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My Love from the Ocean 来自海洋的你 Episode 14 Recap

The boss of the ship took four people to the island. Because the boss of the ship hadn’t been there for 20 years, he was worried that he would not be able to return at night. When Cheng Hao’s car was on the way, the boss took Chi Lu and Dai Xi away. Chi Lu sent a positioning to Cheng Hao. When the boss of the ship got closer and closer to Mizumiyajima, Chilu found that all the signals had disappeared and followed up like a black hole.

This did not happen 20 years ago, and radio devices and electronic equipment were normal 20 years ago. The sun is getting bigger and bigger, the boat is floating on the sea, Chi Lu is worried about heatstroke. At this time, Dai Xi saw an island like a fairy mountain, called Chilu, and Shuimiya Island arrived! However, their ship was still some distance from the coast, and surrounded by reefs, unable to get to the shore, Dai Xi and Chi Lu could only choose to swim there. While swimming, Chi Lu saw the gill next to Dai Xi’s ear.

Gu Yan and Cheng Hao also got on the boat to Mizumiya Island, but when they followed the positioning to a location, they found that the positioning began to fluctuate. Chi Lu and Dai Xi entered the island, and the two came to the middle of the island, holding hands and walking forward. For Cheng Hao and Gu Yan, Chi Lu and Dai Xi had been out of touch for four or five hours, and they still couldn’t find anyone. Cheng Hao suggested to go back, but Gu Yan insisted on staying, giving the boatman a direction, and the ship headed towards Drive in that direction.

Chi Lu and Dai Xi came to an abandoned stone pillar. Chi Lu touched the stone pillar. Suddenly, they felt very familiar here. It seemed that they had been with someone when they were young. Dai Xi also had a similar feeling and felt that the island was very close and comfortable. Yi Wen is reading a piece of news in the newspaper, and the new port in Haiyan City has successfully passed the ship.

The boss of the boat was fishing on the boat, but suddenly saw a human face appeared in the sea, so scared that he lost his pole and drove off the boat. Chi Lu and Dai Xi lost their way in a forest with severe miasma, walking in circles repeatedly. After returning to the original place many times, Chi Lu came up with a way. He whistle here.

Dai Xi took the whistle as the bearing and walked in the opposite direction so that he could walk out of the woods. Dai Xi refused to go, and Chi Lu asked him to leave a mark as he walked so that he could go out according to her mark. Only then did Dai Xi set off. I don’t know how long it took, Chi Lu had a dream in which the experimenters killed children one by one, and he was also running in a panic. Waking up from his dream, he found that Dai Xi had returned to him.

Chi Lu had no choice but to come again, but Dai Xi refused to leave. At this time, Chi Lu touched a piece of bicalcite on the ground and took Dai Xi out of the woods! Dicalcite can decompose the polarized light in the air. According to the polarized light, the position of the sun and the moon can be known, which is equivalent to knowing the south, east, north, and west. Chi Lu relied on this stone to bring Dai Xi out. At this time, the two were on the other side of the island, with soft sand and sea waves in front of them.

The two spent the night at the beach and had an unforgettable moment. Chi Lu confessed to Dai Xi that Dai Xi agreed to be Chi Lu’s girlfriend. Chi Lu kissed her. At this time, a man in black and a mask stood behind them, looking at them. As the night darkened, Chi Lu left Dai Xi in place and walked towards the other side of the beach. Dai Xi had a dream of turning her lower body into a fishtail, in which someone called her a child.

When Dai Xi woke up, he seemed to be called by some voice, calling her “Princess, you are back”, and Dai Xi walked in the direction of the sound. Taking advantage of the darkness, Chi Lu came to the stone pillar again and touched a military tent. Could it be that Professor Dai and the others were here? When Chi Lu returned to the beach, Dai Xi was nowhere to be seen. As soon as the panic hit his heart, he fell to the ground with a sap.

Dai Xi woke up again and found himself sitting next to the white rock, while Chi Lu was tied to the nearby rock. Xue Zhu appeared beside them. Xue Zhu told Dai Xi the truth that it was not human beings who were tied up here twenty years ago, but their merman tribe, and human beings used more cruel ways to dry the last drop of blood in their bodies. And Dai Xi, the child left behind by the Queen, is their princess. Xue Zhu handed over a pearl to Dai Xi’s hands.

This pearl was his brother’s greatest wish during his lifetime. At that time, the little queen was about to be born. His brother wanted to give the pearl to the little queen. Before he could send it to the little queen, he was taken by humans. Bleeding to death. And the day the little queen was born was when the queen died.

Xue Zhu handed the knife to Dai Xi’s hand and asked her to take out the mermaid’s tears from Chi Lu’s body. The mermaid’s tears were a sacred item passed down by the mermaid clan for generations, but somehow they ran into Chi Lu’s body. And only the queen can take out the tears of the mermaid, and that is Dai Xi. Dai Xi walked into Chi Lu step by step with a knife.

Cheng Hao and Gu Yan finally arrived at Mizumiya Island at this time. Dai Xi approached Chi Lu step by step, but cut the rope on his body with a knife. Cheng Hao and the two rushed here, Xue Zhu was about to run, and was caught by several people.

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