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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 7 Recap

Shen Wei was beaten by two gangsters. Shen Wei met two gangsters on the way home, asking for money and finances. As Yunlan was passing by, Shen Wei immediately stood aside timidly, with a petite and pitiful appearance. Yunlan settled two gangsters for Shen Wei, accidentally injured his wrist, and went home with Shen Wei to get medicine. The two gangsters had the courage and guts, and the beaten had no room to fight back. After the two of Yunlan left, waiting for the two gangsters was a more terrifying despair.

The investigation was quiet for a week, and Yunlan was preparing to hold a banquet because of the prosperity of the world, and as a result, he received a new case. The deceased happened to be the two gangsters, dead and stern, and they were covered with snow and ice in the summer. There were traces of black energy at the crime scene.

So Yunlan and Shen Wei opened a video dialogue, asking what kind of earth-star person Shen Wei had a tall figure and the ability to control ice and snow. After investigating them one by one, under Daqing’s reminder, everyone turned their attention to another species that was trickier and more brutal than the Earth Stars. You Hu, a guy who looks like a human but is weird and ugly, can hardly control his mouth. But many years ago, he was detained in the forbidden area by the black robe envoy. Before everyone’s thoughts were flying, Yunlan received a call saying that he had caught a strange murderer.

When Brother Chu and Lin Jing questioned the situation of the so-called murderer, Lin Jing was surprised to find that the situation at the moment was almost the same as a suspenseful ghost novel she was chasing online. Yunlan also became interested in this and asked Lin Jing’s ins and outs. Lin Jing said that the author’s name is Lai Su and he is a cutting-edge Internet player. The works are truly horrifying, and readers like Lin Jing are in awe. But it didn’t take long for Lai Su’s work to turn into a real tragedy in life, and Lai Su did not update it in time. There is such a clue that there is no reason to not investigate, so Yunlan ordered Lin Jing to investigate Lai Su’s IP and find the preparation location.

After getting the location, the entire investigation center came out, and no one should answer the bell for a long time, only a crow called strangely. Those hollow and black eyes seemed to be bewitching. Lin Jing used the wire to pry open the door lock, and everyone went inside to check. Daqing felt the human breath in the room where there was still residual warmth, and Brother Chu keenly felt that there was a secret door in the room. Inadvertently touched by the Great Wall opened the switch of the secret room. So everyone found Lai Su shrank into a ball in the dark and narrow passage.

Lai Su had been scared to death by the current strange events, and repeatedly asked Yunlan to save himself. The story goes in detail like this. Lai Su is a fat house that has done nothing. He occasionally publishes unwritten small brain holes on the Internet. As a result, a stranger sends a private message one day, encouraging Lai Su to write an article, and is sure that Lai Su will be both fame and fortune.

Close, sitting on countless fans. With the mentality of trying, Lai Su began to tap the keyboard, and since then fell into the demon of his own fame and fortune. Lai Su knew that some people used their own stories to kill people, but he refused to stop the grandstanding pen that brought him fame and fortune until today. Lai Su’s ugly face shattered the great god in Lin Jing’s mind, and he scolded Lai Su angrily. A word awakened the dreamer.

In order to calm Lin Jing, Yunlan left Brother Chu and Daqing to take care of Lai Su and be wary of outsiders. Take the rest of the team and leave. As a result, the car didn’t go too far, and Lai Su, who was guilty and embarrassed in his heart, quickly updated the last chapter, cut off the previous plot, and wrote a tragic death ending for the murderer, his own demon. Upon hearing the news, Yunlan immediately turned around. It turned out to be late.

As soon as Lai Su published the article, he was attacked by an Earthman who popped out of the computer screen. The Earthman did not injure Lai Su, but Lai Su’s long frightened and fragile heart could no longer bear. Immediately scared to death. This method of death is completely consistent with the story he just updated again. And the earth star actually escaped from the tightly entwined puppet line of Brother Chu

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