea of ​​repaying his kindness have to do with an unrelated person? Cao Shouyi threatened Xu Lingjun, he could release Xu Lingjun, and he could also be locked in again.

On the other hand, Jiang Wenming’s wife learned from Sun Jianli the truth about her husband’s failure to get out of jail, and she was very sad. Not only did she know that her husband’s escape quota was occupied by others, but even his previous paperwork was replaced by Xu Lingjun. Up. But what can they do even if they know something like this? Jiang Wenming never got out of prison.

At the same time, Huang Juhua once again rescued Xu Lingjun, who was bullied by others. When she took the opportunity to propose that she wanted to choose a good day to marry Xu Lingjun, Xu Lingjun repeatedly used her own background to politely reject each other, but Huang Juhua didn’t. Hearing the true meaning of Xu Lingjun’s words, he kept saying that he would not be disgusted or afraid. This attitude aroused Xu Lingjun’s strong resentment. He completely couldn’t understand why Huang Juhua’s attitude towards marriage was so casual. It took less than a few days for people to propose marriage, which he could not accept at all.

In order to achieve her goal, Huang Juhua learned how to tie the sheep, and usually tied up Xu Lingjun, who was preparing fodder alone. He also blocked his mouth to prevent him from yelling. She was very loyal to Xu Lingjun, and she was very loyal to Xu Lingjun. What you say is actually crazy things. After a while, everyone said that since their parents actually lied to themselves, and then they said that they weren’t crazy at all. The words were turned upside down, but they were jailed. Xu Lingjun, who was tied up, was frightened and sweated.

After a while, Huang Juhua actually took out the red hijab and two red corsages that he had prepared long ago, saying that he was going to marry Xu Lingjun. Not only did he put on a red flower for Xu Lingjun, he also forced him to drink with himself. After the so-called handover of wine, when things were about to get out of hand, Cao Shouyi’s daughter Cao Binbin told Cao Shouyi all this, and Xu Lingjun was rescued in time.

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