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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 4 Recap

The scene was full of blood, the footprints of a tall man, a girl shivering with fear, and the most suspicious Shen Wei. Shen Wei was taken back to the investigation station. Zhu Hong, Brother Chu asked in turn. As an ordinary scholar, Shen Wei’s behavior and courage made everyone suspect that Chu Ge even saw in Shen Wei the shadow of the black robe ambassador he admired. Yunlan came forward, believing that Shen Wei was an innocent person, and there was not much evidence at the scene, so Shen Wei was let go.

When the case was deadlocked, everyone met a lover. The infatuated man named Lin Yusen was a crush of one of the victims. He had witnessed the real face of the murderer with his own eyes, but unfortunately his painting skills were limited. Yunlan admires the heroic spirit of the boy, but now this kind of heroic dream will only harm more people. So Yunlan repeatedly urged Yusen not to intervene in this matter. On the way to the forest where the crime was committed, she encountered Shen Wei who had been waiting for a long time. Shen Wei felt ashamed and proposed to join the investigation work. Yunlan generously agreed.

In the forest where the murderers frequented, Yunlan and others met Zhang Danni, a girl who escaped from danger last night. Danni rushed to Yunlan in a panic, saying that the murderer had entangled herself again, and she had broken free. The lie and loopholes aroused the suspicion of Yunlan and others. So Daqing was sent to watch outside the door at night. Dani is an ordinary and beautiful human, but Dani in front of me is just a terrestrial person with the appearance of real Dani.

At night, Yunlan sent the only beautiful woman in the group to go fishing as a bait. Zhu Hong was wearing a swaying red dress with a graceful posture. After only a quarter of an hour, he was stared at by the murderer. So the murderer used false voices to divert the superior Chu brother away, and Zhu Hong was confused and took her away. Fortunately, Zhu Hong had a tracker unique to the investigation, and Lin Jing quickly determined its location. Tell Yunlan to lead the team.

When Zhu Hong woke up, it was the moment when the earth star Jiahui was ready to use her abilities to capture her appearance. Fortunately, Zhu Hong has not been a vegetarian for a hundred years. Even if the effect of the medicine has not faded, he still has the ability to break free. Zhu Hong forced Jiahui to escape, and ran into Yunlan and Chu, who had come over.

Brother Chu was agile, and a small puppet play easily surrendered Jia Hui. The people who thought they were in their hands did not expect Daqing who had sent to follow Dani also fell into the hands of the enemy. The appearance of Dani solved the truth of these serial tragedies.

The fake Danni and Jiahui are both terrestrial people who have managed to escape from the ground, and life on earth is far more miserable than imagined. The two are looking for food in the trash like stray dogs. An accidental encounter makes Jiahui, who doesn’t judge people by appearance, fall in love with the ugly and terrifying Dani. The two of them worked together to survive on Earth and Star, and Jia Hui regarded Danni as the queen and gave her all her best. Jiahui, who has the ability to take people’s looks, kills countless people for Danni, so that Danni can regain her heart. The two made mistakes again and again, and finally couldn’t look back.

Brother Chu took advantage of Danni’s distraction to rescue Daqing back. At this moment, Jiahui’s serious injury made Danni extremely painful, and Danni, who was forced into desperation, wanted to fight to the death. Unexpectedly, the infatuated Han Yusen rushed to Dany with a fuel bottle capable of killing the earthly people, and all three of them were damaged after an explosion. The black robe made an emergency appearance and took away with the human Yusen. This caused Yunlan to cry out of his emotions, and Yusen accidentally injured Dixing’s favor with excuses. Looking at Yun Lan’s resentful expression, the black robe envoy received a violent blow in his heart.

The black robe made Yusen feel unique early in the morning, and he who wanted revenge was very likely to be given black energy by the traitor. Black energy is like a tarsal maggot in human body. Even if the human body dies, it is still a bomb that may detonate at any time. But the black robe made him afraid to tell Yunlan, because he was afraid that Yunlan, who was the most sacred in his bones, could hardly self-control and cause trouble. So one person bore his sins silently. The black robe made no complaint, because he had promised such a person, for the common people of the world, for the eternal peace of the starfish, even if the eternal burden is retrograde, there is no regret. It’s just your grievance that makes me feel guilty.

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