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Flesh And Spirit 灵与肉 Episode 1 Recap

In the Hulan Mountains full of loess, there is a dilapidated carriage carrying an old man dangling along the winding mountain road. The old man is called Lao Guo. He really wants to pick up a few from a quarry prison not far away. A young man whose sentence has ended. These young people and Lao Guo are on the seventh production team. The people that Lao Guo plans to pick up are Xie Ningsheng, Sun Jianli, and Jiang Wenming, who wears glasses.

They arrive at Cai Cai with Lao Guo. The people in the stone field and the farm’s deputy head Yang, he came here to quietly pick up a reform-through-labor prisoner. While Jiang Wenming was sharing the joy of being released from prison immediately with Xie Ningsheng and Sun Jianli, he was once again hit by fate: the release list announced by the supervisors did not include his own name.

It turned out that the purpose of Yang Shouyi, deputy head of the field, was to pick up a person named Xu Lingjun, and because Xu Lingjun’s sentence was not expired, the supervisors of the quarry had to let him replace Jiang Wenming’s place, and hoped hard. Jiang Wenming, who had been in the quarry for two years, was left in the quarry to continue serving his sentence.

When Lao Guo, Sun Jianli and Xie Ningsheng saw the gentle Xu Lingjun, they all stayed for a moment. Lao Guo immediately raised objections to the soldiers outside the quarry, but this approach was useless, and Lao Guo also They could only take Xu Lingjun to the farm according to their instructions.

There are not many people on the farm. In addition to deputy head Yang, there is also a director Zhu. Both of them have been in charge of managing the daily affairs of the farm, arranging the tasks assigned by the superiors, and doing a good job at the same time. Everyone’s ideological education, especially the ideological education of prisoners who have just been released from reform through labor, cannot be relaxed. As a result, the three people who had just been released from prison were immediately taken to the stage for “ideological education.”

There are two reasons why the deputy head Yang brought Xu Lingjun out in every possible way. One is because Xu Lingjun was a teacher with a university degree and wanted him to be responsible for some things and work related to books, newspapers, periodicals and documents on the farm. An orphan of a martyr named Huang Juhua on the farm should be introduced. Huang Juhua’s parents are both martyrs, and she left Huang Juhua a long time ago, and the best way to take care of an orphan is to help her find a reliable and suitable husband-in-law.

Ever since Huang Juhua saw the talented and polite Xu Lingjun, he fell in love with each other. He thought he wanted to marry him, and Xu Lingjun had just been released from prison. He didn’t know the current situation well, so where would he think about these things? But what makes Xu Lingjun happy is that he met and knew an old person on the farm. The old person’s name is Zhao Jing. Now he is working as a doctor on the farm. When the villagers meet the villagers, they will naturally support each other.

When Zhao Jing learns When someone matched Huang Juhua and Xu Lingjun, they couldn’t help but want to secretly remind Xu Lingjun about the matter, but Zhao Jing did not have time to tell the other party what she knew. The director Zhu who had been coveting Zhao Jing suddenly appeared and hit The conversation between the two was broken.

The first thing Xu Lingjun took over was to sort out the books and newspapers in the library. When Director Zhu asked him to destroy some of the so-called “big poisonous weeds” books, Xu Lingjun felt heartache, so he quietly brought those “big poisonous weeds” back. I didn’t want to. When he was looking through the books in the dormitory, he was seen by Huang Juhua who came to give him food, but Huang Juhua didn’t say anything about going online. He just thought Xu Lingjun secretly took it. After leaving the books in the library, Xu Lingjun felt a little strange while rejoicing.

In the evening, she shouted from Huang Juhua’s room. Xu Lingjun put on her clothes and rushed to check it out. As soon as Huang Juhua opened the door, she pinched Xu Lingjun’s neck and shouted that she wanted to hit Little Japan. What is this? What’s the matter?

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