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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 5 Recap

Longcheng is not at peace, and Longcheng University suffers. And Shen Wei, who is always closely related to the special tone, was also criticized by everyone. Shen Wei has his own suffering, not only has to hide the identity of the black robe to protect Yunlan and the special investigation institute, but also maintain the good image of scholars under the pressure of the world. Two identities, two responsibilities. Shen Wei moved out of the dormitory in order to avoid people’s tongue, and in order to be closer to Yunlan, he came to live in the community where Yunlan lived opposite to Longcheng University.

Boss Huang has a son named Huang Linqi, who is rebellious. Because the marriage contract with Li Jiaqi’s daughter Li Jiaqi repeatedly contradicted her father, she went back to the bathroom to take a bath just after her argument with her father that day. As a result, he was pulled by the alien force in the water and finally disappeared in the water. Yunlan and the others were notified that no clues had been detected yet, and Jiaqi, the fiancee of the first suspect, Lin Qi, also disappeared in the same way.

The two bathrooms took turns to conduct thorough investigations. Yunlan stood in front of the mirror and turned on the faucet. The mist filled with the hot water, and the handwriting slowly appeared on the mirror: I’m back. This phenomenon has not only attracted the attention of Yunlan and others, but also attracted the attention of another special person, who is the steward of the Huang family. The housekeeper, Wu, has served as an errand for more than 20 years, and he is like brothers with boss Huang.

Lao Wu’s ecstasy in his heart as he looked at the words that appeared one after another on the mirror was uncontrollable. He ran to the lake and called, seeming to be looking for something. This strange behavior was caught by Brother Chu sent by Yunlan. But Old Wu always denied the existence of Earth Stars, and even denied that he was looking for someone by the water. Old Wu, who had no evidence, was let go.

But when Old Wu returned to Huang’s house, he packed up his luggage. He was mad and said, repeating the same sentence over and over again: He is back, Xiaojun is back. The appearance of Lao Wu shocked Boss Huang, not for Lao Wu’s body, but for his own sins. It turned out that Lao Wu, a native of the earth, survived under the help of Huang boss when he was destitute, but his young and lovely son learned that he had disappeared after he returned home from a long trip. Twenty years of painstaking search were ultimately fruitless, but Lao Wu never gave up hope. Lao Wu believes that this incident was not a coincidence, but that his son returned.

Lao Wu went back to the pond again, sitting and narrating his old feelings for himself, and the people who talked about the lake became more resentful. Xiaojun appeared after all, full of anger and hatred. He was not lost when he was stubborn, but like everyone showed his unique ability. Boss Huang saw him and was thrown into the deep mountain black forest by Boss Huang. in. The painful distinction made his values ​​deformed, and he hated all emotions. He vowed to destroy the sons of Boss Huang and Boss Li and let him feel the pain of losing his son. But Xiaojun’s tyranny was still influenced by Old Wu’s affection. He closed his hand before casting a mistake.

It is a pity that boss Huang, who was worried about the incident, ordered someone to follow Lao Wu, find Xiaojun and prepare to shoot him. In order to save his son, Lao Wu used his body as a shield to block the poisonous arrow. Xiaojun roared madly and jumped into the water. He went all the way to Boss Huang’s swimming pool, preparing to kill Boss Huang for revenge. As a result, the ability to manipulate water was breached by the power grid prepared by Boss Huang, and Yunlan appeared in time to rescue Xiaojun who was beaten by the group. Let Xiaojun put down his vengeance obsession and turned to look at his father.

After returning to the research institute, Xiaojun discovered that his father was in danger, and the emotional scenes of father and son being unable to give up made the entire investigation into great sadness. The Great Wall couldn’t bear such a tragedy, so he picked up the longevity crown and determined to exchange his life for Lao Wu. Yunlan took over the longevity crown that only he could trigger the skills. The longevity crown was about to turn the black robe to stop its appearance. Once the longevity crown was touched, everything in the world would be affected by it. In the prayers and entrustment of everyone, the black robe made the same sympathy step forward slowly, using his unique ability to save Lao Wu’s life.

Immediately afterwards, the black robe envoy took the two back to the underworld, and when they passed them on to others, the black robe envoy asked about Lao Wu again. Decades ago, Lao Wu was one of the members of the squad sent to the world to find the sacred artifacts. Unfortunately, all of Lao Wu’s companions were besieged and killed by You Hu overnight. The only thing left is Old Wu. But Old Wu provided a clue that the captain who led the team that year had a descendant who remained in the world.

It didn’t take long for the investigator to have a leisure time, and another case of missing in a secret room was received. After some inquiries and investigations, nothing was found. Yunlan didn’t believe that there was no clue, only that he hadn’t noticed it.

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