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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 8 Recap

After intensive assessment, Great Wall was recognized by the staff of the entire special investigation station as an ordinary human being and was approved to formally join the organization. Yunlan has high expectations for this hairy boy, and hopes that the Great Wall can take its own role in the future. Therefore, greater dangers and challenges are waiting for the Great Wall. In order to reduce the invasion of foreign enemies by the Great Wall, Lin Jing specially made a magic stick for him, which can turn the fear of the Great Wall into electricity and hit the enemy’s vital points. Unfortunately, the cowardly Great Wall itself is also afraid of electricity. The new toy is too late to get started.

There was a civilian recorder named Dington who escaped from the Dijun Temple. The black robe made the discovery that the Dijun Temple was infiltrated by someone with intentions a few days ago. Before investigating it, Tinton escaped without fear of crime. This person’s ability is tactile power. It is possible to know part of the memory of the last person who touched the object through an object.

This seemingly useless ability is used by Zhuojiu, who has been operating in the dark for a long time. As the biggest dark force against the black robe ambassador, Zhu Jiu’s heart of dominance became increasingly impossible to hide. Zhu Jiuyi wanted to gather the four sacred artifacts in order to unify the river. The black robe envoy was already alert and rushed to the special tuning station to confess to everyone, hoping to catch the key figure Dington as soon as possible.

This day, the special report was stuffed with a piece of white paper. Yunlan was not there, and the old man guarding the door handed the mysterious white paper to the clerk Wang Zheng for viewing. A black totem on the white paper was eye-catching and unusual. Wang Zheng felt that there was a memory ready to come out, but he gave up the memory because of a severe headache. This piece of paper was passed back to Dington’s hands, feeling Wang Zheng’s uncomfortable memory.

Tinton and Zhu Jiu were absolutely sure that Wang Zheng was the only witness of that incident. As long as it is stimulated and utilized, the buried holy objects can be found in their memory. After making use of Tinton, Zhu Jiu immediately chose to kill the people and let Brother Chu easily find the body and bring it back to the special investigation room. The candle nine’s plan is being put on the agenda step by step, so far no one can stop it.

After Shen Wei put the principal in the car, he turned his head and saw the haggard Yunlan sitting on the side of the road with a miserable appearance. It was only after close inquiry that Yunlan was usually careless and did not pay attention to the body, hurting the spleen and stomach, and now the stomach cramps, it is difficult to bear the pain of tearing and tangling. With Shen Wei’s support, Yunlan was able to go home.

Shen Wei shook his head and sighed as he watched Yunlan’s messy and smoky room. So after taking care of Yunlan, she lay down and rested, and then began to scatter the house for Yunlan and organize things. Suddenly a piece of talisman paper floated outside the window. That was Yunlan’s previous inquiry to the regent about the mystery of Shen Wei’s life experience, and now he was hit by Shen Wei. Shen Wei pursed his lips and chuckled, looking at the peacefully sleeping man on the bed, waving his sleeves and splashing ink, the lies came to light on the paper. The identity of this black robe envoy needs to continue to be hidden. In the endless night, Shen Wei sat quietly in front of the bed and guarded Yunlan for the night.

Zhu Jiu followed the map and found an ancient remote cave in the northwest, and found the secrets and old objects buried in the old site, as well as the old deceased.

On the second day, Yunlan was hurriedly recovered by Daqing’s special location. Because Wang Zheng suddenly fainted without waking up after reading a piece of news about the earthquake collapse in the northwest cave. Yunlan rushed to him. Wang Zheng was once a transparent energy body. He was picked up by Yunlan and Daqing from the northwest mountainous area of ​​Longcheng. Wang Zheng lost his memory at that time and was very weak.

When I came to the special room to concentrate on cultivating and regenerating breath, my original life was unfettered and moisturized, but today it suddenly became abnormal. Wang Zheng watched countless fragments of memories flashing in his mind with the word “Northwest”, the prisoner Gran… bewitching the hero… a Shura massacre… the meaning of totem. Wang Zheng recalled everything. After waking up, Wang Zheng resigned to Yunlan with the determination to see his death at home. It was time for a catastrophe to come to an end.

Yunlan was not knowing how to persuade him, and Lin Jing issued a surprised call. The longevity sundial remained silent all day long, and suddenly shined today. Looking at this weird and special scene, Yunlan thought that the black robe envoy had said that there would be resonance between the holy objects. This object shines, and the other one must have the universe. Lin Jingshun finally found another source of reaction, which was actually in the northwest mountainous area.

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