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Guardian (2018) 镇魂 Episode 1 Recap

Starfish, an ancient planet. Tens of thousands of years ago, a group of alien races came to this planet. Some of the alien cells have fused and recombined their gene sequences with the animals and plants of the starfish. So that they have the same habits as animals and plants. Even evolved to the ability to transform at will. We call them: Asian Orcs. Another part of the alien races chose to settle in the depths of the planet. Earth star people, hence the name. The climatic conditions there produced a wonderful chemical reaction with them, prompting the genes of these Earth people to also mutate and recombine.

Although they have a similar appearance to us, the energy in their bodies begins to awaken. It can control rain, water, thunder and lightning, decompose natural elements, and even control people’s hearts. And other abilities of all kinds. We were afraid of this phenomenon in the past, but because they were far fewer in number than us, and we lived in separate places, we were all in peace. However, because of the impact of a giant meteorite, all this has changed…This meteorite destroyed the ecosystem of the starfish, and the resources deep beneath the starfish began to be scarce.

The Earth stars fled to the ground one after another. In order to grab resources, some of the ambitious Earth people began to invade the area of ​​activity of the Starfish and the Orcs, and the war finally broke out. It was not until the starfish created four sacred artifacts by absorbing the energy of the meteorite that they finally defeated the earth star. The sea star people, the sub-orcs, the earth planet people, the three parties concluded a peace agreement. In exchange for peace until today.

Shen Wei, a leader in biology. Served in a prestigious school, devoted all his life to studying gene mutations. Genetic mutations lead to the appearance of aliens, which is a truth believed by many academia Taishan Beidou, but Shen Wei is unwilling to join any research institution to study this fact. No one knew what this thoughtful, handsome and leisurely scholar was making.

Minister Guo stuffed his nephew Guo Great Wall into the “special investigation office.” How special is this research institute? In the middle of the night, Guo Changcheng was instructed to bring a letter of recommendation to an empty alley to look for the investigation station. This investigative place is like another space hidden in the busy trouble room, appearing abruptly. The Great Wall was frightened with fright in this imperceptible black place.

A handsome and domineering man appeared out of nowhere, with shaggy beard, messy hair, and a pair of Martin with cool leather clothes. This person is the current director of the Special Investigation Institute: Zhao Yunlan. Great Wall felt a little relief in his heart when he saw his serious face. Before he could slow down, Yunlan was pulled into the door of the special investigation station. In this Great Wall, I saw Zhu Hong, the beauty secretary with a snake tail, the girl in white clothes floating in the air, the Frankenstein Lin Jing who was smoked by the experimental explosion, and a field assistant who turned into a black cat in an instant.

Director Daqing. The director of the co-authored Special Investigation Institute Zhao Yunlan is a human being, and the others are sub-orcs or starfish with supernatural powers. This strange scene scared the Great Wall and fainted on the spot. Uncle Zhao Yunlan was very discouraged. In order to sell Minister Guo’s affection, he urged these men of different statures and statures not to intimidate the Great Wall.

Shen Wei died of a student named Lu Ruomei. The case was convoluted and fell into Yunlan’s hands. Ruomei’s death made Li Qian, another student of Shen Wei, anxious. Li Qian was the first witness at the scene of the crime, and Yunlan found Li Qian along the way. Li Qian said frankly that she saw a weird black shadow entwining Ruomei to the window that night, and finally strangled Ruomei fell. Just after the inquiry, Shen Wei came to take Li Qian away. The sixth sense tells Yunlan that Shen Wei is not a simple character, so he sends the Great Wall to follow.

As a result, Great Wall lost two people, but accidentally ran into Li Qian’s dementia grandmother. The Great Wall couldn’t bear to leave the lonely old man on the side of the road, so he escorted him back all the way. The Great Wall accidentally touched a box in Li Qian’s home, and released a black soul from it. When the Great Wall was at a loss, an agile figure flashed and fought against the black shadow. The two were equally equal, and finally let Sombra take the opportunity to escape. This extraordinary messenger is Chu Shuzhi, a member of the Special Investigation Institute. This accident made Yunlan determine that the murderer was the Earth Star, but the target was Li Qian. Ruomei became Li Qian’s surrogate just because of her similar body shape.

Li Qian, who was always desperate, entered Shen Wei’s field of vision early in the morning, and Yun Lan was also eyeing Li Qian. Li Qian is silent and strong, and refuses to reveal her own experience. Shen Wei gave up the questioning and turned back to “coincidentally” Yun Lan. Shen Wei looked at Yunlan’s familiar face with a lot of thoughts, and Shen Wei searched for Yunlan for ten thousand years. But Yunlan in front of him still carries the heroic and lazy back then, but he doesn’t seem to have such a long time as it once was, and seems to have disappeared from the past scenes and memories of the two.

In the school, Shen Wei collided with the flustered Li Qian, and when he bent over to pick up something, he saw the pendant in front of Li Qian. With a thrilling memory, Shen Wei asked Li Qian for a fine tasting. Before he touched the pendant, the earth star inside was transformed into a dark shadow, following the two of them all the way to wait for an opportunity to kill Li Qian. Shen Wei protected Li Qian and ran away in a hurry, and asked Li Qian to call Chu Anzhi’s phone and ask for help.

In order to protect Li Qian’s ordinary body, Shen Wei only resisted the attack of the earthly people, but was pushed off the roof by the earthly people. When they were in a hurry, Anger and Yunlan and the others rushed to subdue the Earth Star. According to the rules, the terrestrial people must be handled by the starfish’s black robe. Amidst the surging wind and clouds, a black robe envoy appeared and took away the terrestrial people who had been subdued to the ground. Everything returned to calm, only after Yunlan reminded Li Qian to think of Shen Wei who had fallen from the roof desperately to save herself.

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