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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 2 Recap

Li Qian left home to go to school, repeating the route and life, but everything changed this morning. Li Qian’s grandmother is dead. Li Qian stood on the high building of the school, overlooking the sentient beings and ants, fearless to die, but relieved. After falling, Yun Lan and Shen Wei stretched out their hands to hold Li Qian. Li Qian, who was nearly killed, was taken to the hospital by the two. The doctor learned that Li Qian’s grandmother had a cerebral infarction a year ago, but the whole hospital was helpless but miraculously survived one afternoon. The stolen life was short-lived. One year later, my grandmother accidentally swallowed sleeping pills and died.

Chu Shuzhi, known as his brother Chu, is an eagle-like character. Swift, heroic, yin bird of prey. With his agility, he was the only fieldworker of the investigative office but was lost by Yunlan. Such a coward who had no power to bind a chicken made a bottle of oil. Brother Chu wrote impatiently on every nerve, but Yunlan passed it through. The timid and sensual appearance of the Great Wall reveals its inherent simplicity and kindness. Such talents are rare. So Yunlan sent Daqing the black cat and Great Wall to the hospital to visit Li Qian, hoping to find some information from it.

Daqing and Great Wall, who turned into cats, met Shen Wei who also came to visit in the hospital. The images of the people in the hospital were captured on the camera and conveyed to the vision of Yunlan and others. Yunlan saw the clue from the pendant hanging around Li Qian’s neck. This is one of the four sacred artifacts: the longevity crown.

Yun Lan Si and Chang Shengmian’s ability is to absorb the lives of others, inferred a conclusion, and hurried to the hospital. Yunlan guessed right, the Earth Stars behind the scenes never stopped attacking, and the target was the sacred artifact. The earth star is holding a dark magic man to block and kill, and the Buddha blocks and kills the Buddha. Until he came to Shen Wei, the black magic rushed into Shen Wei’s body but disappeared invisible. Yunlan and others, who were tracked when the Earth Stars were panicked, forced them to flee.

The frightened Li Qian was shaking with the longevity crown, and Yunlan had already sorted out the ins and outs. This sacred object has always been placed in Li Qian’s house, and the unactivated spiritual power has kept all living beings at peace. Until a year ago, Li Qian’s grandmother was seriously ill, and Li Qian, who was lonely and helpless when her grandmother died, had only one wish: to exchange her life for the loved one. This wish awakened the longevity crown, so he absorbed Li Qian’s vitality and stole grandma’s life back.

But the continuation of this life is not comforting, the reborn grandmother becomes demented and weak, talking about it. Li Qian paid a great price, but only got back a stranger exactly like her grandma. This gap and pain made Li Qian want to end her life to end all mistakes. The bottle of sleeping pills that Li Qian wanted to kill herself was taken by her grandma. The medicine killed her grandma and also killed Li. Akane’s only hope for survival.

Yunlan, Shen Wei, and Li Qian took the holy objects and drove on the road. The earth star followed, and the trace of spirit left by the grandmother who remained in the longevity crown when Li Qian was about to kill Li Qian resisted the fatal blow. I am willing to protect you to death, no matter how. At this moment, the black robe wearing a black robe and a black hollowed-out mask reappeared, ruthlessly taking the earth star to leave, parting farewell to the affectionate face of Yunlan, it seems that there are a thousand words but can’t speak.

Although the Earth Stars were surrendered, all unknown fears continued. Why do the Earth Stars suddenly appear frequently and with what purpose? And Yunlan keenly felt that the surrendered Earth Star was just one of the chess pieces, and a bigger conspiracy was brewing. The longevity crown was brought back by Yunlan to the investigation and handed over to Lin Jing, the only Frankenstein in the institute. Lin Jing lost a handful of hair because of this and still had no clue, and the longevity crown would grow. Yunlan picked up the weird dark silver jewellery in front of him, but it suddenly shined brightly.

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