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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 3 Recap

The dragon city is full of wind and clouds, and the earth and stars are raging, and the harmony will eventually be broken. Following the Li Qian incident, another Longcheng University student tragically died on campus. The news was passed to Yunlan. Looking at the photo of the deceased Zhang Hao, Yunlan shook his head and sighed that the college students were under too much pressure and their hair was gray at a young age. Immediately led the team to investigate, and asked questions from the close relatives of the deceased. The first is the monitor of Zhang Hao’s class, and then Wang Ziqiang, Zhang Hao’s good brother. Both of them looked flustered and looked away, but they couldn’t ask a few words of useful information.

Another character appeared in Yunlan’s field of vision in Shen Wei’s office. Teacher Zhang Ruonan rushed into the room recklessly, looked at the scene, apologized, and went out nervously. Later, Yunlan went to the hospital for medicine because of a severe cold. Great Wall’s obedient company was by the side, bumping into a mysterious girl in the process of taking medicine for Yunlan.

The girl wears a pair of gloves and maintains a high degree of vigilance and hostility towards the outside world. Such a peculiar character aroused Yunlan’s interest. Yunlan learned from the monitor that the girl was named Wang Yike, and he never took off a pair of gloves. She has a weird and eccentric personality. This makes everyone immediately aware that the only people who are so worried and noticeable are the Earth Stars.

Yunlan continued to send Daqing to follow the suspicious Wangziqiang. As a result, the cat was lazy and sleepy. Daqing slept downstairs in Wangziqiang’s dormitory for a night and woke up to learn that Wangziqiang had also died. The appearance of death is exactly the same as that of Zhang Hao, his soul is sucked by magic, his beard and hair are white, and he has become dying and old. The stones at the scene are marked “two”. Yunlan took Daqing to find Teacher Zhang Ruonan and asked about related matters as an investigator.

Zhang Ruonan let out a long sigh, full of sorrow on his face, and slowly spit out the truth. It turned out that Zhang Ruonan, who was once optimistic and active, suffered revenge from Zhang Hao and others for failing Zhang Hao and other students. Lie to the outside, the silence of the night seized Ruonan’s innocence. At this point, Ruo Nan was buried in great pain, and the squad leader hurriedly helped. Yunlan handed the nervously weak Ruo Nan to the monitor, and took Daqing to find Shen Wei to ask for information about the student’s dismissal. The result was shocking. The last person who dropped the course was the monitor.

All the concealment in the empty space looked pale, Ruonan hysterically condemned to the squad leader, the squad leader knelt down and couldn’t beg for forgiveness, but as the biggest victim, her heart was hesitated. Yike appeared, so the technique was repeated to kill the squad leader, Yunlan came a step late, and watched the squad leader die in an old manner. Ke flees under Ruonan’s cover. It turned out that Yike, as an earth star, was hiding on this planet and felt out of place. The pain and loneliness formed a huge envelope that kept Yike in the darkness.

At this time, only Ruonan gave Yike warmth like an angel. Ruo Nan knows the difference between Yi Ke and her magic. The two people’s cherishment gave birth to an emotion that is longer than family love and fierce than love. The two depend on each other, one Ke avenges Ruo Nan, and Ruo Nan hides the truth for Yi Ke. The missing Yi Ke also aroused Yun Lan’s vigilance. The next target was Shen Wei, who had a harmonious relationship with Ruonan.

Yike’s love is almost crazy, and any man who is close to Ruonan is considered to have a ghost. She wants revenge for everything that hurt Ruonan. It is a pity that the huge magical power was absorbed by Shen Wei, and he was not hurt at all. Before Yike knew Shen Wei’s identity, he was thrown aside by Brother Chu’s puppet show.

The eager Ruonan hurriedly stepped forward to help, but inadvertently touched Ke’s magical hand. Ruonan was rapidly aging with the naked eye and was about to be separated by others in the twilight. This ending made Yike extremely painful, but Ruonan felt gratified. Perhaps this was the best salvation for Yike. At this moment, the two could finally touch each other’s body without fear of death or aging. The earth star Yi Ke was taken away by the black robe envoy, Ruo Nan determined to start a new life with the strong conviction that Yi Ke left for her.

In the new case, the murderer acted cruelly and all the victims were wiped out. All the members of the investigative station were dispatched to find the murderer. Shen Wei used powerful magic power to quickly search the corner of the street, and the longevity crown appeared. The other three must be nearby, but he could not find its breath for a long time. A painful scream cut across the sky, and Yunlan rushed towards Lin Jing with Lin Jing, but saw a suspicious back. Yunlan held a flashlight and threatened the person to turn his head. Shen Wei put on his glasses silently, returned to the gentle appearance of the scholar, and slowly turned around.

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